Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 142)

Get the new version.

Bug fixes and updates to game info (“Hammerlock’s Hunt” DLC) for the current Borderlands 2 patch (1.3.0).


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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232 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 142)”

  1. Korekii says:

    ‘Failed to load save: reencode mismatch.’ Steam just literally now updated the PC version, and my save file, before running it under the new update, worked fine with the editor and now does not.

    • Rick says:

      Try reading what you just commented on. If you are getting a reencode mismatch with r142 (the build in this post), I need a copy of your save file.

      • tysonm38 says:

        I am getting a failed to load save; invalid or unsupported version. I am working with xbox 360 save. I am using horizon to extract the save. I was not having this problem before. I also tried another save and I still get the same error. I was using v124 and then I downloaded v138 and v142 and still having the same issue. I love this save editor.

      • tysonm38 says:

        Nevermind I read the comment below sorry about that. Thanks for doing this,

      • Patak says:

        I’m also getting the reencode mismatch.
        How would you like people to get you the copies of our save file? Mediafire, e-mail?

      • E FooLy says:

        yo i know you know me andi need to talk to u xbl tag fooly runz xbl

        • Ozzy says:

          Guys, I don’t know if you’re doing this or not but when you go to open your save make sure where the file name is on the right side it says (pc.sav if you play pc, xbox.sav etc) took me a minute but it works fine.

  2. Ein says:

    When I copied the contents of the new r142 over top of the old version, I got the same ‘Failed to load save: reencode mismatch’ as above. So, I tried making a new folder of just the r142. That gave a different error; ‘Failed to load save: invalid or unsupported version.’

    Link to save file as mentioned to previous fellow above;

    Here’s hoping that it’s something simple, and thank you for the excellent work on the tool.

    • Rick says:

      The open file process has changed as of r138, you need to select your platform in the Open File dialog. Your save loads fine in r142 when X360 is selected.

      • Ein says:

        This is me feeling extremely foolish for not noticing that file context box. Thank you.

        That said, I did experience the reencode mismatch error while being lazy and simply copying the new editor over the old one. Perhaps a clean copy of r142 might solve the above fellow’s error.

  3. James says:

    How do i mod my backpack space now since it seems like the max is now only 42

  4. Joshh says:

    Are you aware that the Cobra and several other guns cannot be made with the save editor? It won’t show any parts for them once you select the item grade (for example, GD_Iris_Weapons.SniperRifles.Sniper_Jakobs_3_Cobra has a black box around it, usually reserved for incorrect names, and it doesn’t have any possible parts listed). Any plans to fix this soon? I’ve been farming for a Cobra without any luck for a couple weeks now.

  5. Kokuei says:

    I’ve downloaded this one and many others, but why isn’t the LEVEL MODDING working on it?

    I’ve got the .net framework, I’ve got the correct mod tool of this one and for some reason everytime I log in with my Level 60 assassin it keeps reverting me to a level 50!

    It shows up on the experience bar that I’m level 60, but in the menu’s, like the quest menu, it still shows that I’m level 50.

    And they ALSO patched the BANK inventory mod to keep you from having past 16 or 18.

    I originally had mine modded to 42, to the max that I could get without it messing up, but now it won’t let me have any more then 16 and I’ve already bought all the black market upgrades.

    I’ve tried re-modding it and still no more help, but could you guys re-test your tool because I believe the level modding and bank mod just won’t work anymore because of the new B.S. Patch they put out.

    • Rick says:

      Clearly, you understand that the developers of the game fixed the ability to go out of bounds with certain values, such as level.

      Yet you are telling me to fix *my* tool? Go complain to the developers of the game that you want to break their game!

  6. Kokuei says:

    What? No, there is a way to fix the levels or what we’re now just stuck with level 50’s now and no more back space?

    Well screw you I’m going back to 360 haven, xpgamsaves, and se7ensins because they’ve already said their working on fixing this issue.

    Don’t know what the hell’s wrong with you, but you seem to let developers chop your balls off pretty easily.

    You’re such a coward for trying to be a modder.

    I’ve seem many mod tools, but if you don’t constantly keep it working of course you’re not going to keep up with the devs.

    You didn’t even realize that I wasn’t attacking or making fun of your mod tool at first, but since you think that I might as well call you a piece of shit.

  7. Roflmao says:

    I will skull fuck their game one way or another.

    And that is a threat to you and Gearbox.

  8. Death says:

    hello good sir your toll worked really well until the new up date and now i keep getting an error that says failed to load save uvialed or unsuported version

  9. Preacher says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! Got the patch-related error, came here was a very happy to see you had already addressed the issue with a new version. You rock!

  10. Borderlands 2 fan says:

    Well that’s just great…

    The level mods don’t work and my inventory just broke…

    If I can’t have any level higher then 50 then nevermind I’m done playing games from gearbox from now on.

    Last game I buy from them.

    • Sebastian says:

      Borderlands 2 fan my ass. You’re upset and crying like a little bitch because Gearbox had the audacity to keep -you- from breaking the game and actually having to earn your levels and skill points and saying “OMG DEY NO LET ME HAXXORZ ENNYMOAR! DIS R SO NAUT FAYR! GEARBOX SUX! I NEBBER GONNA BUY ANUDDER GEARBOX GAME 4 EVERZ!” …Seriously, it sounds like it’s time to go change your diaper. Make sure you let your mommy know that you also need a fresh bottle.

  11. Voxit says:

    Hey, I Have A Problem, When I Try To Load My SaveGame It Says Failed To Load Save : Invalid Or Unsupported Save. And This Just Started Happening After The New Update That Happened Today Please Help!

  12. Voxit says:

    I Got It Working So Ignore That Question! I Was Opening It As A Pc File… But I Hit X360 And Now Its Working Again! Thanks ! Greaat Tool 😉

  13. Zero says:

    Nice to see such a fast update to the new formats. One question, where are the docs for this tool? I have a few questions but the “Manufacturer Grade” and “Game Stage” values do what, exactly? The first is the usable level of the item, I get that, but what is “Game Stage”? Thank you.

  14. robert says:

    faild to load save sha1 hash what did i do wrong ?

  15. robert says:

    ps3 btw

  16. robert says:

    rick link please ?

  17. robert says:


  18. robert says:

    pdf open and closes i need help lol i got the .ddl they sayed is rec

  19. robert says:

    or is there something else to use ?

  20. Whatever says:

    Strangely enough, my previously not working modded PS3 save from 133 is now fully operational and I now have unlimited keys and money. Thanks, I guess?

  21. robert says:

    can anyone help me figure out how to use pfd cause i screwed up somewere

  22. MPX says:

    Thanks for the quick update Rick.

  23. robert says:

    rick can u help me im new with the editor and having issue with getting decryption to work

  24. Holyblade8 says:

    Is it just me or did they make it so extra skill points wont work as well? If so, thats a bummer but at least I can still keep my cool weapons I find = to my level.

    • MPX says:

      Extra unspent skillpoints are sanity-checked, but you can manually change the amount of points assigned to the various skills in the Raw tab without them reverting. At least that worked in version 1.2.2; I haven’t tested it in 1.3

  25. Spot says:

    It is really sad to read so many of the rude and inconsiderate posts on here. How many of you complained when you not only got free programs to fuck with your character, BUT also free advice too!! People… RICK, DEFTONED, SE7ENSINS and everyone else owes you nothing!

    If gearbox decides to change their game to make it harder for modding, especially when u have others creating viruses that wiped out your bad ass rank, let them. I do not know any of the for mentioned people, BUT I will bet that they love the challenge of finding a new work-around!

    So to the people who have created the tools to allow me to mod my games and share my mods with random xbox live strangers (now Xbox friends) I just want to say…. THANK YOU!

    To those complaining…. Learn to fix it yourself or shut the hell up!! Wait… let me guess… U were the high school jackass in the group assignments that let everyone else do the hard work while you sat around and complained about how you couldn’t mod your character anymore!!

    • JD says:

      I AGREE!!!!
      It is not the fault of Rick’s editor if the Developers decide to stop something from working.
      Instead of bitching and complaining like ungrateful brats, be happy for what you have and learn to work around whatever issue you are having.
      Rick gives up his time and effort to make this Editor and I for one am very grateful and happy that he does.
      So I say THANK YOU RICK!!!

  26. Spike says:

    Thanks man,
    My friends and I passed the game without any modding done and now we got a bit bored so this brought a little spark back 🙂
    I’m having so much fun playing with these toys.

  27. shadowfox239 says:

    how can I find the pfd tool? All i see when I typer in pfd tool is pdf! Can you put a link to the pfd tool please

  28. Eridium91 says:

    I’m still getting the reencode mismatch response even after updating. I just started the creature slaughter dome DLC. Does that have something to do with it?

    • Eridium91 says:

      Cancel that. Now it’s saying invalid or unsupported version whenever I try to open the save. Is there something wrong with my save or is this a bug?

  29. Eazeh says:

    I hate having to do this, because normally I can work this sorta thing out on my own, but I’m failing hard here.
    I’ve got a PS3 save of Borderlands 2. I get the SHA-1 error when opening it (r142). Therefore, I downloaded pfdtool to try decrypt it, as is suggested in the comments here. Pfdtool is downloaded, when I try run it, it opens a cmd-esque box, and then immediately closes, no error message or anything.
    I hate to ask, but what the hell am I doing wrong?

  30. Adam says:

    Every time i try to load my savegame.sav after the update it wont load is this because of the update?

  31. master gee says:

    faild to load save: LZO decomptression failure (LookbehindOverrun)

    what went wrong can someone please help thanks

  32. master gee says:


  33. master gee says:

    assassin zero

  34. dmlucky says:

    I got on my old mod tool yesterday dont remember the rev. Worked fine went on to play on xbox had an update come thru. since then the old rev isnt working downloaded rev133 and got “Failed to load save: reencode mismatch” downloaded the latest version rev142 and got “Failed to load save: invalid or unsupported version.”
    Are they working on a revision for the mod tool.

    • Cruleman says:

      Read the posts above you. All will be explained

      • DMLucky says:

        I read everything above and I’m still not getting it to work.
        A few said to make sure your loading it in the correct mode “via xbox or pc ”
        You don’t have a choice which one to use there ghosted out until you load a save so still I ask
        What’s going on

  35. Jason says:

    Hello everyone! So I have a problem on loading my Savegame.sav file. I turned my Xbox on and there was an update, so generally I would update, and then I realized it reset my inventory. I got onto the gibbed to once again increase my inventory, and first it gave an message saying outdated version so I got rid of the revision 133 and now Im using the revision 142 and it’s giving me a “Reencode mistmatch” error or a “Invalid or Unsupported” error. The date is 12/14/12 and it’s around 7 pm Pacific. If anyone can help me with this problem it would be great!

    • Adam says:

      i have the same prob so i make a new SaveGame.sav file with the program and save it and i cant even open it even though it has NEVER been put into my xbox and never seen the update so i believe its a bug in the program coding

      • Jason says:

        Hmmm so will they be able to fix it soon do you think? ‘Cause im really bored and want to play Borderlands, but my inv is overloaded now! Haha, and aparentlly when I got onto the page there seems to be a new Expantion out? ‘Cause i’ve never heard of Hammerlocks Hunt before!

    • Rick says:

      Choose your platform in the Open File dialog.

      • Jason says:

        Ok PHEW! It works now thanks! But does anyone have a solution to making you’re backpack inventory get bigger? When I tried to do it the old way I did it (I would reset the BlackmarketSlot in the “Raw” Section of the Gibbed Mod Tool to 0 then go in-game to buy the backpack SDUs until I bought all that was avaible to purchase, then redo the process for a while to gain a big inventory) it resets the inventory space back to the cap! TL;DR Whats another way to mod your BACKPACK SPACE with gibbed that doesnt involve reseting the black market slots and having to buy them in-game? If anyone knows, let me know please! It would help a lot thanks!

        • Rick says:

          That exploit was blocked in recent patches by GBX.

          • Jason says:

            So there isnt any way to get a big backpack space anymore? Shoot. Well thanks for letting me know! If you happen to hear any ways to make your backpack space bigger, could you let me know? Thanks for your help!

  36. shadowfox239 says:

    Sorry but can you A Tutorials for the ps3 on how to use pfd it would be a great help if you did

  37. Vix says:

    failed to load save: invalid or unsupoorted version. but the version before gave the Failed to load save: reencode mismatch error. im useing an xbox 360 save file

    email me for a save file copy

  38. Dovaak says:

    Is it possible in a future version to somehow make it possible to edit challenges? I want to complete a few of the ones I can’t get because they are either annoying to do or because I simply don’t play online.

  39. Allan says:

    for all the very confused ps3 users, google is your friend. search pfdtool borderlands……..

  40. bl2 fan says:

    hey can you add a hex editor please that be awesome and thank you for making a great program cant wait to see updates or new revs

  41. bl2 fan says:

    by hex editor i meant to change the levels and stuff

  42. Chris says:

    Ok this is kinda dumb but rick where is this Open File Dialog thing located?

    • Jason says:

      When you are trying to open the file, when you select the “Open” file from the gibbed tool, a window pops up and it ask you to select a file. At the bottom right of the window it should say as default “PC sav” I believe so you change that to whatever your playing on! Hope that helped.

  43. Chris says:

    i tried with R142 and im still getting the unsupported version error. i even tried with R134 and still had that problem :l

    • Ape says:

      ^I also have a similar problem since DL the new editor, “Invalid/unsupported error” for me as well… I went from r133 to r142 since update and am not getting a dialog box when choosing ‘open’ – It behaves the same as previous version(s) when trying to open a .sav – Much thanks Rick for your hard work in creating and providing us all with this tool, I hope to be able to use it again very soon. [X360]

  44. jonconnery says:

    is there an option that will let me unlock weapon slots #3 and #4 using this tool. its a great tool, i used it to take a new character from lvl 1 to lvl 50 with no issues but when i load up the character they are missing the weapon slots #3 and #4 and i dont want to replay all the story missions for each of my modded characters to unlock them…please tell me there is an option in gibbed tool


    • Ape says:

      ^ You can build ‘weapon equip slot’ in the tool Jon – They’re way down near the bottom just above the Mecromancer class mods when selecting ‘Type’. I made them in bank then retrieved in game.

  45. Ape says:

    Per my issue earlier Rick – I was blindly treating the Windows ‘choose file’ box as typical when selecting my gamesaves and simply overlooked how you had stuck it right in there (last place I looked).. I was expecting a prompt to select file type from within the tool window itself. I want to offer thanks again and wish everyone Happy Hunting!

  46. JK says:

    On a lighter side of things, this app is sweet thank you rick for publishing it. There are, I’m sure a lot of people who are wanting a feature or two added are you taking feature requests at this time?

  47. Joe says:

    These editors worked great until an update (not sure which one) a while back, since then I have been getting “Failed to load save: invalid SHA1 hash”. I just tried with r142, and came up with the same error. I did make sure I had X360 selected in the open dialog box. My save is at the link below. Thank you for taking a look if you have the time.

    • Joe says:

      It turns out the weapons I modded to keep up with my level were the problem. After dumping them on the other save I was having an issue with, it loads just fine. Thanks for the tool!

  48. Zero says:

    all we need now is a hex editor built in to that program and also is there a way to donate

  49. bigdady says:

    is there a part list / id list of all parts for easy modding access besides the limited parts list thats given im looking for a txt file perhaps

  50. Dmanny says:

    I have yet to try this cuz from what I hear it still does not work on the PS3? I see people talking about some make believe program called pfdtool, but yet no one has a link, instead all they have is random insults about people being to stupid to use google. although when i google pfdtool or pfdtool borderlands 2, all i get is some weird sites with links to programs other then pfdtool, I did get one site few weeks ago with a link to something called pfdtool, but it fails to work at all, just opens a cmd window and closes.
    I am not bashing the author of this program, but I think if the program fails to work or maybe requires other programs to make this one work, either post links to them or place them in the package as well, just a suggestion.
    Sorry in advance if I happened to miss the links or package with all the content in it, please post a link to those.