Steam Achievement Manager games update

The following games have been added to the list of games that have achievements:

  • Penguins Arena: Sedna’s World

7 Responses to “Steam Achievement Manager games update”

  1. OxYKiLL says:

    Report problem : when I lock all my achievement, after when I play , for exemple I have to kill 15 persons to get my achievement, after I kill just 1 person I get it ! ( TEAM FORTRESS 2 )

  2. Rick says:

    That’s because when you lock an achievement it does not reset the stats associated with the achievement.

  3. OxYKiLL says:

    how can we reset the “stats” ?… becase i fear to be ban on vac with that !

  4. OxYKiLL says:

    my stats in tf2_playerstats.dmx same to be ok , no much kill, or healthpoint

  5. OxYKiLL says:

    my stats on steam community same to be good also

    Most points:9 (as Pyro) Most kills:7 (as Pyro) Most sentry kills:2 (as Engineer) Most assists:4 (as Medic) Most captures:2 (as Spy) Most defenses:1 (as Medic) Most damage:1,148 (as Pyro) Most destruction:2 (as Pyro) Most dominations:1 (as Soldier) Most revenges:1 (as Soldier) Most UberCharges:2 (as Medic) Longest life:5:24 (as Engineer) Most backstabs:0 Most buildings built:5 (as Engineer) Most headshots:1 (as Sniper) Most health healed:1,401 (as Medic) Most health leeched:0 Most teleporters built:2 (as Engineer)

    1:51 max damage1,148 7 9 Pyro

    1.1 hours

  6. Andrew D says:

    I’m pretty sure the page says that this is at your own risk if you get VAC banned or not.

    If your afraid of being banned, you shouldn’t have used it.

    But, as far as I know, using it outside of a game works fine, and won’t get you VAC banned. (due to the fact you are not on a VAC secured server)

  7. PurpleSkunk says:

    Hello Rick,

    I have a problem concerning L4D : when I use your tool to reset my achievements, they do not appear on my Steam profile as expected, but unfortunately they still appear as unlocked ingame. Do you know how I can solve this ?

    Thanks in advance.