Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer

Here is a basic trainer for GTA IV, features:

  • Invincibility
  • Fast Reload
  • Never Get Tired

This trainer will work with and without my XLive wrapper.

Note: this trainer is for GTA IV only, the trainer does not attempt to validate that you are running at all, using it with other versions may lead to unexpected behavior.

Basic Trainer for GTA IV

Running the trainer will immediately activate all mentioned features. If you do not become invincible, simply run the trainer again and it should take.

This trainer will refuse to activate if it detects you are playing in multiplayer.

This trainer is based on the superman example script provided in Alice, created by Alexander Blade, in standalone form.

As usual, please report any problems, etc in comments to this post.

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163 Responses to “Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer”

  1. zac says:

    HELLO!! so this is unrelated, but the save game you put out a while back, i put the xlive.dll in the gta main folder same with the copyliveresources.exe, ran it, moved the save game file to where it goes and it doesnt work, keeps saying load failed, pleeease help me pleeeease ): ):

  2. ioannidis kostas says:

    hi i just try your savegame for gta iv, but it doesnt work. if i did not delete the xlive.dll the game not start. and if i delete it , when the game start , the game say’s that the loading failed and that i must check my hard disc.

    i do all moves like yours instructions.
    thank you very much

  3. Trevor says:

    How You Open It?

  4. Xemnas911 says:

    hey…… the trainer said “Never gonna get it, never gonna get it… beyotch!!!

  5. mortedraco says:

    i tried to start it and it says it cant find the game

  6. Atif says:

    hello everyone, i have used xlive wrapper to make my downloaded saved game work, but when i try to start the game with a new saved game it gives me an error
    the screenshots are uploaded with links given below

    first screenshot when i run the game

    second screenshot of the error

    plz plz plz someone help me, as i am really upset!!!

  7. havoc says:

    It just told me “Never gonna get it, never gonna get it… beyotch!!!” What the fuck? I started the game and loaded in to SP, when to load the trainer and it gave me this bullshit error.

  8. anon says:

    Hey i got GTA4 to run but i can’t figure out this 100%saved game thing can someone help me out?

  9. mortii matii says:

    sa iti iau mortii prin penis a.k.a i’ll take ur death rhtru my penis

  10. Loki says:

    guys thats only a virus its normal thats this shit not working

  11. Hashim says:

    Its not working.in my computer showing C:\Windows\system32\xlive.dll or C:\Windows\system32\xlive.dll.CAT does not exist! My operating system windows 7