Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 179)

Get the new version.

  • Fixed issue with repeatedly saving without loading and expansion data (eridium > 99, last playthrough number > 1, playthroughs completed > 1).
  • Other fixes.


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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696 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 179)”

  1. ph34r says:

    is there any way to sort item in inventory/bank?
    and also i can’t seem to move item from backpack to bank from right click (pig icon), i usually manually copy paste them.

  2. g4bb4 says:

    there is a new problem with modded weapons
    i created normaly weapons and placed it in my bank the are still available
    but modded weapons arenยดt there anymore until the last update today

    so my question is :

    can you fix this ?

    money / seraph cristals / tourge tokens and eridium can mod immunochemical

  3. Dustin says:

    reencode mismatch keeps coming up for me today. Everything worked fine until this morning for BL2.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      More than likely due to the update today. I’m sure Rick will have an updated version of Gibbed out soon.

    • Rick says:

      I can’t do anything until the update has hit Steam.

      • Yokai says:

        I just want to thank you, Rick, for maintaining your wonderful editor for the community. It makes BL2 100% fun for me and a few other close gaming friends. BL2 would not be nearly as fun without being able to try different gear, switch classes without rerolling, downlevel to play with friends who aren’t as far along, etc. Again, you rock.

      • Nick says:

        As far as I understand it, this is a hotfix, so it’s not going to download as a patch through steam but rather silently through the game client.

      • DOMIN8 says:

        I figured as much. Apparently the update isn’t hitting Steam until 8PM CST for some reason. Usually it’s around 1PM EST….

  4. Dustin says:

    Well thanks Rick, it’s really made using new characters very nice. I enjoy going through the game, but only once. And i’m not a good weapons farmer either. This is much appreciated.

  5. Dylan says:

    I wanted to try and get some of the weapons from the Torgue DLC, And Seraph weapons but it came up red when trying to make them, Please help. Oh and this save editor is awesome

  6. Robert says:

    Yeah I just recently got an error while trying to load: reencode mismatch, what’s it pertain to and how to fix? I’ve just recently d/l it and horizon and have been using it several times for characters. this is the first error I’ve encountered.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      If you’ve played since downloading today’s patch, then you may get this error. You’ll most likely have to wait until Rick updates the editor.

  7. Robert says:

    Thanks, yeah I was just checking around online and it looks like that is going to be the case. So here’s to Rick, Come on bro, hook us modders up with an update man ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep chugging away at it, this set up is great.

    • DOMIN8 says:

      He has to wait until Steam updates. Usually it’s around 1PM EST but for some reason today’s update isn’t supposed to drop until 9.

  8. Bruno says:

    Hi Rick, just want to say your editor really rocks, it makes playing the game so much more enjoyable so please keep it coming. Wondering how the latest update on limiting the number of skill points will affect people who have characters with full skill trees? Will we have problems loading our characters when the update is applied (think tomorrow 11am UK time now). Will you be able to get round it?

    • DOMIN8 says:

      If you’ve already maxed out your Skill Trees it won’t matter.

      • Bruno says:

        Thanks – so to be clear – if I’ve maxed out all three skill trees on my characters, even though this is over and above the intended limit, it will still work fine?

        • Wisecarver says:

          Gearbox does this internally for play tests..You should be fine unless you exit the game with skill points pending.

  9. natural says:

    since the update came out i wonder if it is still possible to save a few modded weapons in claptraps secret stash that is were i always had mine but i have no checked

  10. n1ghtmare says:

    So i won’t complain about this product i already love it – really enhanced the game for me :).

    But my question is – Is it normal that the weapons i create with the editor are weaker than the ones i find INGAME? I’ve made myself some legendaries after giving up on farming them, but it seems like when i i.e find a blue sniper – it usually outperforms my equipped sniper :).

    • Wisecarver says:

      You just need to experiment with the settings, especially Sniper rifles and Shotguns. i.e. Critical and ShotGunShell settings.

    • Yokai says:

      Also don’t forget to set the weapon to your current level with Sync All (or manually). Many Gibbed paste codes you’ll find are for level 50 weapons. If you’re 61 you _must_ sync them up to your level or they’ll seem anemic.

  11. GlennTerje94 says:

    Hey i have a little problem, i used the Editor earlier today and after i update BL2 i get an Error Saying “Failed to load Save: Reencode mismatch” its a PS3 Save file

  12. lishilish ps3 gamer says:

    Yea i also have the error pop up something like unable to load save: reencode mismatch this is what i do i open gibbed save editor up then i click settings to make sure im on playstation then i click open and make sure its on ps3 so then when i open my save it says that error it was working fine for like a couple hours then just stopped when i tried to mod my save

  13. Brotato says:

    with the patch doesnt look like gibbed is working ๐Ÿ™

  14. zey says:

    Still thank you for maintaining this rick. It is very much appreciated.

  15. MetalSnake says:

    Hey Rick, do u need gamesaves for you to debug (regarding the reencode error)