Wrote some code to unpack POD files, which can be found on my SVNA binary of the Unpack tool from SVN rev5 is available.

I havn’t written any code for repacking yet, and I havn’t tested if the game reads unpacked files at all yet. If you encounter any problems feel free to comment this post.

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31 Responses to “Ghostbusters”

  1. Jameson says:

    Hi. Thank you for unpacker.

  2. john2s says:

    Hi. Thanks again for unpacker. And how about repacker?

  3. TSL16b says:

    Thank you for the unpacker, it works like a charm.

  4. Seere says:

    awesome just what i was looking for. hope the repacker coding goes well 😀

  5. Any chance anyone has had any luck converting the extracted files to a more user friendly format so they can actually be edited and looked at?

  6. Seere says:

    no ive found nothing to open them. found that some or most of the files seem to be made with an autodesk app. but idk for sure ive been searchin my but off 🙁 idk for sure but the .tex may use a corel app may handle that extension but all guesses 🙁

  7. The file extensions and layout are pretty consistent with other Terminal Reality releases but none of the existing converters work, so I suspect they messed with the headers or some similar tweaks to the file that is rendering the converters useless right now…

  8. Martin says:

    Unpacker work, but we don’t have packer. Packer BloodRayne doesn’t work because it make 8,5 MB file instead of 9 MB 🙁

  9. Martin says: – Packer BloodRayne POD file but doesn’t work 🙁

  10. DEAD says:

    What’s about repacker? We hope on you.

  11. Seere says:

    well if anyones interested the header to the .tex seem to be a photoshop format not a corel like i guessed at first.

  12. Seere says:

    to be more specific was a .tga really new at hex editing srry 🙁

  13. Martin says:

    For translate subtitles in LANGUAGE.POD 🙂

  14. TheName says:

    Your seriously asking for a way to play a game that you don’t own? Go somewhere else.

  15. Rick, thanks for making such a great program. I just posted about it on my Ghostbusters site:

    You should collaborate with Stefan, the developer of mtmx (, to see if you guys can create a program that’ll allow for all of Terminal Reality’s POD formats to be packed and unpacked. You know, like “WinZip” for Terminal Reality’s POD files 🙂

  16. Martin says:

    We waiting forrRepacker 🙂

  17. Chro says:

    Anyone got how to open the tex file?=/

  18. Nauro says:

    Hallo everybody. I am from Slovakia and will I to translate game Ghostbusters to Slovak language. Slovak language has symbols: ľ š č ť ž ý á í é ú ä ň ô ĺ ŕ ď ó and other.
    I need any good Repacker for me.
    Greetings from Slovakia.

  19. MerlinSVK says:

    Hi Nauro, I’m waiting for that repacker, too 😀

  20. Nauro says:

    Hallo MerlinSVK. Sorry my english is not good. Tak radšej Slovensky. Načo potrebuješ repacker ? Inak nečakal by som, že tu bude aj niekto známy. 🙂

  21. MerlinSVK says:

    For what I need that repacker? Guess 😀 For somebody from, who could translate game to our language.

  22. OrangeC says:

    Is there anyway to play the music files or convert?

  23. Traggey says:

    So how about the models and textures? Any converting of theese going on? I really need to get my hands on the player models.

  24. woody says:

    hi i just used your unpacker to extract the files from W32SOUND.POD as im making a remix of the ghostbusters theme tune, although i cannot seem to open the SMP files that are in the archive, i have adobe audition which is supposed to open the files, but it doesnt seem to work, it says the file has been opened but there is no wav graph or file listed in the open files tab, does anyone know of a way to open or convert these files please?
    Thank you,

  25. happy says:

    Hello, just wanted to say thank you a lot for your unpacker, worked perfectly 😉 I habitually use Dragon Unpacker for this kind of work but it refused to work (it say it support terminal velocity, bloodrayne etc.. but it just crash when opening the .POD)

    And I also found this command line tool to convert .smp to .wav, worked perfectly: ( just posting in case someone search how to convert ghostbusters sounds files 😉 )

  26. SLI_Fallen says:

    Someone has written a tool to convert Ghostbusters .TEX (textures) into .DDS here:

    Sadly. This is pretty much useless without some way to convert the models themselves. 🙁

    But there you have it.

    • Davey says:

      Guys, the blood rain repacker does work, i used the unpacker to unpack “LANGUAGE.POD” so i could translate the russian text to english for the game menu, after i unpacked the files i converted the text to english, repacked with the bloodraine repackers (made original 8mb file shrink to 1.6mb file but still works!) and there you go, it reads the file fine and now my game menu is in english!

      p.s If anyone has the retail copy of this game or a copy with a choice of language then after you have installed the game could you upload your LANGUAGE.POD file from your installation directory for other people (like me) to download, i have managed to convert the menu text but would be easier for everyone if we had the original file, save converting EVERY piece of text in the game.


      • antheads says:

        hi where can i download dthe bloodrayne repacker? i tried the bloodrayne skinning tool but that needs a .head file. thanks

  27. PartyRock says:

    I am trying to get this to work,,,the exporter works…but I cant convert the .smp to ANYTHING ELSE.

    Any tips?

  28. chris says:


    i am going to attempt to right a repacker as the ghostbusters community desperately needs one. do you have an advise for me?

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