Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 155)

Get the new version.

  • Bug fixes and updates to game info (“Psycho Pack”, “Loot Chest 2”, “Poker Night at the Inventory 2” DLCs) for the current Borderlands 2 patch (1.5.0).


Known problems:

  • Eridium in-editor will show up to 99, the rest is stored in a new value that’s not handled yet.
  • Expansion playthrough number and playthrough completions are also stored in a new value that’s not handled.

If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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454 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 155)”

  1. Dynamite says:

    I found out how to use Krieg (Psycho). NOTE: IT ONLY WORKS FOR PS3! HOW TO: Put your Krieg onto your PS3. Start the game and wait until your at the menu. Load any character that will allow you to play as (Doesn’t pop up with any errors). After you character loads change your character again but this time choose your Krieg. No matter what it will pop up with a DLC error but this is normal. Just join a game or click Continue and it will automatically make you your Krieg that you made, same level and everything.

  2. anonymous person says:

    can this unlock the mechromancer for someone that doesn’t have it

    • Anon says:

      No, you need to have the downloadable content.

      • JKAPPS says:

        Not necessarily. There are times when I wanted to do a trick on an older version of BL2, so I deleted all my DLC and update info. Forgot to download gaige again, but could still play as her. The only problem at the time was that you could not equip a class mod.

  3. Hax says:

    okay so I got modio and horizon and nothing will open or lode the saves this thing makes. Horizon is got the Not a valid CON STFS package.

    • Hax says:

      an still can’t load a save that is pulled with ether program for the same CON problems, and yes I have tried to set the loader to the Xbox save set. Maybe some one can hit up spitfire1337 to do a update for his since it works.

  4. Hey There. Thanks for your BL2 Game Save Mod!

    At this time, I’m unable to use your program (Xbox 360).
    I have all the DLC’s other than Hammerlocks big game hunt. I have the Ultimate Vault Hunter mode DLC with all compatibility packs, Campaign of Carnage, Captain Scarlett, Mecromancer character and a few other little things.

    Anywho, after I downloaded all DLCs and updates, I was no longer able to open my gamesave with your program. I’m not sure if I put the update (V.155) in the right file, or if it’s a pending issue….

    Can you give me insight to either a resolve for my issue or to someone/something that can? Thank you very very much. 🙂


    • I forgot to mention, I receive this error prompt at the loading of my game save, after these updates.
      An exception was thrown (press Ctrl+C to copy):

      System.FormatException: One of the identified items was in an invalid format.

      at Gibbed.Borderlands2.FileFormats.Items.PackedDataHelper`2.Decode(Byte[] data)

      at Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.BackpackViewModel.ImportData(WillowTwoPlayerSaveGame saveGame)

      at Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.ShellViewModel.c__DisplayClass1c.b__17()

      at Caliburn.Micro.Contrib.Results.DelegateResult.Execute(ActionExecutionContext context)

  5. Scathach says:

    It’s not a critical bug, but still thought I should mention…
    Copied a save of my lvl50 Axton to change class and go for another playthrough with different one.
    Everything works fine, but one small detail… in the main menu, if I select Axton, then select my new Gaige (or any other class, made a save for every) they will still show up as that Axton (with his skin, head and waepons). Only in main menu though. If I chose other class, then every character will show up as that class…
    It’s not a big deal, since it’s main menu only, but still strange…

    • Paddx says:

      i have the same issue with sirene and mecromancer

      some solutions for that?

      • nervocalm says:

        Once you load the game from the new save, head directly to a customize station and change skin, head and colors accordingly to your new class. Then save again from inside de game. That worked for me pretty well!

  6. anonymous person says:

    I found out how to play as Gaige if you don’t have her Step1 choose a fiffernet character than your default one Step choose your Gaige file It will say dlc error just ignore that then select continue you should be playing as Gaige when it finshes loading

    • Dynamite says:

      I’m pretty sure that won’t work, seance she is all ready, it’ll not allow you to play as her. If it does work, I cannot test because I have her, it’ll only work for PS3 I assume because the Krieg glitch only works for PS3.

  7. rolaje says:

    Bug (possibly):
    When I RClick and item in my bags and choose the Bank option, nothing happens. Am I wrong to assume this should move the item from the backpack to the bank?

    Having this work, coupled with the ability to Shift-Select multiple items (and use tools like this move-to-bank feature, delete, and Copy/Paste) would be great! Anything to speed up item management would be much-appreciated.

    • Blob says:

      Bank hasn’t worked in any version of the save editor for me. Hopefully it’s actually implemented someday.

  8. Jeriatrics says:

    Any info on playing Krieg on PC yet?

  9. trance says:

    when i click on the icon to load up the save editor, it does not load, but instead just sits there like a magickarp doing nothing

  10. J says:

    I can run r133 jus fine. When I try to run r155, the process shows up for a second, then closes. No errors reported to the screen (no dialog boxes) – just nothing.

    • Jaju says:

      I have the same issue. R1- FIVE- 3 works great (until I have a psycho-dlc item on my character, then I can’t load the save until I drop it).

      However 1.55 doesn’t ever start up.

      I was actually expecting a new revision by now due to this. /shrug

    • nemo says:

      Same Issue here !!1

  11. butts says:

    Sooo … there is no way to add the new poker night skins or the goliath head to your inventory for general purpose unlocking is there?

    • Chainedtank says:

      i got the new skins and heads by using a GPD editor for BL2 (GPD is were you skins and heads are stored and badass stuff),
      any ways itis possible if someone gets the heads and gives you letter by letter,codes, (gibs BL2 editor will not know the codes but your game will)
      if this was any help reply =D

      • butts says:

        Would you happen to have a tutorial of any kind you could link to?

        … and how would somebody give me the code for gibbed? Wouldn’t the GPD editor, and even PN2 itself (plus the lootchest) just unlock the skins in the Quick Change station?

  12. anonymous person says:

    if anyone can tell me how to get the dlc for cheap i will be turely greatful for your help

  13. HE4DSHOTJenkins says:

    Heard gearbox has another update(patch) coming with a few more weapons. think r155 will support them or will we need another version?

  14. mahuron123 says:

    You know what? I was really pissed about this for the longest time, because I was having the same problem a lot of people are having; I couldn’t get it to load my save. But I finally figured it out, for anyone else who is having trouble opening their 360 saves. Watch this video VERY closely and you’ll see what you need to do. When the person clicks “open” they don’t automatically choose the save. At the bottom it will originally say “PC Save Files (*.sav)” and you will need to click that drop-down box and choose “(X360 Save Files (*.sav)” After you do that, then you choose the save you want to open, and it will work. I hope this helps!

    • Dvanbuskirk says:

      Ohh wow I feel like an idiot. Been having this problem since r155 was released. Such an easy fix too! >.< Thanks!

      • Hax says:

        is this really something ppl are having a problem getting or is this just something to excuse the CON files for not saving right.

  15. bpost says:

    I’ve used gibbed for quite some time and I am all of the sudden having problems when deleting items/weapons/etc. If I delete anything from my bank or backpack it says my game is corrupted when I go to play it. I use the same process for editing everytime. I know for a fact that my game only gets corrupted when I delete something. Anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening?

  16. kyle says:

    is there anyway i can get the editor to load on windows 8?

  17. Mordecai says:

    Firstly, great program. but I did have a small suggestion. Would it be possible to make it so users can CTRL+A all items in the bank and delete them at once? I accidentally posted a couple hundred codes and saved, and its quite tedious to delete them one by one.


  18. Adam says:

    When i take my SaveGame.sav out of my Borderlands 2 save game file on Horizon(mod program),i open it in the gibbed editor,keep in mind i have the latest version,and i can change everything all good and then i save it,after i save it,i go back into horizon and replace the SaveGame.sav in the borderands 2 save file on the usb stick from my xbox 360 and save the changes and it works,but then when i go to play borderlands 2,nothing worked.ex.,i sync all the items in my inventory to my level(44)and then whle playing the game,the weapon and item levels are still 42 etc,any help?


  19. nemo says:


    The new version(r1.55) of your gibbed Saveeditor doesnt start. I have a windows 7 x64 OS.
    I start the exe and i can see it in the taskmanager for 3 or 4 seconds, than it crashed.

  20. Snowfire says:

    Hey i’m having a problem using this. I was somehow able to extract my savexxxx.sav file and open it in the save editor. I’m actually doing this from my mac, to my brothers windows then to the xbox. I had edited it so that he has level 127 guns and is level 30000. but when i plug it in to play the game says m not a high enough level to use those guns even though it shows that im level 30000. can you help me please?

    • Matthew Does Visual Basic Ps3 Modding says:

      the game max lvl is 61 so basically the part where it says lvl 30000 its just the nuber you put in the textbox

      • Snowfire says:

        i’ve noticed that. i feel like the gun damage though is too low. im not if its because im used to one shot things or maybe the gun damage is just low. do infinity pisols usually have only around 27000 damage at 61?

  21. Matthew Does Visual Basic Ps3 Modding says:


  22. SHADE137 says:

    Just a curiosity… how do you update this program because im gettin an error and im doing everything ok but i heard theres an update of this im just wondering, Where?? please help plz and thank you and my GT (Xbox 360) is: SHADE137 …. hit me up if u got any info

  23. OMNI213 says:

    having problems changing general skill points i change them with the editor still shop up as 0 ingame everything else from currency to weapons and items just not the general skill points

  24. DevilHun7er says:

    Appreciated, Rick.

  25. Bearsfan says:

    is there anyway to get rid of the infinite ammo thing? i got a gunzerker game save and the ammo is bugged and flashing with like -2mil and i wanted to get rid of that so i actually use ammo?

  26. spanky says:

    When u get that willow menu 4 on a character u modded long ago, is there anyway too get rid of that message?

  27. Alex Hilton says:

    i can not use any of the new guns. do i need to download a dlc? i have the ultimate upgrade that lets me be a level 61. when i choose a new weapon it is out lined in red and cant customise it…

    • TheVicious85 says:

      well that depends on what kind of weapon you are trying to make…and also if you are selecting the correct drop down selection from the Create Weapon button

  28. Mike says:

    Can you get items from the save editor and do i need to put coeds like that?

  29. Optfld says:

    Yo Rick, got some question.

    1. Why the skill points thingy doesn’t work or I am doing it wrong?

    2. That’s all.

  30. DJ sony says:

    hello my question is if I can create Krieg (Psycho) and I can use it on ps3. on the other hand I must say that the dlc of Krieg (Psycho) I have not work if I created it. thanks

  31. Scotticus says:

    When I save the game, it resets my missions back to ‘Best Minion ever”. I try to reset the mission playthrough, but it doesn’t take. Mission is always ‘Best Minion Ever’. Everything else works fine. (excpt eredium still capping at 500 instead of 999, but that’s nick noid) having to replay all those missions again gets kinda old…

  32. Scotticus says:

    With a follow up comment. Is there any way to modd the weapons in the ‘Swap between Characters’ Bank? If I can’t get past the missions then If I could mod those weapons, I’d be good.

  33. Grunkle Stan says:

    I Googled this problem and nothing helpful ever came up; I try to load my PS3 save, and get an “Invalid SHA1 hash,” whatever that is. Any of you guys know how to fix this? I’d love to get some help here.

  34. Dacza says:

    Awesome editor but I can’t seem to add relics in my inventory. Is anyone having the same problem? Suggestions are greatly appreciated

    • TheVicious85 says:

      try these
      (Corrosive Damage +33% / Cooldown Rate +39.4%)
      (Fire Damage +33% / Cooldown Rate +39.4%)
      (Shock Damage +33% / Cooldown Rate +39.4%)

  35. Karakokaki says:

    Hi everyone ! I play on Xbox360. Yesterday, a new update (about 5MB) was available on borderlands 2. Before the update, my save file was called”SaveGame.sav” without any problem to be read by gibbed editor.
    Since this update, the save file of the game is called “Save0001.sav”, with no way to be read by the editor (even if I rename it as SaveGame.sav).

    Has anyone encounter this problem?

    Many thanks !

  36. Shyna says:

    The r-153 version still working, but when i try to lunch the r-155 version windows goes crazy and say:
    Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit stopped working
    Problem signature:
       Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
       Problem signature 01: gibbed.borderlands2.saveedit.exe
       Problem signature 02:
       Problem signature 03: 5172a52f
       Problem signature 04: mscorlib
       Problem signature 05:
       Problem signature 06: 50484033
       Problem signature 07: 28de
       Problem signature 08: 0
       Problem signature 09: 5O2O3I2ORVH4ZJ0NRQ1HQUEQ4B3YAU4U
       OS Version: 6.1.7601.
       Locale ID: 1040
       Additional Information 1: 0a9e
       Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
       Additional Information 3: 0a9e
       Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    I’ve also tried to redownload to open from .zip file also with admin but nothing

    • Chainedtank says:

      try getting rid of the old r-153, the r-155 may be getting messed up because it is trying to use the old r-153 files??

  37. Drone says:

    So I gather that General Skill points mean badass rank points? or

  38. brandon says:

    i cant run the program it says it has stopped working so what could i do rick

  39. James says:

    How do you take a Weapon/Item made in Duncan Foggs calculator ( and get it into Gibbed Save Editor?

  40. thomas says:

    Request: I would like to be able to highlight multiple items in my inventory and copy all the paste codes for those multiple items to clipboard at once.

  41. Chainedtank says:

    Can any plz help i used the mission editor on a mission to change active to complete but now my next main game mission is not loading/coming

    • SiXxKiLuR says:

      I ran across a mission that would glitch and not activate next part so I had to do something similar. Changing it to completed and other settings besides not yet started left me unable to turn in the mission. Changing the objective values back to 0 resetting that objective of the mission allowed me to re attempt that part for the mission. For example if mine was in the form of
      I assumed the last 1 was my last objective changing that to 0 allowed me to re try last mission objective.

  42. Mike says:

    Still get error SHA1 when trying to edit PS3 gave saves

  43. Oziel says:

    Not someone to ask for stuff, but i would be awesome to delete guns or other items by pressing the “DEL” button on the keyboard

  44. Anon says:


    I have a question. I recently did that one mission in which you had to carry this robot AI into different bodies. He was first placed in some kind of an constructor and than in this badass robot. You keep killing him and at the end you put him into a radio. He still tries to kill you and you decide to make either a shield or a weapon out of him.

    Since the shotgun you get is not that good at all, I was wondering if it’s possible to put him into other shotguns. Your savegame editor allows to edit guns and I was wondering if there is a way to do it.

  45. John Doe says:

    There’s a glitch about ClassMods manufacturers, whatever balance/type you choose the manufacturer menu is not updated and does not list adequate manufacturers. eg
    type: GD_ClassMods.A_Item_Soldier.ClassMod_Soldier_Specialist
    balance: GD_ItemGrades.ClassMods.BalDef_ClassMod_Soldier_01_Common
    manufacturers doesn’t include Hyperion (which is the only possible one afaik)

  46. forma says:

    when i load up the application it says application not working every time

  47. bl2 says:

    can anyone tell me y my gibbed wont open up

  48. CAMARO says:

    I have a question, I use Horizon to extract my save as instructed, but when trying to open the SaveGame.sav file I get “Unsupported or Invalid version” in the editor. Can anyone help? I have followed the videos and instructions explicitly. I am a computer programmer so I am not a newb to computer and file modding, I am just wondering if I am missing a step. NOTE: I am only copying my SAVE to the USD, not my whole profile. Is that a problem? THANKS

  49. Kuhlderohk says:

    Is there a way I can access the other DLC items? I click the tab, but the only ones that show are for Campaign of Carnage, Pirates Booty, Hammerlocks Hunt, UVHM, Mechromancer, and Psycho Pack.

  50. CAMARO says:

    ISSUE WITH BORDERLANDS 2 SAVE EDITOR: When “syncing” experience points with a level 61 modification, it incorrectly calculates 5985086 experience points. This causes a message to display on the game reading “This character requires downloadable content that is not yet available. Until you can earn experience past level 61, you will be unable to access some content”. Not sure what this means as I did not try to play with the save. Reduce the experience to 5985083 and the message on the game goes away. So always make sure your Character does not have more than 5985083 experience to avoid the message in game.