Prototype Command-line Arguments

I posted this on a forum, but here is a (mostly) complete list of command-line arguments available to Prototype.

My favorite being prototypef.exe Level=manhattanTest which starts the game in a game with all upgrades unlocked, no missions, and no infected & military.

  • Autotester
  • BatchMode
  • DebugCam2Controller
  • DebugCamAvailable
  • DebugCamFreeze
  • DebugCamInvertX
  • DebugCamInvertY
  • DebugFilter=?
  • DebugLevel=?
  • Demo
  • DesyncHunt
  • DesyncHunt2
  • Difficulty=?
  • DisableAmbientManager
  • DisableWOI
  • EnableAllControllers
  • ExportHelpFile
  • ExportSchema
  • FERenderTest
  • FrameRateTest
  • GameSkuValue=?
  • GameVersionValue=?
  • HardwareProfile
  • HideHUD
  • IncreaseArtHeaps
  • Level=?
  • LockTimeOfDay=?
  • MSAA4x
  • MissionSelect
  • Monkey=?
  • MonkeyOptions=? ; AllowStart,StayInFE
  • MonkeyTimeout=?
  • NVShaderCompile=?
  • NoAutoSave
  • NoBootup
  • NoFELoadingPrompt
  • NoGameState
  • NoMovie
  • NoMusic
  • NoSleepOnLostFocus
  • NoSmartHints
  • NoSound
  • NoSubtitle
  • NoVSync
  • Paranoid
  • Replay=?
  • ReplayDesync
  • ReplayMode=? ; recordCRC
  • ShaderTune
  • SimpleShaders
  • SingleTest
  • SkipMovies
  • SkipTopLevelMipMap
  • SoundDebug
  • TimedExit=?
  • VSync
  • Windowed
  • WorldTest

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16 Responses to “Prototype Command-line Arguments”

  1. TheName says:

    There are from what I saw, which was pretty easy to find for anyone, 4 maps that you don’t normally play:

    Millitary_Test : Which is every space that can hold a base, is held by the military.
    Infected_Test : Which works the same as Millitary_Test but with godmode on, and for the hive you spawn in front of, no one targets you, move to others though, and you get targeted.
    empty_e3 : Which is similar to manhattanTest but does not include any AI, vehicles or characters, just you, and the slightly destructible environment.
    and manhattanTest which Rick already said what it is.

  2. K16 says:

    How to use it?

  3. Q says:

    Hello guys,

    thanks on the manhattanTest , its great!
    are there is an option to run the manhattanTest but without any weapons at all?


  4. Dean says:

    How exactly do I run these? Do they go in the .exe’s shortcut, or is there a command to open the developer console up?

  5. TheName says:

    Command line is when running the game, to launch it, as in, put it in the shortcut.

  6. Dean says:

    Under Target, correct?

  7. Dean says:

    I got it, thanks.

  8. Zhenya says:

    Quite interested in that “replay” thing. Code at RVA 1084BA1A is assuming one of Replay-related params is sensitive to the words “record”, “rerecord” and “replay” (all in lowercase). If you dig up some info on that, please post it.

    • Zhenya says:

      Figured out the parameters should look like:
      Level=manhattanTest Windowed Replay=rec1 ReplayMode=record ReplayDesync
      ReplayMode could be one of 3 words mentioned above, Replay param looks like a name, default for it is “replay.log”. ReplayDesync param is obligatory to pass some internal checks, but obviously not enough 🙁

  9. dragonshardz says:

    Does anyone know what NoBootup does? I’m looking for a way to turn the intro videos off.

  10. XWolf says:

    Have you tried possibly SkipMovies or NoMovie? Haven’t tried them myself yet.

  11. THEDUDE says:

    could somebody tell me like what the command line is supposed to look like?

  12. WK says:

    All these command lines crash the game upon entering the world.

  13. Andrew says:

    How do you use the command lines

  14. Maurice says:

    How do you use the command line, please!?