Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 133)

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Bug fixes and updates to game info (“Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage” DLC) for the current Borderlands 2 patch (1.2.0).


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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237 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 133)”

  1. steve says:

    everytime i load a game save it says invalid SHA1 hash

    • Crashedeclipse says:

      I’m guessing you have a ps3 I had the same issue however trying to get someone to actually help you on this forum you’d have a better chance at winning the lottery lol google bruteforce save it’s a program that decrypts ps3 files and also download revision 138 of the save editor. Load up bruteforce and use it to open up your save file there’s gonna be a box in the lower left of the program click the one that says .sav and highlight it then click the decrypt button and then go to the save editor and open the save file up be sure to change it to ps3 in the box to open it. Then edit whatever you want and click save before you close the editor then go back to bruteforce click the .sav to highlight it then click encrypt and put the file back on your flash drive and your good to go.

      • shannon says:

        I have the same issue as steve. if you could give me a link for the bruteforce and does it have to be 138 or can I use the most recent? I’d really appreciate the help.

  2. Brandon says:

    Every time i try to load my main characters safe file up i get a reencode mismatch but when i use the modding tool to make a new character it works fine

  3. Gaigeguy says:

    It’s a new occurrence for me too. I got a Steam update of 103.5 MB and ever since I get “reencode mismatch” I think we need an update.

  4. Jayden says:

    This probably sounds stupid but how do I equip a modded weapon in game? I made a level 127 weapon for a level 1337 character but it wont let me use the gun.

    • That Guy says:

      I’m having this same issue. I believe the game has been patched to detect things like this. Here’s what my experience is so far:

      Let’s say I created a level 150 character. At the bottom of the screen by the experience bar, it shows Level 150. When I open my inventory and go to the Missions tab, it shows me as Level 50. Anyone who joins my game (since I can’t join other peoples’ games as a Level 150) sees me as a Level 50. It’s as if the Level 150 was stopped at Level 50.

      The only benefit I’ve been able to find about having Level 100+ guns is their value. I’ll give a couple to some friends for a quick cash boost, but that’s about it. However, I can also just do a trade with some buddies and give them cash directly.

      I haven’t been able to find a way how to use those high-level guns with my modded character. Any help would be great.

  5. Did you guys get a new update…? I’m having issues with the reencode garbage.

  6. maxlios85 says:

    THis is weird. I found a r142 version with all the new DLC Hammerlocks Hunt stuff on it (Heads, Skins, Locations, etc) But it wont open a new save that i just made within the r142. Weird. I know this thread is about the r133 but why is there a r142?

  7. maxlios85 says:

    o geez i feel stupid

  8. bryan says:

    hey rick um whenever i try to open my save it says reencode mismatch? help please

    • Deathofusall says:

      bryan mine does the same thing. the update wiped my inventory space in my backpack. went back to add the space back and kept getting errors too. re updated version and different error but same resault.

  9. SKAEK says:

    Used the editor and now my game has created invincible enemy vehicles!?? Anyone else have this hppen?

  10. pippo says:

    Are there any possibilities to share source files?
    I would like to compile for XP (.net 3.51)

  11. Nathan says:

    yeah im getting this mismatch error as well i just got borderlands 2 on steam last week.

  12. Xoron says:

    Every time i want to load ma saves it tells me that there is an reencode mismatch error….any solutions for this problem so far?

  13. Zac says:

    Hi there, I’m using an xbox and I was wishing to move my current PC save onto my xbox so I could play with my friends on Xbox live and still keep the characters I had on the PC. When I attempted to do this I loaded modio and extracted the .sav file. When I went into modio to load the .sav file after bringing it through Gibbed’s Borderlands 2 Save Editor and changing the ‘Endian’ to Big. I then get the message, ‘Invalid signature type detected for the loading package. Halting Reading.Please make sure the file is a vaild Xbox 360 XContent Package (‘LIVE’,PIRS,’CON ‘)’ I also tried to load the .sav from the xbox to Gibbed’s Borderlands 2 Save Editor and I get this message, ‘Failed to load save: cannot load XBOX 360 CON files, extract save using Modio or equivalent.’

    Help, tips, or suggestions are all appreciated. Also I am running Windows 8, (mistake) if that makes any difference.


  14. Gora says:

    Hi I have an issue that when I launch gibbed save editor on my Windows 7 64 bits, it just loop asking me “to run this application you first must install one of the following versions of the .net framework v4”.

    So I did it, restart the system and still same issue. Then again I looked up and find out a tool to uninstall it properly => did it => same issue.

    Any solution would be appreciated since, at this time, I haven’t found a helpful post anywhere on the net.


  15. mike69 says:

    I modded my save but my charater came out with a very slow sprint. ( my friend’s normal untouched charcter passed me walking thats how bad it is.) Is there a way to fix it. I put in alot of time on this guy befor the mod and I’m rather attached. Please help me

  16. Draekus says:

    Needs another update to work with Borderlands version 1.3.0

  17. jacob says:

    when i’m decrypting me save data it says Warning: A disc hash key was not found. A fallback disc hash key will be used

    can any body help please

  18. jacob says:

    when i’m decrypting my* save data it says Warning: A disc hash key was not found. A fallback disc hash key will be used

    can any body help please

  19. ShikkokuNoRenya says:

    When I try to open a save file from my PC version of Borderlands 2, it gives me the error message “Failed to load save: reencode mismatch,” and it doesn’t allow me to open the save.

  20. Ashley.T says:

    failed to load invalid or unsuported” error code when trying to open a save. Can anyone help?

  21. Jordan says:

    It says i have a reencode error on R 133 but on R 142 it says invalid or wrong version when i try to open a save(Xbox)

  22. shaun says:

    This reencode error better be fixed soon im bored.

  23. tom says:

    borderlands 2 was updated today, please release a new version thanks.