So, someone convinced me to try working on Prototype, and so far it’s been a success. I’m currently working on an editor for the Pure3D (*.p3d) files, called Edit3D.


It’s working pretty good, the big brunt of the work will be researching & writing code to serialize/deserialize the many, many different types of data in the Pure3D files. I did a test texture replacement of with good success:

prototypef 2009-06-21 18-19-15-08


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  1. mike says:

    Hi where I can find this program Edit3D please help me??

  2. Maicomzoio says:

    Hello good evening.
    I need a tool ProtoLe your call.
    I wonder if you have to upload it again.
    I’m trying to translate the prototype for my language.
    Sorry for my horrible English.

  3. Diana says:

    Thanks so much for the tool – I’ve been struggling so long to extract Prototype’s audio.

  4. Diana says:

    By the way… for extracting the audio;

    for %i in (*.jpg) do radp2wav %~Ni.radp %~Ni.wav
    doesn’t work. However,
    for %i in (*.radp) do radp2wav %~Ni.radp %~Ni.wav
    does. I’m glad I had that much intuition, else I would have been stuck here all night. x3

  5. kilik says:

    any new up plz

  6. LukasEva says:

    hello, very good info!.
    a question, where I can get the “Edit3D” that you are using to capture?

  7. Kate Dircksen says:

    So how exactly does a snake take in an animal that may be bigger than its head?

  8. Sparky says:

    If you want the music from Prototype and you own the game, use this package I just put together:

    • Bambouclat says:

      Hello, can you do the same thing for prototype 2 audio files. I have managed to extract some files from p3d files, but I then get an error for all files extracted to be converted, indicating that the files extracted are not compressed radp files

  9. RomanLevi says:

    Hey guys please give me link on this program?

  10. Steve says:

    Hello All, Just started playing Prototype wondering if there are any modded game saves for Ps3?

  11. VoLdeRofRap says:

    Hello! Who can send me e-mail program Pure3D? I am looking for a very long time editor p3d files …
    My email:
    Please forgive me for my bad english

  12. Fanghti says:

    Please send me a program can open Pure3D file. Please!
    My email:

  13. Mirvuqar says:

    Hi, I can download this program from where the 3D Editor

  14. Ezio_Bugmaker says:

    Hello, everybody. Is anybody still have Edit 3D? I can’t find in Google. It’s nowhere! Please, if anybody still have it, send it to me by Email:

  15. involve says:


    Please~! need a file

    Prototype language export import


    Please send.

  16. prathk says:

    my game is showing that error file not found deleted or renamed pls help

  17. Mirvuqar Abdulov says:

    Hi Prototype 1 subtitles edit program pleace

  18. Brody Blue says:

    Does anybody have a copy of Edit3D? I need to open a .p3d files to extract music

  19. HellLord says: link dead. can anyone please share a mirror? these files seem to have been lost from the internet. thanks.

  20. Elan says:

    Dead forever I know, but do you know if it’s possible to export the animation data from the program? I noticed you were able to read the animation’s names in the P3D format. I don’t need this program for doing texture replacement, not my thing, just curious if you can tell me if you made animations exportable.

  21. Michael says:

    Yeah, I tried ripping animations too but with little to no success. Barely even got the meshes with the help of a third-party Blender Script written by zaramot on Xentax Forums.
    Would really appreciate the ability to rip animations from the game for all characters/vehicles. There’s a lot of potential in them, not gonna lie, a lot of cool mods could be made with these resources in hand.

  22. Mirvuqar says:

    Hi link dead

    Please Prototype 1 subltitle edit tool pleaseeee helpp meee

  23. Mirvuqar says:

    Hi link dead

    Please Prototype 1 subltitle edit tool

  24. E7ajamy says:

    hello there. i found this website late back in 2019 and i wasn’t able to have time to take a look here. i came to find a way to extract audio files consisted of .p3d
    some .p3d from other folders are models too so i’m trying to figure out a way to extract the models (with skeletons of course) with their texture, and animations too if it is possible. so far i found nothing and all the links you posted here is dead. any chance we can have them back?

    • Sufleron says:

      Dude! Please, tell me the way you got music from prototype game. They are in p3d format, so how did you get them out?