Mass Effect 3 Save Editor

Didn’t get around to posting about it here, my Mass Effect 3 save editor is available through my SVN builds:

More information can be found here:

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  1. JimmyB says:

    I’ve made my own change to the ME3 editor source so that on the Appearance tab, there’s a “Modify Feature” drop down button, with “Eyelash Length…” as the only option so far.

    This then brings up an input box for you to enter a numeric value between -1.0 and 1.0 to modify the LOD0 Vertices that relate to eyelashes.

    Are you interested in including in Gibbed? I think these sort of repetitive block updates could be useful in this drop down. I can email you the source if you’re interested.

    • AndersJ says:

      I really wish that this feature would be included in the editor. The lower eyelashes look weird on a female Shepard.
      Please, please Rick! 🙂

  2. Niko says:

    It will be posible to add detaioled options to ME2 plot Romance options?
    Not only full romances but also “mini-flirts” or even third party romances ( like the two engineers, don’t remember the names)
    I’ve seen the related plot id’s scattered over internet here and there

    • Alex.a says:

      Don’t know what the proper channels are but i just figured how to make Kelly dance for you. Now if you can forward this somewhere, somehow or w/e i think a lot of people would be happy. Let’s cut to the chase.

      Raw -> Plot -> ME2 Plot Table -> IntVariables -> 404 entry. Change the value to 2.

      Now i haven’t tested it thoroughly, but i found few saves without any romance and only changed that value and it worked every time, i haven’t however tried to land etc so if it bugs, tough luck. The only bug i found was that if the character was already in Captain’s cabin you couldn’t get her to bed as the screen would go black and then you couldn’t do anything, only option to close the program. Hope it helps 😉

  3. Ricky says:

    Hey boss sorry to bother you just for being curious…. It’s any way to mod the shield on the mass effect 3 because I did it with your tool on mass effect 2 but I don’t found it on the mass effect 3 tool, can you explain to me how if is any way to do it please thanks ( I just want to make it last long to pass the insane mode) thanks

  4. Sergey says:

    Thank you for your program!

    We need your help. I have an error in a quest Aria: Etslipse. Did not get understand how to restart the quest. I tried to change the data in PlotQuest but did not understand = (

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Спасибо за вашу программу!

    Нужна ваша помощь. У меня ошибка при выполнении квеста Ариа: Затмение. Никак не получается понять как перезапустить этот квест. Пробовал менять данные в PlotQuest но так и не разобрался =(

    Заранее спасибо за помощь.

  5. Lilly says:

    I love the ME2 and ME3 editors a ton, they are super useful. <3 I was wondering though if you (or anyone?) knew where the color vector codes were in the files if you opened it up in a Hex editor? I imagine if I knew where they were in a ME2 or ME3 file I could then find it in ME1, which is where I'm trying to edit the color. A month ago someone posted on the BSN that you could edit hair styles using hex in ME1, so I figured color would be possible. :3

  6. Captain Arty says:

    Thanks for all your work on this. The Mass Effect series is substantially improved because of it, and you’ve picked up Bioware’s slack time and again for importing and adjusting our beloved characters.

    It would be FANTASTIC if you could add an import/export LOD0Vertices function for either the ME2 or ME3 editor.

    If we could export the facial mesh vertices to an ascii file, modify them, and import them back into the save file, it would give us complete control over character appearance, and facial structures could be viewed and modified in programs from Excel to MeshLab.

    Thanks again for all your work.

  7. chicago says:

    Hi – I am using the ME3 save editor, latest version (November). I started a fresh game in ME3 because I always play as a FemShep and I wanted to try out a male Shepard without having to play the first two games. So I started the game, then went into the editor and fixed all the plot stuff from ME1 and ME2. I am a highly Paragon player, so everyone was loyal, everyone was alive.

    Two issues, the first of which I got over. Firstly, even though Mordin was loyal and even though I’d clicked the box to “save Maelon’s research data”, Eve still perished.

    The second issue, I simply cannot continue my game. Both Legion and Tali are loyal. Both are alive. Tali was found Not Guilty and also was Exonerated (two boxes checked for her), and I destroyed the Heretics (because after playing through as a FemShep, I learned that this is the better choice). I saved the Admiral on Rannoch and I shut down the server, so these should both have gained me points. Both my Paragon and my Reputation points are maxed out. It really upsets me that I can’t unite them, and I really can’t live with my (character’s) self if I sacrifice one of them. Any suggestions as to why this might be happening? Thank you!

    • Nemo says:

      First some reasons might help, you have to let Legion re-write all the heretics in order not to make tali die. It is the little things you have to know in order for you to have the things you want.

  8. Mickey says:

    Whenever I try to open the editor I get the 0xc000007b error. Help? (already tried reinstalling vc, .net 4, cleaned registries and ran chkdsk)

    P.S. Great job on the editor (hopefully I’ll be able to get it running too)

  9. Michael says:

    Was wondering if there was a way to add codex entries from mass effect 1 and 2. Also wondering if there was a way to add both war asset entries like the Rachni Workers and still have the good aralahk company.

  10. SlottedSpoon says:

    Is there a way to ask questions? I started a Sheppard, used the latest tool to edit the Save_0002 file, then started the game back and nothing had changed.

    I even replaced all four files (Save_0002, AutoSave, ChapterSave, NewPlusGameSave [or something like that]) and it still defaults back to the default Sheppard.

    I only have one career, and it is only on my USB so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    I’m using Modio to read/write the .xbsav files, and I’m ReHashing / ReSigning after I’m done.

    Any ideas?

  11. Lars Schmidt says:

    Hi Rick,

    I’m looking for the Names and IDs of Planets in your Savegame-Editor for ME3. May you send me the Planet-Name and IDs for Planets? Please.
    I have to reset some Planets to visited:false.

  12. Yes! Finally something about muscle tissue.

  13. N19ht5had0w says:

    i just donwloaded the editor. but it won’t work for me. it keeps telling me woulöd not work. pls help

  14. AprilVega says:

    Hello. 🙂
    Your Editor has helped me with stuf I couldn’t do, because I either didn’t have the time or I wasn’t in the mood. But now I’m stuck on the Citadel DLC because I can’t get Kasumi. Is there a way/a plot ID to edit the Hanar Quest? I found some Plot ID’s but I don’t know what they mean. Stuff like CitHub_p1. What can I do to get Kasumi to be in the Casino and at the Party?

  15. moe says:

    I’m not sure if you’re still monitoring this… it’s regarding your me3 saveedit, I’ve got a fix for the bugged mission “Citadel: Inspirational Stories”:
    bools 19630 to 19638 are the photo opportunities (false=not taken, true=taken),
    and the int 10311 is the corresponding total photocount taken (or something similar);
    so to reset the whole mission, you have to set all bools to false, and the int to zero, then you’ll be able to take the photos you want, and finish the quest… this time without saving and loading in the middle of it xD

    it took me forever to find these values, the open quest just bugged me! So I thought why not share, maybe you can add a “reset mission” button, or add them to the faq/a text file, whatever, I’ve done my part 😉

    • Copperbadge says:


      I ran into this bug and when I tried to fix the quest progress I ended up being lost between all those numbers. I looked up the quest ID but that didn’t really help much.

      This info should be more public since it’s a known bug and editing the savegame provides a legit fix. 🙂

      Thanks again for having spent the time and effort on fixing the quest, I appreciate your effort, mate.

  16. rubydorje says:

    Hello there Rick, I know it’s all long gone history for most, but I’m hoping an answer for a Flag to change for Jack in ME3 at Grissom Academy to refer to the sex they had in ME2…
    if Shep only had sex with her in ME2, in ME3 she will comment on it when Shep tells her that she’s looking great…
    Thanks a lot for any input at your own convenience…
    Also Thax for Gibbed very much. You are really amazing.

  17. prodi9y says:

    ***(This message is for who ever can assist.)***

    What’s up? Got a few problems. When you edit your ammo amount, I put around 5000 shells, after you reload, it goes back to the regular amount, same with grenades, toss one, goes back to 4. What the…? also, when editing talent points, after I max Shepard out, after a mission, its all reset, and I have less points than what I actually edited. Health won’t stick, and military strength goes unaffected after editing. Help help would be appreciated. thank you in advance.

  18. wearelegionforwearemany says:

    Hi, Rick. I don’t know if you’re monitoring this.

    Quick question, any desire to update the hashes for your AudioExtractor for ME3 to the LE3 (Legendary Edition ME3) equivalents. We find that LegendaryExplorer’s tool SoundExplorer lack luster due to the lack of filtering by actor, location, etc like your tools have. We lack the C# knowledge or time to learn the required C# // Assembly requirements to undertake such a task. The LE’s main dev is extremely toxic and hostile to most things resembling request, hence my writing here.

  19. saher says:

    how to edit the encounter with the illsive man at me3 le priority mars?