From Dust startup hook

Use this at your own risk, I don’t know how UPlay treats code hacks in the long run.

How to use:

  1. Download
  2. Extract both files (the DLL and startup.txt) to game directory, such as: X:\Path\To\Steam\steamapps\common\from dust.
  3. Edit startup.txt if you want.
  4. Play game.

startuphook-v1 was made for the latest version of From_Dust.exe (as of this posting) which has an md5sum of b9c5470f75d047f18fbcd1ed21534bdc.

What this DLL does:

  • Patches the FPS limiter to 120 (instead of 30).
  • Hooks engine initialization so you can change a static set of startup arguments to whatever you want using startup.txt.

If you have any issues please comment this post, new patches will break this hook (but the hook will safely warn you).

Important: don’t remove the existing text in startup.txt (/lynfs "/BinPC" /projectid:DUST), only add to it!

The default contents of startup.txt: /lynfs "/BinPC" /projectid:DUST

Example: /lynfs "/BinPC" /projectid:DUST /vsync:2

Possible arguments:

  • /checkfpsmem – ??? (overrides /fpsmem)
  • /fpsmem – ??? (overrides /checkfpsmem)
  • /skipmips:# – ??? (# can be replaced with a number)
  • /skipmips – ??? (it’s as if you did /skipmips:2)
  • /fullversion – ???
  • /shareableSaveGame – ???
  • /forceaitarget:XYZ – ??? (XYZ can be debug or release or optimized or final)
  • /galras – ???
  • /galprt – ???
  • /dusttrack – ???
  • /shaderlog – ???
  • /nosound – ???
  • /cfg-define – ??? (used like /cfg-definebob but I have no idea what this config system is like)
  • /cfg-undef – ??? (used like /cfg-undefbob but I have no idea what this config system is like)
  • /cfg-target – ??? (used like /cfg-targetbob but I have no idea what this config system is like)
  • /nodirectXhardware – ???
  • /fullscreen – Apparently would set fullscreen, but it doesn’t seem to work.
  • /useGameData – ???
  • /NoNetThreads – ???
  • /res – Sets resolution? untested. (used like /res1024x768 or /res1024x768@32)
  • /vsync:# – Sets vsync mode, # can be 0 (off), 1, or 2. No idea how 1 or 2 are different from each other.
  • /vsync – It’s as if you did /vsync:1.
  • /msaa:# – Sets MSAA. Any # other than 0 will break game rendering.
  • /msaa – It’s as if you did /msaa:0.
  • /projectid:XYZ – ???
  • /TextureCapture – ???
  • /wog – ???
  • /wol – ???
  • /nosectorender – ???
  • /nosectoapply – ???
  • /run – ???
  • /dustload [XYZ] – ???
  • /dustsave "XYZ" – ???
  • /dustrunandsave "XYZ" "XYZ" – ???
  • /lang/XY – ???
  • /nocpp – ???
  • /nocrashreporter – ???
  • /eax – ???
  • /xaudio2 – ???
  • /soundnoinit – ???
  • /soundnodata – ???
  • /soundmute – ???
  • /openshare – ???
  • /readonly – ???
  • /hiresshadowbuffer – ???
  • /gobs – ???
  • /offlineTool – ???
  • /LimitFrame # – Sets frame limit (not to be confused with the FPS limiter), setting this value *at all* will cause the game to crash!

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37 Responses to “From Dust startup hook”

  1. Captain Margaret says:

    Thanks very much for this fix. I’d love to know who at Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to release the (delayed) PC version, FPS limited to 30, with no vsync option.

  2. Yves says:

    Hi, it works, now the water (ocean) is smoother (without glitches). But, the cursor is now slower and the display is not correct when you don’t move it. Thanks.

  3. Cabbage says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Sadly, on my end the speed of lava seems to be tied to the FPS (at lease on the level, ‘Movement’). Is their a way to force 30fps so I can still use Vsync (which works perfectly)?

  4. Ansjosen says:

    Hash mismatch :(…

    • Rick says:

      You’ll need to have the latest patch version through UPlay for this hook to work.

      • JJ says:

        Well, so I just downloaded your patch, i get a mismatch as well: 94633226 vs BF98C31C

        I found refresh rate option in game but things is it’s capped. Any help or topic too old?

        • Rowan says:

          I’m getting a similar one except my current one is 25C29C78 from the required BF98C31C.

          I figure maybe Ubisoft purposely changes the version name to break things like this?

  5. […] FPS unlocker is made by Rick and can be downloaded from here. The biggest issue so far with the unlocker is that the physics of some environmental elemets […]

  6. […] FPS unlocker is made by Rick and can be downloaded from here. The biggest issue so far with the unlocker is that the physics of some environmental elemets […]

  7. light487 says:

    Works without crashes but makes the water very jittery and unattractive. I’d love to just have the ability to vsync to get rid of the tearing and leave everything how it was. Hope you can do this in the next version.

  8. celldweller says:

    I’ve got updated to last version,but when i start the game the following pops up:
    Hash mismatch: 63F3046B (yours) vs BF98C31C (required)

    • Rick says:

      I’m not seeing a new patch on UPlay so I don’t know what the deal is, sorry.

      • Jimmy Crack Corn says:

        I’m having the same issue. I just got the game and it updated automatically first clicked to open the game. I can only assume that I’m updated to the latest version as well. Perhaps, it is a recent update that you did not see at the time. Maybe it is there now and it is easy to update this dll file to make it work again.

        Does this make the game run less choppy. I have an ATI Radeon 4850 with 1GB of VRAM now, and it’s control panel has an option to select Triple Buffering and to turn on Vertical Refresh, which, from what others have been saying, is the same as the more common term, V-Sync. And my monitor can do about 60 FPS or so at 75Hz

        If my game already runs choppy, will removing the FPS cap of 30 FPS and using Triple Buffering actually have the potential of improving the performance of the game?

  9. Sobtanian says:

    Great to have 60FPS, but like others the water physics are broken. Still, thanks for the great work.

    As for those wanting vsync with 30FPS, just use D3DOverrider (google it) – it’ll vsync EVERYTHING and triple buffered too.

    Personally, I want the 60FPS vsync – I can’t stand 30 FPS 🙁

    Guess I’ll wait for Rick to work his magic again 😉

  10. Zagrom says:

    Update for new version?

    • Zagrom says:

      Ok, Not having the same deal as celldweller above (missed the message)
      But mine is saying mismatch: 94633226, any thoughts?

      • Zagrom says:

        “Ok, Not having the same deal as celldweller ”

        Omg, sorry for mass messaging here, I Am having same issue, typo, sorry
        again for so many messages (Would have just edited it if I could)

  11. […] they’ve not fixed any of the complains about other aspects of the disappointing PC port. This mod should remove the seemingly arbitrary 30fps frame cap, but I’ve not tried it myself. […]

  12. Benjamin says:

    This will naturally not work since the patch from a few months ago due to checksum mismatches (and probably offset changes as well).

    If you’re too busy to update the patch, could you release the source or explain how you did it? I like the game despite it’s problems, and I have a hard time enjoying it without this patch.

  13. meow says:

    Please update it, it doesn’t work anymore 🙁

  14. Dragory says:

    Any updates with this? I’d really like to use it, but apparently it doesn’t work anymore. 🙁

    Please update!

  15. Andrea says:

    Please, we need an update!

  16. Ardvark Samuel says:

    Please patch the patch so I can enjoy the game to it’s full potential!

  17. Pete says:

    Yea, please update it or tell us how to increase the framerate, I can’t play with 30 fps 🙁

  18. Diago says:


    An update is needed for the hack to work.

  19. Merlin says:

    Please bump it to a newer version.
    I just played the game and really enjoyed it but the fps cap is really unbearable 🙁

  20. Syraxis says:

    Please release an updated version of the hack. The framecap makes this game unplayable for me…

  21. vache says:

    dude please for the love of god update this fix please i know its the games outdated but please im pretty sure its easy

  22. flowrian says:

    Hello, any chance you upodate it please? I just buy the game and the 30 fps cap is a pain.

  23. victor says:

    As previous speakers have said, this game is awesome but the 30fps cap is a real pain.. please, for the love of god update this fix 🙂

  24. kubilay says:

    Lets hope that rick did not die on us

  25. Emmanuel Zygmont says:

    im getting an error that says “Hash mismatch: 25C29C78 (yours) vs BF98C31C (required)”
    Do you have any idea how to fix that, this is a brilliant game, but the 30fps lock really kills the vibe. thanks alot! 😀

    • Emmanuel Zygmont says:

      Oh and do i need to change any files in the startup.txt to make the game actually run at 60fps, im not very good at coding, so, do i need to change anything. i read the directions but it didn’t mention changing anything, but i i do, please let me know!

  26. ME says:


    • cabbage says:

      If anyone has any info on this mod being worked on by someone else or what the hell happened to rick please say so