Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 197)

Get the new version.

  • Updates to game info (“Community Day 2013 Customizations”, “Costume Pack 3″, “Ultimate Upgrade Pack 2”) for the new Borderlands 2 content preload.
  • Added support for chosen vehicle customizations (these are now saved as of the current game patch!).
  • Added character, vehicle tabs.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for various operations (see revisions.txt).
  • Save guid is now directly editable or randomizeable.


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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545 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 197)”

  1. KaitoKid says:

    Works perfectly with the 360 / ps3 saves 🙂

    • Jonhall says:

      I’m getting a error message when i try to load my save into the new version 197. Error states the following

      • MetalSnake says:

        Did u choose the right platform when opening the save?

      • Jonhall says:

        Got it figured dummy me… But I did have a two question how does the Save Guid work? Do you need to change it to a random number every time you load up save? Also can you still load up modded weapons and play with them?

        • KaitoKid says:

          about the save guid i’ll just quote Rick from IRC:

          [13:42:54] [~Rick] if you make a new save based on an existing one, you’ll want to randomize it
          [13:43:02] [~Rick] if you don’t, that’s what causes the selection bug in character selection

      • MetalSnake says:

        Or are u using an old save? dont know if that could cause the problem

    • goliath45 says:

      2 days ago gibbed worked now it doesnt no recent downloads have been added wat do ido

  2. MetalSnake says:

    Great work Rick !

  3. Jonhall says:

    thanks MetalSnake!

  4. Jonhall says:

    Sadly all mod guns gone….

  5. chb says:

    Wow. Thanks!
    Does anyone know the gibbed codes for the legendary class mods?

  6. withtheresistanc says:

    is there any way too mod??????

  7. Kai says:

    Holy crap you are fast. THANK YOU! ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!

  8. Jimmy Choo says:

    ANyone know any of the new pearlescent gibbed codes for UVHM2?

  9. evan says:

    im getting the error: failed to load : reencode mismatch ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS?

    • Satvir says:

      You sure you downloaded the new version of gibbed editor and that you updated your game to the new update

  10. devilsponge says:

    Thanks for the quick update Rick, it’s bad enough we can’t use black rarities anymore nut atleast i can get a normal bee sheild back again

  11. evan says:

    nevermind i was using 179 not 197 sorry i just needed to update

  12. Jmystro11 says:

    New Pearls I found under the DLC name Lobelia

    Jacobs Assult Rifle
    Bekah: BL2(hwAAAACJkQqCRoAAB9HrJQAcxHAAcAEDIob//xUY/v8jAPw=)

    Maliwan Pistol
    Wanderlust: BL2(hwAAAABclAqGB4AAEdHrKQCEhREA8AHG//8KGB0w/v8LAPw=)

    Torgue Shotgun
    Carnage: BL2(hwAAAAB9hAoEaIAACdHrPQBMg+IAEAGKG5T//xAA//83APw=)

    Jacobs Sniper
    Godfinger: BL2(hwAAAACiWwqEKIAAB9HrLQBcAEMA0AVMBZj//2Bg/v8XAPw=)

  13. ponpa says:

    Works with no error. Great speedy fixing. Thx!!

  14. Yokai says:

    Everything working fine on PC side: Win7, Steam, etc. I’ve added eridium, added weapons, changed classes, adjusted weapon levels, etc. All good so far. Thanks!!!!

  15. Satvir says:

    Gibbed v197 works with today update confirming for Xbox also those that are concerned that modded weapons & gear is gone you can still mod your profile gpd & mod your badass rank its working for me.

  16. BALSKI says:

    how do u mod in the overlevels?

    • Satvir says:

      you cant the highest will be 72 if you buy the UVHM upgrade 2

      • BALSKI says:

        so the only way to overlevel is to actually play the game?

        • Satvir says:

          Yes when you buy the UVHM upgrade 2 and you have the UVHM upgrade 1 and play the game and achieve level 72 you get a option to level 80 (this is for the enemies and AI not you)

          • BALSKI says:

            it actually is for you because once you hit over-level 8 u get to use level 80 gear i would assume its the same for over-level 1 u get to use lvl 73 gear

          • Satvir says:

            I guess I wasn’t clear you can use level 80 gear but you remain lvl 72

        • nagy says:

          “BALSKI says:
          August 30, 2013 at 12:35 pm
          so the only way to overlevel is to actually play the game?”

          Shits like you aren’t even conditioned to playing the game to earn stuff anymore. Thanks a bunch, Rick.

  17. Darth Fader says:

    I was hoping if anyone had a list of all weapon and item codes, including black rarity ones if possible. I would deeply appreciate it. Oh, I would also like to thank Rick for this amazing mod tool. Great work.

  18. DIETER says:

    I am trying to change my current MAIN QUEST, but I have no idea what the names are. Can you give me a link with a list of the required quest names for the editor?? Please

    • DIETER says:

      Also I put in 500 Golden Keys in the raw data but have 0 ingame. Anny suggestions?

      • DOMIN8 says:

        What are you trying to do with your mission stuff? You can’t add mission data in Gibbed. Also, you can’t edit Golden Keys either. You have to do that via Profile Editing.

        • DIETER says:

          I cannot open the savegame of my legit character (played from lvl 1 to 49 without save game edits or mods). I want to continue his main quest and not begin from scratch… so my suggestion was to put my current main quest into the savegame i creeated from scratch.

      • Satvir says:

        There is a gpd editor on Xbox that allows you to mod you badass rank and golden keys as it work as I have 6549 on xbox btw.

  19. DerpyBrony says:

    Reencode Mismatch Error how do you fix this

    • Satvir says:

      download the latest gibbed version V197 which fixes the problem

      • Brett says:

        I have v.197 and has worked up until the Digistruct Mountain / Cap increase upgrade. I’m getting this same Reencode Mismatch Error. Anybody else working after the upgrade?

  20. Red says:

    What do I need on my laptop to be able to open Gibbed? It’s not working for me. Feel retarded.

  21. Sephron says:

    Wow, you work fast Rick! No problems with the new version, got past that pesky error code

    • nick says:

      can u pls explain it to me? i can’t find my console ID as well.. i know its @ 00000140 but i dont see how to fit a 32 digit line in a 16 digit string XD

  22. Dels says:

    Man I only got two case for my weapons, I didn’t unlock the right and the left arrow shortcut :/
    Have you got any solution for that (I’m at the bunker with Brick… so I think I should normally had these ones.

  23. KaijuGamer says:

    everything worked great and i just want to say thanks. and i’m sure for every visible thank you on here there are hundreds and hundreds of silent ones.

    • nick says:

      uhu.. and i wanna be 1 of them to !! only thing i managed so far is corrupting my only lvl 61 char, :’-)

      • KaijuGamer says:

        always leave a recent backup on your desktop. it only takes a second. make sure you select your console when opening your save on gibbed and don’t forget to encrypt on bruteforce before pulling your flash drive.

  24. adrian says:

    i downloaded this, extracted files and when i click on the handsome jack icon on my desktop it says it has stopped working. how do i fix this?

    • DOMIN8 says:

      You didn’t move the .exe out of the folder with all the other files did you? Also, you may need to re-install or repair your MS .NET Framework 4.

      • Satvir says:

        And make sure you restart your pc or laptop if it still dont work have a check to see if it is installed then remove it, restart your pc or laptop and install it again worked for me.

  25. ShockInstinct says:

    I downloaded the latest version but every time i ty to open it up it does not do anything… Some one please help!!!!!

  26. Evil says:

    I have never seen the Bank/Unbank option function. I’m referring to the Backpack tab, right-click an item and choose Bank; in the Bank tab, right-click an item and choose Unbank. It does diddly-squat. I’m assuming it should do a simple cut/paste into your Bank inventory and vice -versa, but it appears to be broken. Any chance of fixing this? Even better, allow us select multiple items to Bank/Unbank.

    Any chance of incorporating Claptrap’s Stash. It may be shared inventory, but so what?

    Thanks for an awesome tool.

    • Yokai says:

      I’ll second that I’ve never gotten bank/unbank to work either. Only tried it in version 179 though.

  27. monk3ychick3n_1 says:

    Do you think that modded weapons will ever make a come back?

    • Satvir says:

      Who needs modded guns when you can mod your badass rank and set the fun damage to what you desire it’s a gpd editor

      • kilika says:

        is that even possible on ps3 though? modded weapons were our only way of getting insane damage as far as I knew

        • Satvir says:

          Well the Xbox has gpd editor to edit baddass rank and as for ps3 can’t say

        • DOMIN8 says:

          No, there is no direct BA stat editor on PS3. You have to use a different profile. It has to be blank or you need to have it resigned to you.

        • nagy says:

          “kilika says:
          August 31, 2013 at 3:08 am
          […] modded weapons were our only way of getting insane damage as far as I knew”

          Or you could, y’know, get good at the game.

  28. Boron says:

    I noticed that Experience and Level are separate and toyed around with my character a bit. The result is you can add infinite amounts of skill points to you character.

    You can set your character from lvl 61 to lvl 1 but retain the lvl 61 worth of total experience. What happens is as soon as you enter game, you level up from 1 to 61. Since you already have lvl 61’s worth of points in your skill tree, you’ve just added another 57 free skill points.

    Now, this is all well and great, but the problem is this:
    After you spec’d this awesome 3-full tree dude, you CANNOT open this save file in Gibbed ever again. The following error will pop up:

    “Failed to load save. Reencode mismatch.”

    However, the save file remains perfectly playable in Borderlands 2. The only difference is, you can no longer open the file with Gibbed.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    • Boron says:

      I’m using R179, by the way.

    • Yokai says:

      Also, if you change your level from 61 to, say 20, be sure and click the “Sync” button next to experience points. This will prevent you from instantly jumping back to 61 when enter the game. So, if you plan is to downlevel to play with a lower level friend, here is the procedure:

      1. Set your Level.
      2. Sync your exp points to match your level.
      3. In your Backpack tab, Sync All to bring your gear down to your level.
      4. In your Bank tab, Sync All to bring your banked gear down to your level.
      5. In the Character tab, give yourself a slightly different name so you can distinguish this downleveled copy from your 61 main.
      6. In the General tab, randomize your GUID, then select a different save slot number that the .sav file of your 61 main.
      7. Save the file, but be sure to save it to a SAV000n number that matches the save slot number you specified in step 6.

      This way, you keep your full level 61 build, but you’re only slightly OP compared to your friend because your gear is their level. If you want to feel more balanced, try making yourself about 5 levels below your friend.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      You need to be using R197 now. Also, you don’t have to go through all that, you can just set your Skill Tree values in the RAW tab under SkillData.

  29. NR says:

    I’m getting the “Error loading character. Please check your storage device and try again.” message every time I try to modify an existing save. Any thoughts?

  30. Nic says:

    I recently updated to the version r179. i decrypt the files in the Bruteforce program. Load on Gibbed and get error code: Failure to load save: reencode mismatch. if anyone can help i would be very thankful. i am using a ps3. Thanks

  31. bark woof says:

    You know what would be really great? If we could sort items by name, type and attribute. It would really help looking for an item. Also if we could export to a cab file with description it would be easier to paste into another character and share items.

  32. PSB says:

    Fast Travel doesn’t work 4 me =/
    There is another way to unlock maps?

    • DOMIN8 says:

      Fast Travel locations are unlocked by completing story missions. Checking them in Gibbed won’t do anything. You also can’t add MissionData via Gibbed either so you would have to do it through Python or just by playing the story.

  33. Retaliation says:

    I try to load my game save and it says failed to load cannot load XBOX 360 CON files extract with modio or equivalent. I dont know what this means any help?


  34. Retaliation says:

    Also I have a save that is modded and I cannot load it into horizon to rehash it and such…. It gives me a INVALID STFS Package.. I can open this save in the editor however

    • DOMIN8 says:

      Make a dummy save on your 360 and bring that over to your PC. Open that in Horizon and go to the contents tab and replace the SaveGame.sav with the modded one. Save, Rehash and Resign and copy back to your Xbox.

  35. nick says:

    hey rick, 1st of all, massive respect for your way of helping others, fast and right!! but i never ever had a hickup like this before.. i checked all ( platform ect ect,) but i just dont get a succesful safe back to my ps.. i red every letter and followed al the advices and adjustments, but no go, im running on 32-XP, for all that i can tell at this point, and i use ur updated version..

    to make things wors, Im dutch :p so forgive me for my grammer.. thanks

  36. Map says:

    Hey there,
    Many thanks for the editor Rick, your hard work is appreciated greatly. I did have a question however. I made a new class to skip normal mode
    and start in TVHM and im stuck with 3 gun slots. Is there anyway to unlock the last gun slot with the editor? Thanks.

  37. arcaneshooter says:

    hey there
    i can’t get the new version working
    i’m using the 179 version right now but i want the new one 197
    i click the .exe file nothing loads what do i do now?

  38. One says:


    After patch i cant use the fast travel stations in the base game, only the
    Dlc stations work?


    • DOMIN8 says:

      Have you checked that they are checked in Gibbed? Also, what is your Mission progress like? Did it get reset somehow?

      • One says:


        Also its all checked and mission process is finished. I got all
        Stations but i cant travel to maingame stations. And i start a
        New Charakter without gibbed and its the same, i cant travel.
        Is the disc damaged?
        Or game data?


  39. Ascentor says:

    trying to open a save game to edit but it keeps giving me an error: Failed to load save: invalid SHA1 hash…can someone help please

  40. Moe says:

    i edit my savegame (Lvl 54) to 61 with gibbed. i can play single player but coop can´t play:(
    The message stay all time (The character will connect to host)

  41. CORBETT says:

    ok so I copied file from ps3 to flashdrive and when I try uploading to gibbed it says Failed to load save: invalid SHA1 hash. idk what to do

  42. j007 says:

    hey I have been trying to mod my saved profile for my PS3 but I cant seem to get it to save n when I go to load the data in the game it gives me a saved data corruption anyone have an idea how to fix it or what to do

  43. BadBoy94 says:

    Where can we get the new skin and head codes for the editor at? Tried doing some Google searches, and nothing came up. Or can you just create them in the editor itself? If so, what are the type names?

    Any help is helpful, thanks 🙂

  44. Ryan says:

    Whenever I try to load my save(xbox360) I get the error : Failed to load save: Invalid or unsupported version.

    How did you guys that had this error fix it?

  45. gipp138 says:

    so i used gib to mod my stat tree and amo. Cant seem to get back pack slots. and i used a gpd editor for my badass ranks. Does anyone know of a way to get modded weapons?

  46. j007 says:

    does anyone know how to get bruteforce to work on a windows 8 laptop cuz I have been trying to download it for days now n nothing it downloads but wont let me open it I have tried everything I can think of any ideas

  47. gipp138 says:

    I got the modded guns to work with an older version of the save editor…only problem is it keeps restarting me from the beginning of the game. Any ideas?

  48. kila says:

    how do you make your weapons overpowered level 8 on borderlands 2 with gibbed?

  49. SomIdiot says:

    In case no one else has said it in the past: Shorty, you da …. you da best.

    Your save editor has breathed new life into me playing Borderlands 2! All that grinding was getting old. I both bless and curse you. 😀

    • Wisecarver says:

      Agree. I wouldn’t play this game if I couldn’t level my gear to my player. That is my main reason for Gibb.

  50. Davell says:

    has anyone tried this version with the new dlc yet. i’m currently downloading the dlc.