Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 197)

Get the new version.

  • Updates to game info (“Community Day 2013 Customizations”, “Costume Pack 3″, “Ultimate Upgrade Pack 2”) for the new Borderlands 2 content preload.
  • Added support for chosen vehicle customizations (these are now saved as of the current game patch!).
  • Added character, vehicle tabs.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for various operations (see revisions.txt).
  • Save guid is now directly editable or randomizeable.


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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545 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 197)”

  1. Kyle says:

    Okay so i’ve been decrypting my files with bruteforce before putting them into my save editor and its still coming up with the SHA1 hash. i dont know what im doing wrong????

    • Kyle says:

      nevermind, i figured it out, all i needed to do was click and drag my file into buteforce instead of searching for it for anyone who is wondering.

      • Mark says:

        ummm how do you drag files into bruteforce?

        • Kyle says:

          If you have the file sitting on your desktop or somewhere where you can click and drag, you just grab the file and bring it down to where the white area is on bruteforce, when it prompts you to do so, drop the file and it will replace any other file thats already waiting to be decrypted.

          • bark woof says:

            Two new versions of Bruteforce were released in the last few days which corrected the problem. Gibbed was updated before the release UVHM but Bruteforce only after.

    • bradley says:

      ok my gibbed save editor wont open on my desktop and i snyced my lvl with my borderlands 2 and got the new level cap raise yesterday and now i cant lvl up up can somebody help me fix it it get an error but i cant figure out how to do a screenshot on here

  2. bizz says:

    Can you somehow complete all missons in the game with this editor somewhat easy ?

  3. spanky says:

    Is there anyway you can add the control d ….like on the community save editor !!! It makes life so much easier when you can hold control d and make multiples of eridium and tokens instead of clicking right-click duplicate all day !! thanks for all you do!!

  4. xsintrik- says:

    You know Borderlands, I’m getting sick and tired of your shit.

    Thank you for this editor, I greatly enjoyed working on new mods and creating bad ass armaments to share with the people, but what’s the point?

    Every time they come out with a new DLC, I get wiped… I’m over it.

    I don’t know why you do what you do, but thanks for doing it when I cared.

    As for Borderlands 2 (Gearbox Software, 2K Games), you’re drunk. Go home.

    • Satvir says:

      Nobody is having this problem, plus you are mature enough to keep backup of your save you can’t blame anyone except for yourself

      • bark woof says:

        Are you saying that your black (modded) items weren’t wiped out by 1.08 update? I wouldn’t say “Nobody is having this problem,” but if you’ve got a secret please share.

  5. Bruno says:

    Superb work, thanks for making it happen!

  6. mista spyda says:

    thanks for the work on your editor. I’ve been having issues with coping the codes for the new legendary class mods. it says it didn’t find any codes in the clipboard. It does still work with older codes. here’s a code a tried.
    Legendary Sniper Class Mod – BL2(BwAAAACxTgoMAAsAsBBIJAXBAUEAwf//////­/////78EwQIgAME=)

  7. Roach says:

    im having problems with getting the skill points to stay when i load the game. Is there anything specific i have to do other than changing general points?

  8. Merc says:

    Haveing al little problem with the new save editor 197!Cant advance mod weapons or any other thing for some reason i go in to save editor 197 everthing works fine for basic moding but when i try to do advance moding
    i do my moding from bank then save and whatever i moded disapears does steam have some kind of program to keep u from doing it now sux i was enjoying it now nothing

    • DOMIN8 says:

      If you are talking about modded weapons, then yeah, GBX patched those with this last update. The Bank now has the same sanity check as your Backpack.

  9. Andreas says:

    when i try to open it says invalid hash

  10. DOMIN8 says:


    Get a hold of me when you get a chance. It looks like the OP levels aren’t handled by MissionData after all.

  11. MasterKirito says:

    Rick, little question, how does one get all 8 overpower levels using the editor? I mean, I don’t want to play trough super hard mobs 8 times to get the right to use level 80 stuff, so, is there a way to mod all 8 overpower levels in?

  12. mike says:

    So is there any hope for being able to mod weapons again? Also is there any way to mod badass tokens with out the gpd editor? The patch wont allow that either.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      For the modding weapons, no probably not. And I just used the Profile editor on my PC so I don’t see why the GPD editor wouldn’t work still….

      • mike says:

        On the 360 it doesnt work. The only thing that seems to be working is the level mod, currency and skill tree.

  13. sdawdawd says:

    how can you to select multiple weapons and items?

  14. Baiyuan says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble after changing my characters level. Even though I made the editor supposedly sync XP and LVL I cannot gain any XP in the game anymore, it seems to be stuck. Can you tell me how to fix this?

    • DOMIN8 says:

      What did you change your level to? What are your XP points like? What system are you on?

      • Baiyuan says:

        Actually I just solved the problem myself. I went back and forth with the lvl and xp and kept synchronizing and suddenly it worked somehow.
        For completeness’ sakes I’m on PC and at some point long before the cap increase I changed the lvl to 61 (or respectively 52 on another char). The XP were stuck at something around 209000.
        Alternating between increasing and decreasing the lvl while synching the xp and saving/closing the file inbetween changes made it work again.

  15. suffocater says:

    I just can’t get my chars in Ultimatate Vault Hunter Mode 2. I can get the chars to lvl 61 and all, but i just don’t get it how to unlock the UVHM 2 without playing through UVHM. I just want to play the game through once on the highest mode with every char and not countless times.
    I can somehow unlock a new playthrough, but the name of it isn’t correct and it seems to be VHM.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      There is no UVHM2 Playthrough. If you want to playtrhough at the highest level possible, then set your level to 72 and then when you choose your playthrough, reset it. There isn’t a need for a new playthrough as UVHM scales with you.

  16. steve says:

    trying to use latest version and after i unzip the app file and try to use it i get a msg of gibbed save editor not working,everything i have is current like net frame anyone else have this issue?

    • mxodraco says:

      whenever i try to launch the save editor, it crashes instantly and gives me a not responding prompt. already tried repairing my .net framework. program is great, just cant get it to work in the newest revision.

  17. BadBoy94 says:

    @DOMIN8 I was looking through yours and Sparfire’s Imgur album of the BL2 weapons/codes, and I noticed there was no E-Tech album. If there are E-Techs scattered around in the others, I must have missed them, but then I couldn’t find the plasma casters. If by any chance they aren’t in there, any chance they can be added?

    Thanks 🙂

  18. Rylee says:

    When I try to add my save to the Save Editor, it says “reencode mismatch”
    I have it to x360 and I just don’t know what else to do.
    Please help? 😀

  19. BadBoy94 says:

    Alright, so now I’m running into another problem. I’ve tried twice now setting my gear to my current level (level 63) and increasing my eridium/money to max, but every time I load in, it doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong or does the recent patch prevent this? Also, I am not trying to make modded weapons, I am just increasing the level of my gear with my current level. I’m on Xbox 360 as well.

    • BadBoy94 says:

      Never mind, figured it out. Modio apparently wasn’t saving the file when I switched them, so I switched back to Horizon and it worked.

  20. Marcus says:

    So as of right now there is no way to mod op level with r197?

  21. Shane says:

    How do I edit the OverPower Level

  22. roland says:

    just want to say thank you for all your hard work rick

  23. danver godkiller says:

    ok good question here how the hell do i build my own from the svn i have no clue on how to do it any help would be great thanks

  24. Shadow says:

    when is R201 coming out? >.<

  25. reelcheese says:

    Having issues copy pasting UVHM 2 gun codes in back pack after updating to rev 197. (Failed to load 1 codes)

    • reelcheese says:

      DOMIN8 its just the codes from your UVHM 2 code gallery i cant load everything else works. Casual Carnage (Projectile Count)
      BL2(hwAAAABxZgoEaIAACdHrPQBMg+IAEAGKG5T//xAA//83ACyDwgDw) Thx Rick gibbed is the best & DOMIN8 for the code gallery

  26. putrescent82 says:

    I am having a problem with copying and pasting to the newest version of gibbs editor. I am getting the error “unsupported value weapons will probably be deleted”. I have tried both the backpack and bank and the guns are still not in game. Any ideas?

  27. Fonceai says:

    Awesome work on r197, and so quickly, too.

    Quick question… is there a reliable way yet to modify the total backpack or bank space other than setting the black market mods to 0 and repurchasing? The python route doesn’t work, and I would like to be able to control the numbers with more accuracy.


    • DOMIN8 says:

      There is a sanity check on those values. They will revert to max legit value on load anyway.

      • Fonceai says:

        That’s what I’ve found. I even did the “set to 0 and repurchase” trick and it went back to 39 for the backpack and 24 for the bank (post-patch).

        I also think it’s clever how they’ve “fixed” characters whose level is over the max. Previously, I could set my level to 100 and my weapons to 100. The only things that scaled with me were the Seraph raid bosses. Now, however, your level has nothing to do with weapons, once you’re over 72. I set my weapons to 80 and in-game it says they require overlevel 8. Even if you set your level to 80, at this point in time, level 80 character and overlevel 8 are two separate things.

  28. Fex_Kanade says:

    r198 maybe added lvl 72

    • nagy says:

      “Fex_Kanade says:
      September 4, 2013 at 9:35 pm
      r198 maybe added lvl 72”

      Earn the remaining three million experience points on your own.

  29. Ja'thaal says:

    Rick, you sir are a god! With Gearbox denying Borderlands a customization system I’ve been using your editor to get the guns I want, when I want and looking the best that I can make them.

    Thank you!

  30. Melongamer says:

    Hello, I love gibbed and have been using it for a long time, but there seem to be a problem loading the new legendary class mods. when I try to paste a code of one of them, it says it haven’t found any codes at my clipboard, the codes I tried were from this video’s description:

  31. C4LlMeSpOnGeBoB says:

    Whenever i try import my save game into gibbed, i always get this error
    An exception was thrown (press Ctrl+C to copy):

    System.FormatException: One of the identified items was in an invalid format.

    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.FileFormats.Items.PackedDataHelper`2.Decode(Byte[] data)

    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.BackpackViewModel.ImportData(WillowTwoPlayerSaveGame saveGame)

    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.ShellViewModel.c__DisplayClass1c.b__17()

    at Caliburn.Micro.Contrib.Results.DelegateResult.Execute(ActionExecutionContext context)
    I am very new to this, so im sorry to bother people, but i would appreciate the help

  32. tom says:

    thx for the great work and your time to make the tool! greatings from Germany!

  33. Stormin' Norm says:

    So i downloaded the new update for BL2 and the new save editor 197….BUT i am getting a message when i try to extract the file ( yes i made sure that it was a save for 360). this is what the pop up states. “Invalid signature type detected for the loaded package. Please make sure the file is a valid Xbox 360 XContent Package (“LIVE”,”PIRS”,”CON”).

    Please if someone knows what i could be doing wrong that would be greatly appreciated.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      You need to extract the actual character save (SaveGame.sav) from your Xbox container file.

      • Stormin' Norm says:

        i have extracted. because correct me if i am wrong but you only move the file from your xbox hard drive to a thumb drive. or do you make a copy? it has been awhile since i modded. and when i extract it it does say (savegame.sav)

        • Stormin' Norm says:

          i just tried to make sure that i was opening the file in horizon. but it is still giving me the same message. So is there another file extractor program out there?

  34. trevor cordova says:

    im using a mac computer and the program will not run is there any way to fix this?

  35. roland says:

    is the new version going to be made public ?

  36. Dennis says:

    How do we deal with new skill points if they’ve been set to 5 b4 the DLC?

    • DOMIN8 says:

      It wont matter. If you’ve already maxed your skill tree, then you’ll earn the points when you level up but, after you quit and reload your save, they will disappear.

  37. Chase says:

    when i try to open my xbox file it says can not open XBOX CON FILES use modio or some thing else to extract and i used modio and horizon and it wouldnt work PLEASE HELP

  38. Darren says:

    Why can’t I mod weapons anymore, Everything else is working fine but none of the weapons I mod are showing up in my bank vault or my inventory. has there been anyone else with this problem since the new patch? and is there anyone working on a fix?

  39. Zero says:

    I can’t get the vehicle skins to stick. If I change them in game then use the editor to level up my weapons, when I save the vehicle skins are back to default.

  40. Dan says:

    Hey Rick, I was wondering if you could possibly make a Mac Gibbed, I need to edit some saves after a corruption but I’m stuck with a shitty old mac.

  41. Will says:

    Well i cant do anything i cant even upgrade a weapon it lvl 50 and cant even make a cracter I try and try but it just wont work i need help!

  42. anime says:

    so I just wanted a clarification. will I have access to the community day skins with rev 197? got a new comp and am still redownloading bl2, so I can’t check.

  43. Kenny says:

    Every time I try to open the file it as Clr error 80004005 and it terminates

  44. Jon says:

    Completely new to this. Quick questions:
    Can i set get all skill tree filled on xbox if ive never modded before and have saved with last update?
    Whats best way to create new max level characters on final playthrough if i have one legit character? Ex: Copy existing character and change the class or new create from scratch?
    If there is a new update, could they make modded characters completely unplayable?

  45. charlie says:

    does anyone know how to overpower a character without beating the digistruck peak

  46. Xanth says:

    I have tried replacing the file on my xbox 60 hard drive but it won’t replace. It is saying it was but it never is. All I do is sync the guns to my level and add some seraph crystals. Any ideas?

  47. KJ_Devil says:

    I downloaded this early today and worked first time but now its not popping up can anyone tell me a solution?

  48. ANNWRambo says:

    The program works great on Playstation 3.
    I would like to see a new feature added though.
    When you go to create a new weapon/item everything is stuck on the BASE GAME.
    I want to be able to create DLC weapons/items WITHOUT having to hunt them in game and mod them later.
    Like the Community Version of Gibbed Save Editor that would let use change the BASE GAME option to whatever DLC ID you wanted (ASTER,TINY TINA DRAGONS KEEP).
    Please add this feature to your Gibbed Save Editor. Thank you for the program and all the work you put into it.

  49. Rich B. says:

    Excellent work Rich !!!! After no ”willow tree 2” you have made many peeps happy with your constant work on this great Gearbox game. I think Gearbox don’t seem to understand how much more game playing time this mod adds to their game, and how much more time peeps are willing to pay for DLC they may actually play.
    I have had no problems modding my Axton toon with some lovely Gold Weapons, but I make sure they are made from guns I purchased or picked up, same go’s for shields and so forth. So I don’t think the weapon modding is completely out of the window yet guys and gals, just be sensible with your changes and as usual, don’t get too greedy.
    Once again I cant praise you enough Rich for you continuing support with this mod for a Legendary game that without peeps like you and those who help you…….Would only have Very Short Legs in terms of game-play and shelf-life.
    You should really have a donations tab on the site chap……few quid here and there from us peeps would not be such a bad thing Rich.

  50. STasH80 says:

    Rick been using your software for months and its added hundreds of hours to my Borderlands 2 experience. I would surely help support your work with some form of donation and I’m sure many other members of the community would as well. Thanks again!