Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 142)

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Bug fixes and updates to game info (“Hammerlock’s Hunt” DLC) for the current Borderlands 2 patch (1.3.0).


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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232 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 142)”

  1. Legitprodigy773 says:

    When I open it it says it is unsupported

    • Ashley.T says:

      Same problem but mine says: “failed to load invalid or unsupported” can anyone help?

      • Jordan says:

        i also have this problem 🙁

        • Ashley.T says:

          I found out how to fix this on youtube. When you click open before you choose a file on the bottom right of the explorer window that opens there should be a drop down box, it defaults to PC just change it to xbox or ps3 then open the file. 🙂

  2. Severity says:

    This is truly a wonderful program. But I seem to be running into the problem of “failed to load save game:reencode” error. I got it to work on a newer file last night but I am unable to make it work at all today. I found this forum and saw someone say something along the lines of newer files do not work. So I found a file that has not been loaded since before the last patch, and it worked. I am not the most technologically advanced user, but I know I been trying by reinstalling every component and nothing has worked besides using a game file that has not been used on a newer version of borderlands. Any ideas on why this may be this way? Oh ya and I am using an xbox360 and on windows 7.
    Thank you

  3. Severity says:

    I took the time to load a account up with an none patched copy of the game. Logged into the char in question. I then saved and quit, that exact file will now work for me. I hope this helps someone else.

  4. yay says:

    I kept getting the mismatch error as well till when I hit open I noticed next to the file path theres a dropdown. Changed it to x360 and loaded the save and everything worked. Stupid me but thanks to the dev for this tool.

    • Ddrght12345 says:

      Thanks for that. Dont feel stupid. I dont think many other people have noticed either. I didnt until I read this.

  5. _____ says:

    It did not save one my ps3 system and i am not happy about this.

  6. This Guy says:

    Ive been playing with a couple friends online legit and when I go to play single player on the same character, it takes me back to mission one although i have completed the missions. So i went to edit my missions stats under the editor but I cannot find out how to make it skip me ahead a bit. Please help, I dont want to have to redo all the first beginning missions to unlock everything!

  7. SW says:

    Problems with Protection Relic, it doesn’t spawn in your backpack.

  8. rg7cable says:

    i grabbed the 142 version here and i used a level 6 character that i had from awhile back and when i did the game save with this program and tried it on the ps3 it said gamedata corrupted i made sure the PS3 option was checked off and i didnt change anything else in the program except changing my level which i am 35 and i changed it to 40 and bumped my monies and what not up to a million credits and made a new assault rifle and then i saved the data,is there something i am doing wrong? or maybe the game has had another patch update and this version of this software is no more good for now?

    hope someone can help.

  9. Sareth says:

    Looks like it not recognises my DLC data, as it not allows me to create DLC items manually.
    Take “Blood of Seraphs”. I found code for it in internet – BL2(ByfJzd85DQ7DHg8LLUMBAoYv+ODbZDnAtd8xEVQxC9o=)
    If i paste this code through “paste code” button – it works.
    But when i am trying to make “blood of seraphs” manually, pressing “new item”, and choosing same type, as my pasted “blood of seraphs” – it outlines “type” combobox in red, and i cannot choose other attributes.

    Any help? I have version 1.3.0 (licensed, steam) with season pass and mechro pack.

  10. :3 says:

    does this work with windows 8

    • Rick says:

      I have no idea, if you end up trying it, let me know how it worked out. I would imagine there shouldn’t be any problems though.

  11. ZMessican says:

    I’m having issues getting it to work also. I have a PS3 save data that wont open up. I keep getting the error message: “Failed to load save: invalid SHA1 hash”. I pointed it to correct file and made sure i selected PS3 save file at the drop down box at bottom right.

  12. Ashley.T says:

    Hiw do i change an items level?

  13. M1600wner says:

    Uhh. / Does someone have an Idea, how to get skins and heads for the Mechromancer? – whenever i choose things like – GD_Mechro_Items_Tulip.Mechro.Head_Mechro001 (I guess thats a Head customization, by looking at the way its labeled.) Its just has a red outline, and doesent appear in my Inventory?

    It would be awesome from you folks to have a step by step tutorial on how to get them.

  14. Chris.Kodalem says:

    I have a problem with SandHawk editing.

    Save Editor say it as a wrong name and parts (GD_Orchid_BossWeapons.SMG.SMG_Dahl_3_SandHawk etc…)
    This gun exists btw.

    This gun is from DLC (cpt.Scarlett DLC).

    Any update fixes?

  15. NotSoGoodwithSteps says:

    I’m having trouble with using this with ps3,any help for me?Love it if you could.

  16. Umbraxus requires help says:

    So, I have been watching the download steps and the tutorial for the ps3 and I am not doing anything wrong, but my character is still on level 42 when I want her to be on level 50, then the file is apparently corrupt when I try to load her. Are there any issues with the raw data in the last tab of the software that’s preventing me from maxing out my character? I reckon there are probably no issues when it comes to adding guns for everyone, but I just want to max out my character and add more bank slots. The issue is the raw paste data I think. Why do I have to change my level in the “General” tab as well as the “Raw” tab? I think that’s why my file ends up corrupt. Like how can I become level 50 with all my skill points and add more bank slots after the patch that Gearbox made? That “Raw” tab was kinda complicating things lol.

    Any response is well appreciated.

  17. Ryuuken says:

    I looked through the other pages, couldn’t find an answer.
    Are we able to add prefixes and titles to the weapons, or has that not been implemented yet by your mod tool?
    I just know when I go to type the titles/prefixes, the box turns red.

    Also, I went to make a Jakobs manufactured class mod earlier, except in the drop down list for manufacturer, Jakobs was not on there. I manually tweaked the file to call onto Jakobs, but was wondering if you knew what might be causing it. Also I don’t think it’s allowing me to make legendary versions of class mods, but they can exist in the game. Any info on that?

    • Rick says:

      Prefix and title are automatically corrected by the game whenever you unequip or equip an item, so it is completely pointless to try and set custom ones.

  18. Umbraxus requires help says:

    Oh and btw, I am grateful you made this tool and don’t get me wrong, its not that I don’t feel like grinding, because I’ve got a level 50 assassin and level 50 mechromancer, its just I was growing bored re-playing the game over and over again.

  19. Shadowdane says:

    Excellent work on the Saved Game Editor. I noticed recently it stopped working though on PC saves. I have the latest Steam patched copy and it gives this error when trying to open the save file.

    Error: Failed to load save: reencode mismatch

    I hope this will be updated to work with the latest version, it opens up some older backup saves fine. Just nothing from the latest version.

    • Shadowdane says:

      Nevermind… I didn’t have the v142 build, i had v138 and for some reason thought I had already updated. Sorry to bother you with that.

  20. AznDragon89 says:

    I can’t open this file at all, I downloaded framework 4.0, C++ 2010 also and it always say Gibbed editor has encountered a problem and needs to close. Is there something missing?

    • rg7cable says:

      download “aldos ps3 toolz and within that bundle you should be able to have all the files needed to launch this program…hope that helps

  21. Samus says:

    My Gibbed client only lets me open saves? can i not create a new one through it?

  22. tristan says:

    I get this error Failed to load : Reencode mismatch from this save :
    (It’s a save from Deftoned).

  23. Keith says:

    it says when i try to load my game off my usb stick failed to load save invalid or unsupported version how can i fix this? i tryed the rehasher and this from my profile not a downloaded save

  24. Dave says:

    Hey i made a lvl 50 gunzerker so i can play like normal, but i start from the beginning in Normal Mode so my question is can i start the game in True Vault Hunter Mode?

  25. Airforce Pilot5 says:

    I can get a new file modded for borderlands 2 but i cant insert it into the flash-drive so i can play it.
    I need to learn how to transfer a newly created file to my flash-drive, and how to sign it into my xbox gamer profile (Airforce Pilot5)
    Any Ideas?

  26. Badboi says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful program which works without problems. MAybe someone can help me on this, though:
    What do I need to change in RAW to the these challenges set to level 1: Find Jenkins and Jackpot in sanctuary?

    That would save a lot of time!

  27. Erik H. says:

    Whenever I started it up it says there was an error and had to close it and it asks to send an error report. I just downloaded it but can’t use it. Help please.

  28. Ashley.T says:

    Go to DemonAsylum’s channel on youtube he’s doing tutorials for many different things on this program, they are very useful.

  29. ImpactSLTD says:

    I love this tool, it works great. My only suggestion would be a way to change the Set ID field so we can easily create DLC gear without having to copy another item from said DLC. Also, maybe include a key as to note what gear or DLC the Set ID represents. (i.e. 1=Orchid or Scarlett, 2=Tulip or Mechromancer, etc)

  30. Tanis84 says:

    I’ve been using the earlier Version until recently and it worked perfectly.
    The thing is on December 13th there was an update for the xbox, so maybe that’s why this version doesn’t work with my current savegames.