Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 197)

Get the new version.

  • Updates to game info (“Community Day 2013 Customizations”, “Costume Pack 3″, “Ultimate Upgrade Pack 2”) for the new Borderlands 2 content preload.
  • Added support for chosen vehicle customizations (these are now saved as of the current game patch!).
  • Added character, vehicle tabs.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for various operations (see revisions.txt).
  • Save guid is now directly editable or randomizeable.


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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545 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 197)”

  1. Satvir says:

    How do you set your weapons to level op 55 i seen people do and I did it but I cant use it anyone know how.

  2. Steve says:

    so i have horizon and gibbed now. i know theres save files that bahroo and man of low moral fiber make. i tried going to their video and click their link to mediafire and downloading it just like i did gibbed. but there save file wont download. any idea what to do? because i got rid of most of my lvl50 and lvl61 gear to just change em.

  3. cyberdragon says:

    Not sure what is wrong. Every time I try to load any saved file from my PS3 for Borderlands 2 with this editor I get the following error “Failed to load save: invalid SHA1 hash”.
    Why does it do that?
    How can I make it stop?
    Is it a known bug?

  4. Frank says:

    The Gibb editor won’t load the correct level of my level 72 Assassin. Then when I press “Snyc” It turns the level to 61 anyone else had this problem!!!???

    • Adam says:

      Try not pressing Sync. Just change it and click Save and select file to override. Hope that helps

    • Dynamite says:

      I have the same problem but it isn’t hard to work around, just set your character to level 72 and hit snyc on the Experience. I think it’s still set to stop at level 61 when you snyc the level.

  5. Wip says:

    It won’t start for me… I have downloaded it 3 times and still won’t start the program…

  6. wap says:

    when i am trying to put the file into gibbed it keep coming up with the file is not invalid or not supported version what do i do

  7. V says:

    I have a question. NumGoldenKeysNotified doesn’t work… that option is for increase the number of golden keys or I missing something?

  8. texx says:

    ran gibbed save editor and my norton deleted the program something about houristics abnormal behavior
    anyone else have that issue

  9. texx says:

    it was a norton sonar detection keystroke capture

  10. Fiiire says:

    I have my edited save file on my flash drive but my xbox wont recognize the file. what do?
    and yes i did set it to save as an xbox file but i feel like i need to do something more with it.

  11. Lazy says:

    How do I make the editor remember it’s window size ?

  12. Fred Jones says:

    Increasing the weapons damage.
    I’ve learned that if you click on the Backpack Tab, and then click on any item in the Equipped/Weapons/etc., column, it brings up another screen on the right labeled Base Game Column. This screen lists the Manufacturer Grade (level) of the item and the game (Game Stage). This number is the current level of the item and the other, I think, is the level of the game you’re in.
    Those numbers can be increased, and the result is that as you increase the levels of the weapon, it increases, the damage also at the same time.
    However, I’ve noticed as I go deeper into the game (UVHM levels), it seems that the damage the weapon does no longer increases at the same rate that the enemy health level/defense/damage increases. In other words, the damage output seems to lag.
    Is there a way to increase the damage without increasing the level of the item?

    • Satvir says:

      Nope, but if you do change certain parts and have an exclamation mark (!) then it will be removed upon loading the game

      • Fred Jones says:

        Thanks. I’m not changing parts, just increasing the level of the weapon on that page. For example, if I was level 50 and the weapon was level 47, I changed that in the two spots I discussed earlier. That worked ok, but now in UVHM it’s starting to fall behind rather drastic. I’m using a sniper slag weapon and a Seraphim AR with seeker bullets, but even that is starting to take longer and longer. End result is that the enemy is on top of you, and that changes everything.

        I’m wondering if I could find a higher level weapon (let’s say an AR that matches my current character level, if that would be more powerful for a while since I had not upgraded that?)

        Anyway, thought I’d ask. Thanks again.

  13. David says:

    Have you ever thought of creating a standalone and or offline (if you will) bank. I have been working on one but, not that good with this stuff. Please write one or point me in the direction for this please. My idea is to copy/cut equipment from the save (or wherever the equip is located) and be able to paste them back in etcetera…
    Thank you. Please advise.

    • Satvir says:

      What are you trying to do please clarify yourself.

      • David says:

        Basically…extra storage…out of game, if need be. Instead of a few “mules”…I want to quit my game. Load my program with save data….export…”cut” equipment, mainly weapons…save them in their own file…and later put the ones I want back in my character. Easily done with notepad+ and gibbed save ed. But, time consuming….and no pic’s to see the guns info etc…I have to “note” each and every one. Make sense? I know it can be done. Was trying to build something in UDK…but, well I am not so good anymore with hackin’ stuff. 🙂 But, willing to re-learn…practice up…just need tips. Ya know?

        • David says:

          I found this: borderlands2 – Revision 214: /trunk. This may help me understand the files structures etc… Am trying to have picture data with the program as well. Maybe…maybe not???

          Thanks for your replies…any further help will be appreciated.

  14. irishdeath says:

    hey when i try to extract gibbed it says i need framwork 4 but my cpu already has it so i cant install it

  15. Daniel Varela says:

    anybody know where/how the damn to get black modded guns? If anyone can make my day and throw some my way i’d really appreciate it! invite DeathItself420 (on XBOX). i should be on all damn day trying to figure this out. Much thanks.

    • Dynamite says:

      You can no longer have modded equipment (Black labeled items count as modded), Gearbox patched them. (You can still mod some stats on items but nothing too powerful)

  16. gregtotheizzo says:

    I’ve read through the comments. I made OP8 weapons just by changing the standard levels/grades. But how can I make my toon level 72 OP8? Just Make my toon level 80?

    If someone can lead me to the right path that’d be awesome.


    • Dynamite says:

      You can mod your OP level in the newer Revisions. You can get it from the SVN section or wait until he releases it.

    • Satvir says:

      I’m more then happy to give you my save which is op 55 inc the guns

      • Fred Jones says:

        Open the saved game of the character you want to be level 72.
        Click on the “character” tab.
        There’s an entry for the character level: Change it to what you want it to be. You can also hit the “sync” button the make the experience match that level.
        Don’t forget to save the character back into your saved game.

        Good luck.

        • gregtotheizzo says:

          I did. It made my toon level 80, not 72OP8. Which is weird. Everytime I load the game it tells me im over level 72 and the expansion pack im on isn’t out yet. So Overpower Levels do NOT sync in the character section by adjusting the XP or Level.

      • gregtotheizzo says:

        I would prefer to use my own save. I tried to get the ‘did it all’ trophy by using the javascript app to do all the missions and unlock UVHM but that didn’t unlock the trophy. So since it ruined my playthrough 1 i reverted back and now im on playthrough 2 almost done.

        I just wanted to know if someone could like to how to OP8 and how to get the latest revision off SVN.

  17. Frank says:

    I downloaded the recent 197 revision, however it will not open, even with the framework 4 installed. Any suggestions?

  18. Hydra says:

    hi, when could we get the overpower lvls edited?

  19. Jake says:

    Everytime I try to open a save file, it gives me an error that says something like “Failed to load save: invalid or unsupported format”. Any help guys?!?!?

  20. bionicle jr says:

    hey is am using horizon to extract my files but when i try to open them in gibbed its says failed to load save cannot load xbox 360 con file extract save using modio or equivalent can somebody help me

  21. Stan says:

    Gibbed’s R197 has always worked for me until today I made no changes to my computer and it just wont load says an error has occurred and its gonna send a report but the report never finishes

  22. Bob o 402 says:

    I can’t seem to open revision 197. I’ve updated/repaired my .net and everything but it keeps crashing. Any help would be awesome.

  23. mckeen says:

    everytime i save a file and load it it says file corrupted whats goin on

  24. Michael says:

    Hey.. I thought I would reply with positive feedback. Your Borderlands 2 editor has made Borderlands 2 a very exciting game to replay once again. With so many different edits, and the codes to input for new weapons/shields/mods are to die for. Well done on a fantastic job.

    There is ONE small detail I would like to see added to this website, perhaps a ‘Future Feature List’, I would love to know what kind of options you maybe working on [if any] for future releases. I come to this site every 3-4 days to see any new releases only to be left in the dark if there is one coming or not.

    Also under the RAW tab, there are some features that I [and i’m sure many] have no idea what they do.. perhaps a brief explanation on each one and what the values go up to could be beneficial?

    Anyway that’s just my two cents, keep up with the good work. Thanks for listening.

  25. davidss1 says:

    How do I get my lvl 72 characters to have all op weapons at op8 in backpack and in vault is it possible with gibbed?.I want the weapons I have and not a game save.thanks

  26. helpmemodplease says:

    Hey, i tried to use the gibbed modder but when i loaded my saves it said something about a reencode mismatch. i googled i, bringing me here, but i cant seem to figure out the problem. Can anyone help me?

  27. Gabbon Viper says:

    I too, have the same problem with the “Reencode mismatch” error. I’m using Gibbed revision 155 @ 2013/04/18 16:48:35. It started about a month ago. I dismissed the problem because I had reached the highest level of the game possible at that time with the particular character and deleted the save game file for that character from within the game itself. Now however, a character I am using now, a level 52 TVHM “Commando”, all of a sudden gives me the “Reencode mismatch” error as well. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the latest update from “Gearbox Software” and their attempt to stop players from modding the game characters. Or, should I just install the latest version of the gibbed modder, R197, to solve the problem? Thanks in advance!

  28. Andris says:

    Anyone wish to have a mac edition of the BL2 Save editor?

  29. neal kemmerer says:

    When transferring from pc to Xbox does it create new saved characters or update already existing characters, i know on pc you can have multiple characters and saves not sure if that goes for Xbox as well

  30. Darth Fader says:

    Does anyone know how to make OP8 weapons/items?

  31. mike says:

    On the 360 for some reason my modded weapons will not appear for use in the bank. The guns i make that may be rare, but are still possible to get in the game will appear, but not the ones i spent forever and a day to create. Did they patch modded weapons or something?

    • DOMIN8 says:

      Yes. Modded weapons were patched in the update that preceded the release of UVHM2. The same sanity check that exists on the Backpack, now covers the Bank as well.

  32. mike says:

    And there’s no way around this? This sucks. I spent hrs makin my weapons and now we cant even use them. Crap!

  33. Wisecarver says:

    @DOMIN8 Can you play with this Banshee mod and see if you can get 6 Fleet out of it?
    I thought it had 6 at one time but now I’m only getting 5 out of it. Thanks 😉

  34. Casey says:

    I’ve downloaded v197 and extracted the editor through winzip — but the program won’t load after i click on it. No error message or anything, just doesn’t load. I’ve tried to re-download it, but no luck. Thanks for the help.

  35. Kenny Powers says:

    does anyone have a legit starter game save @lvl72 with OP8 weapons/items. would appreciate it, thanks.

    legit as in no modded ammo/backpack/bank space. just a fair amount of weapons/items

  36. Frank says:

    My gibbed editor is still not opening, I have extracted everything to a folder on my desktop, installed framework 4.5. Other than that I don’t know what to do. PLEASE HELP

    • DOMIN8 says:

      Well, you may want to just try repairing your .NET Framework 4 (both the Client Profile and the Extended if you have both). You shouldn’t even need 4.5 as I don’t have it and my editor runs fine.

    • Angel of Courage says:

      Have you tried right clicking and press “Run as Administrator”?

  37. Some random guy says:

    Guys im so silly, how do u op to 55? Make the arena 55 times? Isnt that madness?

  38. davidss1 says:

    how can i overpower my assassin or others with out playing the game im at lvl 3 it takes a long time can it be done with gibbed yet.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      Technically yes but, there is no public release yet. There are however glitches that can be done in game to make it much quicker.

    • Wisecarver says:

      1) Character tab, you can change to any level you want then click Sync next to Experience Points.
      2) Raw tab. Scroll down to SkillData, click where it says [collection]
      3) Putt points in any of the skills you want, don’t worry about which, you can respec in the game.
      4) Add those points where it says Grade.
      5) Start the game and go to a New You station, then respec. Move them where you want each.
      6) Note: If you are for example level 5 and you have 10 skill points left which are not spent, if you exit the game they will be removed.
      7) Lastly, in the editor go to your backpack and click Sync All, to bring your weapons and gear up to your level. (Unless your character is level 72 OP8.)

  39. qcvamp says:

    was wondering if you’ve found a way around the sanity checks yet? and could you maybe include a guide as how to use it? like as far as making a max dmg weapon for example? that would be sweet. unless im missing something? ll

    • DOMIN8 says:

      There isn’t really a way around the sanity check. The game code for that isn’t in your character save file. It’s maybe possible on PC with some major modding but, I highly doubt it’s possible on console.

  40. Jack says:

    Every time I insert the game file int Gibbed it says “Failed to load save..”. Any suggestions?

  41. Jimmy says:

    Hey guys, checked around on YouTube and found a whole lot of different answers, but none exactly like my situation.

    I have recently started modding. I got my save file off my Xbox 360, onto a USB and onto my PC. Modded the save, and put in back on the console, no problems there.

    I then modded my badass points, (changing damage, shield recharge rate, health etc), and to do that I had to mod my profile, not my game save. Again, all worked fine.

    Then I wanted to mod my save file again, so I copied it to my USB, and plugged it into my PC, but no save file shows up at all.

    I’ve changed the setting on the USB to show hidden files, I’ve formatted the USB, I’ve tried different save files…..nothing seems to get it to show up.

    Any ideas?

  42. logan says:

    it wont let me open of save of Xbox and it wont show up on my USB in the save editor help plz .

  43. Gregtotheizzo says:

    I tried to OP my toon but made me level 80. I did 2 rounds of digistruct and handed into Tanis.

    It said I over leveled both times. I modded my weapons to level 74 (72op2).

    Loaded up my save and it’s not picking up I’m actually OP2.

    Syncd my toon from 80 to 72 but still no look.

    Any ideas?

  44. Angel of Courage says:

    Whenever I open my saved game from my xbox in the editor it says “Failed to Load Save: Invalid or Unsupported Version” I redownloaded and reinstalled the editor 3 times and it still wouldn’t work. Any help please?