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From Dust startup hook

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Use this at your own risk, I don’t know how UPlay treats code hacks in the long run.

How to use:

  1. Download
  2. Extract both files (the DLL and startup.txt) to game directory, such as: X:\Path\To\Steam\steamapps\common\from dust.
  3. Edit startup.txt if you want.
  4. Play game.

startuphook-v1 was made for the latest version of From_Dust.exe (as of this posting) which has an md5sum of b9c5470f75d047f18fbcd1ed21534bdc.

What this DLL does:

  • Patches the FPS limiter to 120 (instead of 30).
  • Hooks engine initialization so you can change a static set of startup arguments to whatever you want using startup.txt.

If you have any issues please comment this post, new patches will break this hook (but the hook will safely warn you).

Important: don’t remove the existing text in startup.txt (/lynfs "/BinPC" /projectid:DUST), only add to it!

The default contents of startup.txt: /lynfs "/BinPC" /projectid:DUST

Example: /lynfs "/BinPC" /projectid:DUST /vsync:2

Possible arguments: