Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: Part III

Another feature set provided by the Games For Windows API is various functions for “protecting” data (hashing & validating). GTA IV uses these functions to hash and validate its save files. I’m not exactly sure how these functions work exactly — other than the fact that the one we are interested in, XLiveUnprotectData, is called in a peculiar way.

It’s called twice, with five arguments, none of these arguments point at the save data itself, but at the 360 byte blob at the end of the save file. I suspect that this process is actually decrypting some memory rather than hashing the save itself, the end result is that a CRC32 hash of a part of the save is extracted, then compared against. By hashing the save and providing the valid CRC32 in the result of a replaced XLiveUnprotectData we can get past this validation, allow us to load other people’s saves as well as letting us modify our saves.

For the new version of the wrapper:

  • Multiplayer functionality of GTA IV is now forcefully disabled, to prevent usage of my wrapper to cheat in multiplayer. Yeah, sorry, I’m not going to encourage it.
  • Protected buffers have slightly changed to better organize them, they are a single block of data rather than two now (this is only really useful if you’re writing a trainer for use with my wrapper).
  • A new tool, CopyXLiveResources, is now provided to fix the invisible Games For Windows interface in-game. You do not have to use this tool if you do not want to.
  • Save validation is now disabled, you can load any save. Note: This will not magically fix any form of corruption on your save files if they are corrupted.

Note: the save validation “feature” of this version of my wrapper now potentially makes it incompatible with any other game, and previous version of GTA IV. This version of the wrapper was made with GTA IV in mind, if there are compatibility issues with previous versions I have no plans to support them.

XLive Wrapper ( for GTA IV (

I have only tested my wrapper locally. There could be unforeseen issues that I have not expected, if you experience any bugs feel free to comment this post.

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241 Responses to “Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: Part III”

  1. ITG says:

    I dont play online… i made an offline profile.. & i was at 64%… I reinstalled windows…. but now the saves aren’t working… can u plzz send me exact procedure how to use ur tool & restore my saves.. i hav legit copy but i use a razor 1911 crack for no cd… plzzz rply & try to send procedure in my mail…!

  2. Mippie says:

    It works!!! Thank you a thousand times.

    And for the rest of you: I did it on vista 64 bit and it worked properly

  3. Panban says:

    Youre the man works lke a charm

  4. Arash says:

    seems like it doesn’t work with v1.0.2.0 :((((( would u do anything about that?

  5. lostmind008 says:

    u rock man…it really worked…and i got my saved games back to action…:D

  6. toniquone says:

    Great thanks for this wrapper 🙂
    it worked on win7 x64 too 😉

  7. Niko says:

    тoварищ, please update to v1.0.2.0, спасибо

  8. Iloveyouman says:

    It rocks! it works!

    Even on a fresh 1.0 game installation
    I love you man!
    I love you man!!!!

  9. Xeneize says:

    I have a problem….I reset my computer and I didn’t do a backup of the saved games so I have to start all again..
    I download some saved games but I read I need the xlive wrapper to make it works..but I download it to and I can’t do it works..
    The program said me that it’s impossible to load…so I don’t know what I have to do…
    If you can I want to give me a solution for my problem please..
    Thank you

  10. Chris says:

    Hey, how u guys running it with windows 7 ??

    The game ask me to copy xlive.dll and xlive.dll.CAT to my personal folder as ylive.dll and ylive.dll.CAT and than I got a “Could not copy xlive.dll” fail.

    What can I do ??!

  11. Kirk says:

    Hi Rick,
    Any plans to update this to I lost my VISTA partition (& was running patched GTA v1.0.2.0) and have been able to snag my old saved games (80% complete??) and can’t seem to find the patch to make this wrapper work for me. Trying the wrapper against doesn’t work (for me) after explicitly following the instructions….Thanks Rick for making this. Sounds like a life saver. D@mn you M$!!!

  12. Mjaffk says:

    Worked great, thank you very much!

  13. Mike says:

    hi Rick,

    Sounds like a handy tool.
    I can’t get it to work though. It says “load failed.please check your hard drive and try again”.
    I noticed a few others list this error, but subsequent posts don’t seem to address that issue, so i don’t know if/how anyone else has resolved this.

    When i use the xlive.dll download, the game wont load anything at all and crashes before i can even log in.
    If i delete that file again, the game itself will load fine and i can play my old games, but when i select to load the savegame i downloaded, it gives me the load failed error above.

    Any assistance appreciated 🙂

  14. Clark says:

    I have gotten this issue before and I have resolved it, but I forgot how now:

    C:\Windows\System32\xlive.dll and

    will be copied to

    C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\ylive.dll and
    C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\ylive.dll.CAT

    Is this OK?
    (Selecting No will cause the game to exit)

  15. Killercustom says:

    This Hack is awsome , had absolutely no problem installing it . Ive used several of the trainers even with this hack . Cheers !

  16. Hamza says:

    This hack is awesome man it works great thank you soo much !!!!!!!


  17. 지우진 says:

    piease i want to piay the gta4

  18. 지우진=ji woo jin says:

    piease i am kind piease i am from koren and live dango

  19. Vinicius says:

    Thanks, man!
    Works perfectly to me!!

    Best regards
    From Brasil

  20. zyx says:

    Hey Rick

    I have the same problem as sirConnel:
    Game wont start as long as xlive.dll is in game folder

    I use XLive Wrapper and GTA IV, as in your instructions.

    Have you found a solution?


  21. Kilblaan says:

    Backed up all games safely … Installed the wrapper – it saved a backup ‘xlive.dll.CAT – where did it go? … have two user logins on an XP SP3 PC … user under which wrapper was installed can use previously downloaded saved game – but has lost their own games … other user gets “could not write license data! Please contact customer support”.

    Read all the threads … and downloaded sna696’s guide … but how do I role things back to the previous state before I installed the wrapper?


  22. Kilblaan says:


    I moved xlive.dll (did not use CopyXLIveResources) to C:\Document and Settings\\Local\Application Data\Rockstar Games\GTA IV … user where wrapper was installed now has their original saved game back … my user still gets error message “Could not write license data! Please contact customer support” – I have copied back the original saved games to the correct savegames folder but still get the error 🙁

    Tried downloading latest patch 1.03.0 (which was not prevously installed, only and installed under the user login that works … was installed successfully and the the one user still works with original Windows Live account and saved games … unfortunately when I log into my user on XP SP3 I still get the dreaded error message … I googled the error message and I see it has to do with SecuROM – there were some suggestions on what might solve the problem, but I thought I’d ask you guys first.

    At this point I simply want to get back to the pre ‘xlivewrapper’ state and my original saved games — HELP!

  23. Kilblaan says:


    I noticed on the GTAIV forum this user had posted a solution that worked http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=390842 … thoughts?

  24. Kilblaan says:

    Just wanted to pass on that the above worked great – we can now both logon and access our Windows Live profiles and orginal saved games 🙂

    Does anybody have any suggestions how to use the xlivewrapper when you have a number of users on a single computer?


  25. niraj says:

    i put xlive.dll in gta iv dir and whenilaunch launchgtaiv.exe the message pop ups “gtaiv.exe has stopped working..”

    del xlive but when i load game the msg pops in game. “loding failed,chk your harddisc”

  26. John says:

    Hi, My GTA IV is updated to version 1.3 and unfortunatly I have not the DVD (to restall it)
    So how can I downgrade it to 1.1?

  27. Sylvester says:

    Hi Rick,

    i see alot of people here whom you helped. good job 😉
    however, my gta still crashes.
    i put xlive.dll in gta iv dir and run copyxliveresource.exe when i launch launchgtaiv.exe the message pop ups “gtaiv.exe has stopped working..”

    del xlive.dll but when i load game the msg pops in game. “loading failed,check your harddisc”

    running version

  28. fubar says:

    hi guys …. i just upgraded my xp sp3 for vista x86 but i cant get my save games to work…..
    when i istalled the wrapper the game doesn’t start anymore i get the same masses like the guy above “gtaiv.exe has stopped working..”
    … but it starts normally if i remove the both wrapper files

    any clue??

  29. Mick says:

    Im having the same issue as niraj and fubar, im using windows 7 rc1 64 bit, followed all instructions done 3 reinstalls of the game and tried various things outside of the instructions to see if that would help and while the xlive.dll is in the game directory it crashes and says stopped working when you open the game. if you delete the xlive.dll from game directory game will open as long as the save game file in slot 1 is the original otherwise will give the hard discs read issue. i have tried this with the game at and and as requested but still same issues. My question is should i ghost my windows 7 install for later on use and install a copy or dual boot a copy of windows xp or vista (had it working in vista 32 bit before) and get the game running, and if so how would i then extract it properly for use in another OS? thanks!!

  30. Mick says:

    Hi all after lots of mucking around with rick’s wrapper and not getting it to work and more googling i have come across this website with a similar xlive tool which actually worked for me!!!!!!!!!




    go there and try it it’s just like rick’s except after making your first game save you have to put your old saves into the save folder which will now be under your my documents directory!

    for anyone else’s info i am running windows 7 RC1 64 bit version.

    good luck

  31. QuaLiT1 says:

    If I have Xlive.dll in Game Directory, the Game dont Start := Help?

  32. Ian says:

    Hi Everyone

    All I can say is that the recommendation made by MIck works 100% and its dirt easy to do!

    Here are the detail again :

    Hi all after lots of mucking around with rick’s wrapper and not getting it to work and more googling i have come across this website with a similar xlive tool which actually worked for me!!!!!!!!!




    go there and try it it’s just like rick’s except after making your first game save you have to put your old saves into the save folder which will now be under your my documents directory!

    for anyone else’s info i am running windows 7 RC1 64 bit version.

    good luck

  33. Chesterayala says:

    Help When i open my GTA 4 Nothing happens And The RGSC Always Shows And i Try and Try and Try for 1 week i cant still Play GTA 4 Maybe RGSC is the problem

    Email me the solution!!!

    My email chesterayala@yahoo.comm

  34. Snake11 says:

    Hey i want to reinstall windows and retrieve my GTA4 saved game but i also want to continue playing online. Is it possible you can explain how i can do this? I am not reinstalling windows until i am sure i can do this. Thnx

  35. Leo says:

    Hi,I’m on the XP sp3 32bit and I have a problem.
    I put the xlive.dll and the other file in the folder of gta IV.
    Now when I start the game It won’t open.I mean I click on the “play” button and nothing heppens.
    If I remove the 2 folders everythings fine exept I need to start the game all over again.Please help me!

  36. John says:

    Hi Rick.I need help with your xlive.dll wrapper.When I copy it to the game directory and try to run the game it says GTA IV stopped working and when I remove xlive.dll it works normally.

    I’m running Vista 64bit.

  37. Leo says:

    John I have the same problem!Rick please help us!!!

  38. yamato says:

    Hi Rick. I have a bit of a problem using the wrapper. I did everything as in readme file, but when I try to run the game, I get some kind of system error in return – “memory can’t be written” or sth like that. Do you (or anyone here) have any idea what do to?

  39. irzaq says:

    hie Rick .
    i got this problem , i tried to use 100% complete game at GTAIV . when i load , it says ” fail to load please check ur HDD” what shld i do ? i got bored at my 42% of game and decide to have 100% and play it freeroam . pls help me accpreciate it loads .

  40. Gamer says:

    Hey man ! What does this games for windows live api used for! Sorry for stupid question but i am new to Modding GTA IV!

  41. s_k says:

    Can’t get it to work, Rick.
    What I did is update the game to, made a profile and saved the game after the first mission (just for sure). Put the wrapper dll in my game directory, answered yes to the copy question. Then nothing really happens. The DOS-like window appears but the game won’t boot. Removing the dll file and restarting my pc makes the game run again, but I get an error message telling me to check my HD. When I put the DLL file back, the game refuses to run. Do you have any idea what might cause the issue?
    Yes I use a cracked version. Had to buy a new videocard and power supply to play this game so couldn’t really afford the game itsef anymore ;).
    It’s really frustrating! I’ve finished playing the storyline and would love to continue playing mini-missions and cruising around.
    Hope you can help!

  42. Jérôme says:

    Bonjour je viens d’avoir d’avoir ta sauvegarde 100pour cent Rick je copie donce le fichier XLIVE.DLL dans le répertoire de gta 4 C:Programe files/Rockstargames/gta 4 mais quand je lance gta 4 il me met gta4 a cessé de fonctionner et quand j’enlève ce fichier en question le jeu marche a nouveau ! je ne compend pas pour info je suis sous vista 64 ultimate merci de me répondre bon taf a toi

  43. Tom says:

    It’s not working for me, please someone give 1 GOOD DESCRIPTION HOW TO MAKE IT WORK AND WHERE TO PLACE THE FILES.




  44. Tom says:

    I think i know why it’s not working, the program copies the files from the XLIVE.DLL @the C:\WINDOWS\System32 FOLDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO XLIVE.DLL @ THE SYSTEM 32 FOLDER

    THIS IS INCORRECT, FOR 64 BIT you need to let it copy from C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64!!!

  45. Bacje says:

    oh fuck this man i already finished gta iv, format comp and i lost everything. now im busting with this shit man whenever i put it in gta iv dir the game cannot start because te memory could not be “read” i have ver. or smthing like that and some clothes mods installeded. how do i fix this problem?

  46. Bacje says:

    oh i have the game installed on d: disk not on c: i have 2 disks if that may be the problem…

  47. legacy says:

    well , i followed the steps and when i am launching “LaunhGTAIV.exe” nothing happens . and the game will not start only i will delete the xlive.dll

  48. HaCkerX says:


    i need this Wrapper for GTA 4


  49. Enigma says:

    Yeah we badly need a weapper for, as it turns out i can not load my previous saved game which sucks and without the wrapper we will get no where fast.

  50. XeeShaN says:

    i copy all xlive.dll file to folder where i install gta 4 but the game didnt start……
    and when i delete xlibe.dll then game start….
    plz help……

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