Left4Dead *.vpk Extraction Tools Test

Here are some test binaries for extracting data from the *.vpk packages recently seen in the Left4Dead demo. Edit: See this newer post for a newer build of tools.

To use:

  1. Extract the *.dll and *.exe files to a directory, it doesn’t matter where.
  2. Click + dragdrop a _dir.vpk file onto Gibbed.Valve.ExtractPackage.exe.
  3. Files will be extracted to the directory the file you dragged is in, or the current directory if you invoke ExtractPackage in a console window.

I will probably get around to making a tool with a UI, but for now, this works. Source will also be provided pretty soon.

If any of you encounter any bugs please leave a comment here with information. This tool was tested with the most recent version of the Left4Dead demo, and may break with the full game files once it is out.

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4 Responses to “Left4Dead *.vpk Extraction Tools Test”

  1. ZomBuster says:

    I love you, but it doesn’t extract vmt’s correctly.

    The *.vmt’s are empty and the actual data is stored in *.vmt.metadata files.

  2. Rick says:

    That comes from me not having much experience with Source data, I’ll make a new build with the issue fixed.

  3. Kzl says:

    wheres the download button

  4. haha says:

    where should i extract i? please specify