Prototype 2 Debug Menu ‘V1’

Mod that enables the debug menu.

The menu is nearly fully scripted via the game’s Lua system. You can see all options under scripts\debug_buttons.lua and scripts\debug_toggles.lua, if you know what you are doing, you could add more options.

This is a ‘v1’ since I plan to add more options in the future (and add more spawn types for the ones I’m missing now).

The following options were custom-implemented by myself (rather than options that were there already):

  • Reload Debug Scripts
  • Spawn
  • Spawn Type
  • Spawn Count
  • Time Dilation

I also ended up fixing a few options that were broken.


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132 Responses to “Prototype 2 Debug Menu ‘V1’”

  1. Drax207 says:

    I Just tried it, this is freaking cool thanks man !!! Can’t wait the 2.0 to spawn juggernaut/goliath !!
    But I can’t managed to hide the hud … Is this broken? And how’s you’re dlc unlocker ?

  2. Antharis says:

    yo! i saw you you were also talking about DLC on twitter. sadly i dun have a tweet account so i am contacting you here. the DLC packs are already shipped with the game (same as in the case of Javik in ME3). i opened the game’s archives with scarface. for instance i’ve found “art.rcf\art\packages\missions\dlc_armoured_alex\dlc_armoured_alex.p3d” i tried switching p3d files arround but game won’t comply. it crashes. heck. Heller’s main game data.. model, hit boxes, texture data is all named as “alex”, filename wise that is… so yeah… we need a proper dlc unlocker rofl

    • Rick says:

      I know, I already have a functional mod to enable that DLC. I will be releasing it eventually if Radical Entertainment / Activision don’t say anything or do anything in regards to post-release PC support.

      • sh9jscg says:

        bro they have just closed Radical entertainment…i dont think there is going to be a lot of support for this game :/

  3. Drax207 says:

    And is it possible to spawn boss like Alex Mercer ?

  4. IntelQ9550Reaktor says:

    I can not wait to use the HUDHIDE function, asking for this function in V2.

  5. sh9jscg says:

    dudes i also checked art.rcf …… and i also found the dlc packages..i mean…armoured_heller and armoured_mercer…also found the test_behemoth….thats goliath…and the evolved…….I wrote thos names in thebla bla gibbed_spawner and nothing…so i think that is not that simple,… :((

  6. jfmherokiller says:

    i found some more names to add to the spawn list “Infected1″,Infected1Pedestrian,”Brawler”,”LeaderHunter”,”DanaMercer”,”SupremeHunterWeak”

  7. jfmherokiller says:

    is a file output of _G and _R possible?

  8. jfmherokiller says:

    well is there anyway to output it to the screen?

  9. sh9jscg says:

    sorry i am so stupid….. test_behemoth is a level XD

  10. sh9jscg says:

    where did the guy that made this found the names? i mean in art.rcf???

  11. jfmherokiller says:

    btw i got a disassembly listing of all the .lua files here: hope it helps

    • jfmherokiller says:

      if the dns does not work just replace it with

    • sh9jscg says:

      but i mean…how do you know which are the names or items that you can spawn in this list?

      • sh9jscg says:

        i looked for “RocketSoldier”… this archive…but is not there…and in the debug menu u can spawn “RocketSoldier”….where are these names? or maybe if you go to the level teset_behemoth and see which is the command to spawn the goliath it should be just copied…or im wrong?

  12. jfmherokiller says:

    i have a question does this look right to you?
    Label = “@Functions List”,
    Function = “”,
    ExitOnSelect = true,
    HasSublist = true,
    SublistType = “listbutton”,
    ParamCaller = nil,
    Param = “generatefunctions”,

    function generatefunctions()
    local entries = {}
    for i, v in pairs(_G) do
    table.insert(entries, {Name = v, Value = v})
    return entries

  13. roach says:

    i’ve noticed that in the options where you can turn mutations on and off, the mutation names in ‘locomotion’ and ‘defensive’ are exchanged. i mean in ‘defensive’ list there are names of mutations from ‘locomotion’ list, but they are still defensive, for example the defensive mutation called ‘bulletproof’ is now called ‘jumpy’, but if you turn it off, it turns off your bullet-proof skin.

  14. roach says:

    it would be also awesome (if possible) to add changing level of powers (tendrils, blade etc.).

  15. roach says:

    ah, i forgot. also if possible, turning on the hostility of military and people running away like when you have your weapons turned on would be cool. i would like to see my heller being attacked and feared even if he doesn’t have his claws or anything else.

  16. jfmherokiller says:

    i think a good idea would be to deocument each library because searching though the dll and .lua files is a bitch. for instance …..table……combine……removeelement……search……randomize……invert……isempty……count……. this is part of the table library.

    • sh9jscg says:

      bro but why in the debug_gibbed_spawner.lua he just wrote those names there and you can just spawn them in a very simple way….what´s the deal? i mean there´s gotta be a specific point or part in the archive he was using that have all the working names

  17. sh9jscg says:

    hey…umm hello?

  18. jfmherokiller says:

    i got some info on the dlc its based on a manifests all content is already there it just requires said manifest to unlock it.

    • sh9jscg says:

      this guy rick said that he has already the unlocker…but he wont release it soon…cause he is waiting for activision and radical entertainment to bla bla bla…but activision just closed radical ent.. so…i think ther is no incoming support for this game…soo please release it :DD

  19. sh9jscg says:

    ohhh yes just saw that…thanks……and….when are we going to be able to spawn little cute goliaths??? XDDD ehm ehm rick ehm ehm

  20. luxox18 says:

    I found all AI spawn clases but don’t work in all missions
    for example:
    “orionsoldier” only work in the orion soldier mission (stadium)
    “bwofficerv2” only work in the first mission (hospital)
    “riley” only work in the blackwatch complex in the start and in the mission where you must capture him
    “evolved” are the evolved 😛
    “behemoth” the goliath
    etc (debug_gibbed_spawner.lua)

    all AI soawn classes are in the datainit.lua

  21. Morgan Winter says:

    This is awesome,

    One question,

    Would it be possible to implement a way to stay in disguise? for example during some cutscenes (non CGI) the player will swap out of their disguise.


  22. sh9jscg says:

    sooooo how’s the v2 going?

  23. midhras says:

    Good work on enabling the debug menu. That no HUD option looks really sweet. D’ya think you’ll get it operational?

  24. Jared says:

    Hey Rick! I made a cool discovery the other day on how to swap out James Heller with ANY other entity in the game from brawler to super soldier to evolved, etc. This means you can play as ANYTHING. The best part is it just involves some quick simple hex editing and no scripting is required.

    However, there’s an issue. The AI seems to be told to attack ‘PLAYER’ and so whatever entity you spawn as, you attempt to attack yourself and can only steer your movement in between attacks. I tried disabling the AI, and I no longer was constantly attacking myself and I could finally move freely uninhibited, but I could not attack any longer. Thus it seems important we keep the AI turned on, but find a way to make it so the AI ignores the player and will only attack other entities.

    I have no knowledge of how to script or write new debug commands, but I found two commands “ai_SetPlayerInvisible” and “ai_SetTargetable” in boot.rcf. Perhaps you could use these in creating a new debug option that makes the player impossible for the AI to see or target? If you could do this for me and simply post the debug command code that I can copy and paste in my debug toggles file, I will teach you my secret on how to play as anything in the game. :]

    Please email me at jackalhead at live dot com with your response. Thanks a million and keep up the great work you are doing here.


    • Leon095 says:

      Hello, Jared I am from Russia and I am a big fan of this game. in 2012 I was 12 years old. I’m 20 now and I’m still a fan of this game. can you tell me how to play for other characters? my mail I would be very grateful. I translated the text through google because I do not speak English. I hope the translation is correct

  25. *error*loading*name* says:

    where to place cementfile.p3d and enable_debug.rcf???In the game folder??

  26. *error*loading*name* says:

    And it not work i see debug menu and try to spawn and click reload debug menu and spawn and the game just stop for sec and i see nothing spawned

  27. aizat says:

    Cool but where is goliath?I want to spawn goliath!It fun killing him!I cannot wait for V2

  28. maverick says:

    how can i extract the .p3d files? i need the game’s audio badly T_T

    • Evan says:

      I’ve done it before. Its a very time consuming process. You need something called Scar face p3d extractor. Since both games use p3d audio files.

  29. Neil says:

    what is the name of goliath in spawner i don’t see it

  30. Hohoho says:

    Very nice!!!! Something to keep Prototype 2 fun … Can’t wait for updates..

  31. Hohoho says:

    how do i get to debug menu? sorry for being a newb

  32. Hohoho says:

    sorry i got it im an idiot

  33. Ryan says:

    Dude i used all the options yep they all are working well but there is no spawning! i was in the green zone trying to spawn some brawlers or anything can you tell me a whole process or a step by step method on how to spawn D: please man i need it

  34. Wooshmcfly says:

    Hello all I have great news after a few hours of playing with powershell boot.src and the prototype debug menu I found out that you can indeed spawn Super Soldiers etc. There is a trick to doing it. The reason you can’t summon them is because they are not on a free roam map. If you want to summon something such as a behemoth play a mission with a behemoth to make the spawn work properly. I actually have a list of more things you can spawn than what the original file has. Not all of these will work for example HYDRA may not work but Hydra will work. I am to lazy to add these to debug_gibbed_spawner do it yourself and have fun spawning alex mercers(Crashes the game because there can be only 1 mercer) hydras and behemoths.Not to sure on how to summon a goliath but I KNOW there is a way to do it just have to be on a mission where the goliath is in it.
    GUNSHIP_BLACKWATCH_EMPTY  heli_gunship_blackwatch_empty  GUNSHIP_CRASHED  heli_gunship_crashed  HELI_BH  heli_bh  heli_bh_marine  HELI_BH_MARINE  HELI_BH_MARINE_ROCKET  heli_bh_marine_rocket  HELI_BH_BLACKWATCH_ROCKET  heli_bh_blackwatch_rocket  HELI_BH_BLACKWATCH  heli_bh_blackwatch  HELI_BH_MARINE_EMPTY  heli_bh_marine_empty  HELI_BH_BLACKWATCH_EMPTY  heli_bh_blackwatch_empty  HELI_BH_BLACKWATCH_EMPTY_FIX  heli_bh_blackwatch_empty_fix  HELI_BH_BLACKWATCH_THERMOBARIC  heli_bh_blackwatch_thermobaric % HELI_BH_BLACKWATCH_THERMOBARIC_EMPTY % heli_bh_blackwatch_thermobaric_empty  HELI_BH_SUPERSOLDIER  heli_bh_blackwatch_supersoldier  HELI_BH_CRASHED  heli_bh_crashed  TANK_BLACKWATCH  tank_ram_blackwatch  tank_ram_marine  TANK_THERMOBARIC  tank_ram_thermobolic  APC_MARINE  apc_m2_marine  APC_BLACKWATCH  apc_m2_blackwatch  SEDAN  Ambient_Sedan001  ambientPackageType  AmbientPackageType  Civilian  TRANSPORT_MILITARY  Transport_Military  SUV  Ambient_SUV001  CUBE_VAN  Ambient_CubeVan001  VAN  Ambient_Van001  BRAWLER  Brawler  brawler  BRAWLER_EVADER  BrawlerEvader  brawler_evader  LEADER  Leader  leader  INFECTED1_1  AI_MN_HI02_TI02_LI02  MN_HI02_TI02_LI02  Infected  INFECTED1_2  AI_FN_HI02_TI02_LI02  FN_HI02_TI02_LI02  INFECTED1_3  AI_MN_HI04_TI04_LI04  MN_HI04_TI04_LI04  INFECTED1_4  AI_FN_HI03_TI03_LI03  FN_HI03_TI03_LI03  INFECTED1_5  AI_MN_HI05_TI05_LI05  MN_HI05_TI05_LI05  INFECTED1_6  AI_FN_HI05_TI05_LI05  FN_HI05_TI05_LI05  INFECTED1_LABTECH  AI_MN_HI07_TI07_LI07  MN_HI07_TI07_LI07  INFECTED1_BRUISER  AI_MN_HI03_TI03_LI03  MN_HI03_TI03_LI03  INFECTED1_RANDOM  Infected1AI  LAB_COAT_SCIENTIST  AI_MN_H31_TW07_LW07_cau  MN_H31_TW07_LW07_cau 
    Scientist  LAB_COAT_FEMALE  AI_FN_H05_TW03_LW03_cau  FN_H05_TW03_LW03_cau  HAZMAT_NOMASK  AI_MN_H36_TW13_LW13  MN_H36_TW13_LW13  MILITARY_SCIENTIST  AI_MN_H18_TW05_LW05  MN_H18_TW05_LW05  HYDRA  Hydra  hydra 
    alex_regular  BEHEMOTH  behemoth  BRAWLER_ARMOURED  brawler_armoured  FLYER  flyer 
    INFECTED3  infected3_Slammer 
    infected3  INFECTED3_SLAMMER  infected3_slammer  INFECTED3_HAMMERER  infected3_Hammerer  infected3_hammerer  PUSTULE  pustule  PED_MALE_1  AI_MN_H20_TC07_LC07_afr  MN_H20_TC07_LC07_afr  PED_MALE_2  AI_MN_H28_TC15_LC15_afr  MN_H28_TC15_LC15_afr 
    PED_FEMALE_1  AI_FN_H17_TC09_LC08_cau  FN_H17_TC09_LC08_cau  MARINE  Soldier  MARINE_ROCKET  RocketSoldier 
    Commander  BLACKWATCH_PILOT  BlackwatchPilot  BLACKWATCH  Blackwatch  BLACKWATCH_ROCKET  RocketBlackwatch  BLACKWATCH_GRENADE  GrenadeBlackwatch  BLACKWATCH_SAW  SawBlackwatch  BLACKWATCH_COMMANDER 
    BwOfficer  BLACKWATCH_COMMANDER_NOGUN  BwOfficerFullNoGun  VS_BLACKWATCH_COMMANDER  BwOfficerFull  bw_officer_full  MARINE_INTRO1  MarineIntro1Soldier 
    heller_intro  MARINE_INTRO1_DEAD + MarineIntro1SoldierDeadBodyRagdollTemplate  BLACKWATCH_COMMANDER_FULL  BLACKWATCH_COMMANDER_FULL_V2  BwOfficerFullV2  bw_officer_full_v2  BLACKWATCH_COMMANDER_FULL_V3  BwOfficerFullV3  bw_officer_full_v3 
    supersoldier  ORION_SUPERSOLDIER  OrionSuperSoldier  orion_supersoldier  EVOLVED  evolved_basic_generic  evolved  EVOLVED_DEFAULT  evolved_default  EVOLVED_TORNADO  evolved_lancer_generic  evolved_tornado  EVOLVED_GHOST  evolved_tornado_generic  evolved_ghost  EVOLVED_1ST_RUNNER  mission_evolved_runner1  evolved_runner1  EVOLVED_2ND_RUNNER  mission_evolved_runner2  evolved_runner2  EVOLVED_3RD_RUNNER  mission_evolved_runner3  evolved_runner3  UAV  uav  GUN_TURRET 
    gunTurret  SNIFFER  snifferTrailer  sniffer  SNIFFER2  snifferTrailerM22  BW_PLAINCLOTHES1  bw_plain_clothes_01  BW_PLAINCLOTHES2  bw_plain_clothes_02 
    BW_SCIENTIST  bw_scientist_2008 
    WOI_CIVILIAN  civilian_male  WOI_CIVILIAN_FEMALE  civilian_female  GENERIC_CIVILIAN  civilian_generic  DEAD_CIVILIAN  CivilianDeadBodyRagdollTemplate  FORCE_LOAD_PED   FN_H12_TC07_LC07_cau 

    • kasperix says:

      dude this is awsome but can you give my 1 right .Like evilved can find the right one if you do please post it.Thanks 🙂

      • kasperix says:

        sorry evolved 1.

      • SoulXCrusher says:

        Lol it’s 4 year later but how did you get this to work if you are still alive pls reply i just removed the old tags and pasted the new ones instead using notepad cause i have a fake windows i can’t get c++ but can you pls explain how to get this to work thnx for reading xc 4 years later…

    • CoolingDown3000 says:

      Where to put all that?? If i paste it in the ”debug_gibbed_spawner” it doesn’t show the spawn options when i open the menu in-game.

      • Aksh says:

        dude you have to put your changed file in these locations
        1. in main file
        2. in redist
        3. in scripts
        4. in audio
        you have to replace that file in all these folders then it will work

    • Jeff says:

      Dude can you teach me how to do that i can’t spawn super soilder, alex mercer, evoled and more. PLEASE….

  35. Wooshmcfly says:

    Also there is a boss alex skin that you can somehow select in the game if anyone can figure out how to unlock it let me know,

  36. Wooshmcfly says:

    Goliaths are spawned by entering “behemoth” I was successful at spawning 5 of them(not at once) on the mission after consume agent griffin.

  37. Wooshmcfly says:

    In regards to my first text I found that any creature in the game can be spawned in any mission or free roam. To do this you need to find out how to extract rcf files and extract p3d files and once you can do that edit the value that states the behemoth and other creatures are available to all maps.( This is a value that is active in the very first mission where you follow Alex around before you become infected) Overwrite the existing p3d file. When you have done this you re-compress the files and move and replace the old ones you will be able to spawn anything in the game anywhere and at anytime.Do not ask me how to extract p3d files and re-compress them back to rcf. If you can let me know how I have already figured out the variable that needs to be active in order to spawn anything in the game on any map AND SO MUCH MORE!

    • Rick says:

      Can you elaborate on what data in what P3Ds are being edited here? I took a look in how to achieve this back when I wrote the debug menu and didn’t find anything, obviously I was not comprehensive enough.

  38. Wooshmcfly says:

    Certainly Rick, to be honest I don’t know what the variable it is that needs to be changed, but I know EXACTLY where to find it.I do know that that variable exists in both story_a_to_h.rcf and story_i_to_z.rcf. How do I know this? Well when you first play the game you encounter a behemoth and later you encounter them, but you can only summon them on the missions they exisit on.(Thus meaning you can only spawn them in the MISSIONS that the variable is set to true or 1. Rick, if you know what MISSIONS the behemoth is in use the select string cmdlet in powershell to read that exact mission file then save it and compare it to a mission log with out a behemoth. THIS WILL GIVE YOU THAT VARIABLE IN MINUTES!!) They only exist in certain MISSIONS and if you can extract those missions out of the p3d files edit them and convert them back to rcf then I can make powershell compare a mission with Goliaths vs one with out them and use the process of elimination to pen point that variable.(In a matter of minutes!!) It sounds stupid I know, but humor me. If it makes sense I am making the computer doing the work. I did not strain my eyes at all finding that list above. You should have my email. Email me if you can extract p3ds and re-compress them back to rcf files and let me know how. Ps there is more stuff that you can edit in this game if you look closely you can make a machine gun shoot thermo shells. Sorry rick if I sound confusing I have been up since 12am(valentines day and work) if you need me to explain more let me know and I can break this whole game down for you. Rght down to what sound a brawler makes when it growls 🙂 Im gonna get some rest but I’ll be back Also, I’ve got even better news for people who know how to use Cheat Engine. I have pointer files that pin point the exact codes to radnet. Infinite air glide Medusa’s eye, shock wave etc even infinite air dashing. Sadly I cant get some of the radnet codes to work because of another address tells the game their active and I didn’t find it yet, but summon 5 Goliaths and hit them with Medusa’s eye it’s funny If it is cool with the administrator I would like to post the links to my cheat table and pointer file.

    • Wooshmcfly says:

      Not sure if its in the bik or the p3d I am writing a script to log them and compare a log with a mission bik and p3d I know has behemoths and another I know that doesn’t have them. Not to sound obvious, but you can apply this method to spawn anything anywhere if that is what you are going for.

      • Wooshmcfly says:

        oops I was wrong they are not located in those files previously stated my bad.

        • Wooshmcfly says:

          I’ve narrowed it down to the boot.rcf file anyone that has powershell experience and can help it would be much appreciated. Also you don’t need to know how to compress these files you can extract these rcf files and remove them from the prototype 2 directory and replace them with the files you extracted and the game will work fine. It works smoother if you can compress all the data back into a rcf file. I need people with programming logic experience. If you examine most of the files in the boot rcf programming logic will tell you that these files are what load PACKAGES. By that I mean these files dictate to the game what characters/monsters are loaded on missions/maps. I have just recently began to mod this game and I don’t have much time to work on this project because of work, school, and a 3 year old.

          • Joel says:

            Um, I know this is a little late hehe, six years and counting. But I would reeeeeaaaally like to know how to break the game down. For an example, how you make npcs available in free roam without having to play that specific mission that they are in. I would love your help because I am currently stuck on how to edit the files on on how to make them available. I have extracted the boot.rcf file but that is just about how far I got. I really hope you see this and could help! Thanks before hand. 🙂


  39. chinga says:

    Can you add options for monster/soldier to be friendly or not? Some friendly marines would be really cool so you won’t auto target them in the back.

    • Wooshmcfly says:

      Monsters are never friendly in the game, but as far as blackwatch and other military soldiers they are friendly in 2 missions I can recall. The extraction team mission and the mission where you destroy white light barrels. You could probably use cheat engine to figure out the address that makes them friendly towards you.(Not sure if it will crash the game or not.)So far with Cheat engine I have found all the radnet codes, infinite air dashing, rapid fire for any gun, infinite ammo and some other experimental addresses. One of my favorite is no knock back. I can take a rocket to the face and not even be fazed by it.

  40. M240Boy says:

    Can I spawn enemy (Like blackwatch soldier, Monster, and soldier) in free roam, not only in a mission????????

    • Wooshmcfly says:

      Characters that you see in free roam can be spawned in free roam. So, yes you can spawn soldiers and blackwatch in free roam as far as monster that is vague. You can summon brawlers and allied brawlers. As of now I am really close to isolating the spawn package algorithm and when I do you will be able to spawn anything anywhere and anytime. When I do figure this out I will be posting it on here so check back for updates.

  41. Patrick Hinrichsen says:

    Hei… I just has a simple question. How to open the menu?? Answer fast as possible.

  42. Patrick Hinrichsen says:

    I found it out!

  43. Patrick Hinrichsen says:

    When i start my game it just says auto savegame click enter to continue and then it just crashes!

    • Wooshmcfly says:

      Delete your save game by going into your prototype 2 documents saves. You may have corrupted the save file. Also if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to modding those rcf files make sure you back them up and save them to your desktop to provide fault tolerance. If you mess those up the game will crash or act as if it is loading a save file and never load the game.

  44. M240Boy says:

    Hey how to use this????. i have spawn: Blackwatch Soldier. Spawn Count: 500. But, there are no blackwatch soldier spawned. i played in free roam. please helpppp!!!!!.

    • Wooshmcfly says:

      I ran into this issue as well and the way I fixed it was to start a new game entirely. Not sure as to what caused this, but starting a new game fixed the issue. Also, I wouldn’t spawn that many blackwatch soldiers depending on your computer specs it may crash the game.

  45. Evan says:

    Would it be possible to turn off auto-target and you could shoot with a crosshair?

  46. Patrick Hinrichsen says:

    Hey when i try to spawn the ”BlackwatchCommander” It just spawns a normal trooper instead. Why and can it be fixed? When does the v2 come? And will you be able to spawn like goliats, juggernauts, evolved, Lt Riley? In v2 i think there should be a option to go in a gentek lab or blackwatch base while in free roam.

  47. Patrick Hinrichsen says:

    When i edited something in notepad it just erased the spawn menu. Please help

  48. Миша says:

    Куда кидать ?

  49. Joel says:

    how to download this debug menu? please answer

  50. HARDIK says:


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