Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 153)

Get the new version.

  • Bug fixes and updates to game info (“Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack” DLC) for the current Borderlands 2 patch (1.4.0).
  • Corrected (more) problems with handling of expansion data in packed item data.


Known problems:

  • Eridium in-editor will show up to 99, the rest is stored in a new value that’s not handled yet.
  • Expansion playthrough number and playthrough completions are also stored in a new value that’s not handled.

If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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384 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 153)”

  1. Rockin-Tiger says:

    An exception was thrown (press Ctrl+C to copy):

    System.InvalidOperationException: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.

    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.ProtoBufFormats.WillowTwoSave.WillowTwoPlayerSaveGame.Compose()

    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.FileFormats.SaveFile.Serialize(Stream output)

    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.ShellViewModel.c__DisplayClass29.b__26()

    at Caliburn.Micro.Contrib.Results.DelegateResult.Execute(ActionExecutionContext context)

    I keep getting this while trying to save my ps3 file and yes i do have rev 153 i also undid everything i changed to see if it would work and it has not any and all help would be appreciated

    • Rockin-Tiger says:

      oh yea this is only happening with my mechromancer (made a new char cuz i had no help) but when saving my siren it works fine no errors

      • Kicking ass says:

        same here man does anyone actually check these comments? seems like ppl just look at it and state the obvious lol

        • nin says:

          I believe i know what you are doing wrong. as I have done the same thing. when you choose your files you would like to use. ex. ps3 save files or xbox save files you should do that before you bring your files up from desktop cause you can see if you do it last that your file name changes from save003.sav to save003. and I believe that may screw it up. Hope this helps.

  2. BACK SCRATCHER!!! says:

    I am having a similar problem as well I have even uninstalled gibbed and re-installed it but did not get a better result can one of the makers please help us with this problem? Seems like it comes up quite often some people its just an update problem but for the ones with the program updated it shouldn’t be this complicated please help…

  3. Jeff says:

    This seems like it should be a simple issue to resolve, but its annoying me. I’ve edited a PC character from 35 to 45, but when I load into the campaign or start a new one the game is still treating me like I’m 36. The enemies are all low 30s, gear low 30s, etc and its making it so I can’t level up because the experience is ridiculously low. I did this to catch up to friends because I don’t have as much time as them to play. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks

    • this guy XD says:

      just bc you increase the level of your character does not mean the monsters lvl will increase there are pc glitches that may increase their lvls but you cannot do it by changing your lvl also go to your back pack and click sync all itll change the ll of your weapons and be sure u actually saved the modded character sometimes i forget

    • Anthony says:

      I can’t tell what the other guy said so… Basically enemies will only scale level on playthrough 2.5 or 3.5 What the .5 means is that you have already beaten the game on that playthrough. The loot that foes drop is dependant on the level of the foe. If you are on playthrough 2.5 or 3.5 then sorry, I can’t help you.

  4. daniel says:

    if found out a way to make a character level 61 and the guns with out the error thingy make a new save on your ps3 put it on your computer then decrypt in brute force go into gibbed go “new” make the character and all the guns and shit u want then save it over the save update full then encrypt and your done u can mod your existing characters you have to make new ones but in the gibbed editor

    • HAHAHA says:

      lol gibbed usualy puts only items that can be put together in the weapons you actually have to go out of your way to get an error for the weapons besides a way around it is putting it in your bank when u make it as well as putting it back before you log off

  5. Evsey says:

    When im try to paste code it says “Did not find any codes in clipboard”

    • this guy XD says:

      be sure u are copying a code and it looks like this BL2(hwAAAACsEgCEhgM/CiGT3WIoxBCM4f+/IoYHDBgY/v8LY4DCoIzh) ALL of that has to be in it so highlight all of it copy then paste the code =)

  6. killer12369 says:

    i keep getting SHA1 hash error

  7. Gustav says:

    How do I increase my SDU gun carrying capacity (not inventory)

  8. JC says:

    The editor won’t open for me, anyone know why?

    To be more detailed: I downloaded the editor (from here of course) it opens using jzip with all the files, but after i extract it to my desktop and try to open it, nothing happens. My comp thinks and bit and just stops; no errors or anything.

  9. Alex says:

    Where is the link to download the new version?

  10. razz says:

    hi there i love you tool šŸ™‚ when will you release a new version ?

  11. kye says:

    how do I get it to work on windows 8? I unzip it using 7zip, then open the unzipped folder, I right click on the icon or the .exe file, and it wont do anything but think for a sec then nothing happens??

    further help is appreciated

    by the way I also changed it to compatibility mode to windows 7 and xp still wont open.


  12. Andy says:

    I’m getting this error on my commando character

    System.FormatException: One of the identified items was in an invalid format.

    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.FileFormats.Items.PackedDataHelper`2.Decode(Byte[] data)
    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.BackpackViewModel.ImportData(WillowTwoPlayerSaveGame saveGame)
    at Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.ShellViewModel.c__DisplayClass1c.b__17()
    at Caliburn.Micro.Contrib.Results.DelegateResult.Execute(ActionExecutionContext context)

  13. Mike says:

    Does anyone know why my save editor won’t even open? It keeps telling me that the files are suspicious.

  14. Macatak says:

    Hi, I love this tool but I have recently discovered that if I make a relic it is not in my inventory when I load my save. Its not too critical, I just wanted to bring it up to see if anybody else was having this problem. Thanks for the amazing program.

  15. Matthew says:

    How do you actually get the editor I mean like where do you click to download it

  16. Robert Hernandez says:

    failed to load savfe cannot load xbox 360 con files extract save using modio or equivalent. saveedit_r153

  17. Nathan Smith says:

    I am curious if there is a way to do something. I had one of my mule character (assassin) that I wanted to be able to bring in coop games, just for something different. However, I have enjoyed that playstyle so much that I want to do a playthrough. However, since I already have that assassin at level 52 by way of Gibbed’s, I would like to do my playthrough in UVHM. The problem is that I am required to finish the 1st two PT before unlocking that.
    I am curious to know if there is a way to go ahead and unlock UVHM on this assassin w/o having to actually play through the 1st two – 2.5 playthroughs

  18. Nathan Smith says:

    Basically, can i just change the lastplaythroughnumber in raw and expect that to open it up for me?

  19. jhonnybargeld says:

    Hey, am i the only one who cant add Mechromancer based stuff? like Classmods etc ?

  20. Matthew says:

    How do you get the modded files from the editor to your Xbox (sorry I’m still new to this stuff) do you just put it on like a USB and then put that on your Xbox and where do you get codes can you just look them up

  21. Kristian says:

    I can’t open the program. On every computer I’ve tried, I get an error message telling me I don’t have .NET framework installed, even though I definitely do. Version 4 and everything. It’s done this on, like, seven different computers. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  22. Matthew says:

    How do you get the modded files from the editor to your Xbox (sorry Iā€™m still new to this stuff) do you just put it on like a USB and then put that on your Xbox and where do you get codes can you just look them up

  23. Josh says:

    I’m unable to open xbox files any more, I was able to open then the first 2 or 3 times, and I forgot to set the maker and I went back to adjust it and it comes up with the error Failed to load save: invalid or unsupported version

  24. Sean says:

    @Josh I’m having the same problem i reset my xbox’s cache and everything and still getting the same problem.

    Please Help

  25. Daxel says:

    Xbox360 – If I extract the main .sav using either Horizon or Modio, I get an error that it cannot open CON files. So I extract the inner save [again, tried both], and I get the “save: invalid or unsupported version”

  26. Steven says:

    It works but when I try and use Horizon to get it on my flash drive I can’t open it. It says invalid STFS package. Can anyone help?

  27. Dalek says:

    this is my first time using this and i cant get it to work.
    Im trying to edit my 360 saves but I cant see my saves on the flashdrive.
    Anyone know how to fix this?
    (Im sorry if it says this in another page of comments)

  28. Skwerl says:

    get this error after using modio or horizon to extract: Failed to load save: cannot load XBOX 360 CON files, extract save using modio or equivalent

  29. jacob says:

    it wont let me open it

  30. doybins says:

    hi, just want to ask if is this editor for the PC version? been searching all i see GPD editors were for the xbox šŸ™ kindly confirm. thanks