Borderlands Rarity Levels

A few of you have noted in comments that there are rarity levels past “pearlescent”, this is both correct and incorrect.

The valid game rarity levels are defined as such: (a screenshot I took from Borderlands UnrealEd several weeks ago, later modified by someone else to show actual colors)


Weapons normally range from 1 to 100 rarity, when guns fall past 100 rarity (due to either a bug or the developers didn’t think weapons could go past it), they become white due to not being in a valid rarity. “Pearlescent” weapons are in fact a bug due to this. Past this we see special rarity levels used for different types of items, such as medpacks, etc. If a weapon manages to reach those rarity levels, it will have those colors.

16 Responses to “Borderlands Rarity Levels”

  1. boselect says:

    interior crocodile alligator, gearbox should fix this shit and give bush gonnorhoea

  2. Xanorak says:


  3. Malachor says:

    How did you work out what to hex edit to get the editor to run on the unpatched version of the exe? Mainly because I’d like to do the same for the patched version.

  4. kristov says:

    Is there a version 11 coming out of the game editor? Just wondering if the screenshot is from a version you are working on.


  5. Styloco says:

    Hey Rick, i need to talk to you about a gta 4 xlive wrapper.

    Plz email me.

    i quote you:

    6. If you have any problems feel free to contact me on my blog, so long as you are
    not trying to use this wrapper in an unintended way (different version of GTA IV,
    different game, etc).

  6. chaoskaizer says:

    haha that’s a great find.

  7. Inacio says:

    Rick, about the GTA IV XLive Wrapper: do you plan to port it to the new
    I really need to use it, as I have to get my backup save running again. 🙁

  8. laxasabi says:

    Would anyone happen to know how to convert a PC save of borderlands to a PS3 save?

  9. a55982002 says:

    Would anyone happen to know how to convert a PC save of borderlands to a PS3 save?

  10. JokerSGFX says:

    I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to pull the player stats from the game.

    I’ve noticed when scrolling through my friends list that sometimes it tells me the game percentage played by that player, or it may tell me the gun most used by that player.

    Where are these stats coming from? how can I get them online? is there a client like GameTracker or something that can pull the players stats for others to see? instead of having to go through your friends list?

    Please help me with this, I think this is something that could benefit everyone, a lot of people like to see their stats online to show off to others, this is what I’m wanting to do.

    I was thinking maybe there is something in the ini files that could be pulled from.

    Please Help!

  11. Dantrona says:

    Just downloaded after not using for a while, current build does not work with new DLC, sadly have no friends who want to group up for the “secret final boss”

  12. blah says:

    jokersgfx – that is Gearbox doing those stats because they created the game. You should probably look at the gearbox forums for that information.

  13. Bill Peterson says:

    Could I ask you to send me an example of a gun? Maybe an alien gun. Or how can I make my guns better? Thanks a lot, Bill Peterson

  14. Ray says:

    I keep hoping to see anything Borderlands 2 related here. (I follow the thread on SA) Are you working on any projects?