H.A.W.X. ‘Complete’ Profile

UPDATE: There was a bug with the campaign in the profile, redownload the ZIP for a fixed version. The readme will mention the update if you already have the updated profile.

I created a profile save that has all of the planes & missions unlocked, but leaves all other stats, etc as if the profile were just created. It also unlocks the following additional planes that are not normally accessible (since they are for VIP, DLC, which is not supported in the PC version):

  • F-18 HARV
  • Mig-31 Foxhound
  • Mig-MFI
  • Rafale M
  • Saab-37 Viggen
  • F-4E Phantom II
  • MIRAGE 2000 N
  • RF-15 PeakEagle
  • Su-39 Frogfoot
  • Mig-23 Flogger
  • A-12 Avenger II
  • XA-20 Razorback
  • MIRAGE 4000
  • Saab-35 Draken

This is for the retail game (any version, physical, Steam, etc), not the demo!


Be sure to follow the instructions! 🙂


81 Responses to “H.A.W.X. ‘Complete’ Profile”

  1. Mig-29 says:

    nice! btw have you found a way to extract the inicache of the fullgame?

  2. Sweden says:

    Great work, thanks for sharing the 37 Viggen <3

  3. Canned says:

    The first thought is that obviously Ubisoft wants to charge us for these 13 extra planes in the future, but maybe there’s just more hidden codes to unlock these planes? like the pre-order codes for the A-12. Fb-22, and F-18 HARV. Those three planes don’t appear in the locked planes list when you hit F3 on the hangar menu, but the XA-20 does, and then Ubisoft said the Draken wasn’t in the PC version…

    Maybe there’s clues in the data on how to unlock the 13 other planes normally?

  4. curmet says:

    How do one edit the profile? do you need like a special program or knowledge to do so?
    is there a way to activate those unlock(code ones) for a profile already started? so i don’t have to start the rankings again?

  5. curmet says:

    thanks anyway for it:)

  6. Markbusa says:

    Not working for me….i get the unlocked missions but not the aircraft.

    • YT says:

      i have the same problem but exact the opposite.
      planes are unlocked but the levels don’t

  7. SKiLZ801 says:

    thanks bro this rocks but is there a way to get it to not revert back to lvl 1 and have it save you lvl/exp you get? also i’ve been trying to do some skins and i have them all ready but the full version skin files are locked and cannot be changed do you know how to unlock them or work around it? i tried going into properties but there is nothing to change. thank bro 😉 i’ll share my skins with you guys when i get them working

  8. SKiLZ801 says:

    ok nevermind about the skins i got it to work 😉 as for the lvl reset thing i’m still trying

  9. curmet says:

    how do you edit those saved games? i just want to edit my already made profile:s

  10. Bendalson says:

    Planes are not all unlocked, all missions are available though, yet there is still a large number of planes still locked.

  11. Markbusa says:

    Agreed Bendalson…..only a few planes unlocked…is there any way to unlock all aircraft?

  12. Anon says:

    Yeah, it requires specific levels from the Campaign, Rick?

  13. Spare-Flair says:

    Thanks for this save file. I have a problem, I tried using a trainer and it ruined a profile I had played 15 hours on and it boosted my XP to the max level because of a bug. Do you know if there is any way to change your XP in the profile? I have tried to hex edit it but I can’t make heads or tails from it.

  14. Knite says:

    Indeed, how does one edit the profile filetype that HAWX uses? I’d like to know

  15. CLAU says:

    I’ve followed the instructions, downloaded the zip 5 minutes ago and all planes are unlocked but my stats have been reset. I’m lvl 1 now and was 27… Something is wrong with it. I’v got retail version, 1.01

  16. Bisu says:

    Nice work, Im also intrested how to edit profile could you show us ?
    You miss one or more planes, I saw a guy using F-35 LIGHTING II but its not unlocked by your hack so how da hell he get it ?

  17. Sky-Zeus says:

    I have downloaded the profile (however i’ve already finished the game) and all planes and missions are unlocked. But the my rank resets to lvl-1 and i was on lvl-38.

    How can we unlock the planes without effecting the ranking. Thanks for the file.

  18. Steven Deschain says:

    I would really appreciate it to if you would show us what exactly to edit in the profile file to unlock the planes so i could edit it in the profile i was using the 20 hours before i found your great mod

  19. Null-Existence says:

    Like everyone else, I’d like to know how to edit the profiles so I can just unlock those planes on my current profile without having every plane unlocked at the same time. I still want to actually work towards getting the planes by going through leveling online.

  20. Richard says:

    Thank you so so much i thought it was going to take forever to unlock these planes

  21. Samael says:

    Everything worked! But the thing is, while the profile name remains the same as the one I created and replaced, but when playing it says ‘player name: David”. I’d like to know if there’s a way to change this. Thanks in advance.

  22. rizmal says:

    Yeah please tell us how to change david into our callsign or can we tell u pur call sign so u can change david into our callsign????PLEASE I want that planes

  23. Eidahn says:

    omg. thx man. everything works fine. i used the black widow in chicago and went between all the buildings.

  24. CJ says:

    Right off the bat, thank you very much for doing this.

    However, I also have the problem Samael and rizmal had. Advice on how to change the callsign?

  25. rubber says:

    I got it working but it only shows 1 jet. The mig 21. am I doing something wrong? It reset my exp. How do you get all the jets?

  26. Aphex says:

    Thanks a lot!

    P.S.: some info for those, who don’t know what to do with the reseted experience or level – try to use “ArtMoney”.
    It’s simple, just run the program, then choose a process, then search your current amount of exp. Change it, then filter it in the program, using a changed amount.
    You should get only one in the end.
    While in the game, look for the amount of exp you need to get to the next level, and type “it – 1” into the program (for example, you need 47002, type 47001).
    Then start any mission (I used “Red Eagle”), kill just one or two objects, then exit the mission. You should get a level up.
    Use this to get to the 40 level (each level must be done step by step, otherwise you will just get a level up without unlocking planes, weapons, etc…)

  27. Amsterdam 84 says:

    Thanks a lot for the advice aphex, i didnt know that program and it has revealed to be quite usefull. Also thanks to mister ” David “. Nice work.

  28. Amsterdam 84 says:

    BTW: I’ve directly tried lvl 39+++ with david saved file and it worked fine. I now have all the planes unlocked + their weaponnary.

  29. Lastfreethinker says:

    But how, I have tried but there is so much to search and so many different ways I cannot figure it out. Could you please educate me?

  30. Arthur. Z says:

    Thanks Man,
    The David profile is the ticket !
    A great flight game for passing the time, such amazing graphics, very life like.
    Now I can roam the skies a really enjoy what Hawx is all about.
    I’m running a Quad 2,44 Mhz, 8 Gigs ram, 640Mb nVidia card….


  31. rizmal says:

    CJ Contact me on xf/garena(rizmal) on advice how to rename david to yr callsign 😉

  32. Flo says:

    I contacted you too, because I want to know how to rename the callsign. Thanks.

  33. Flo says:

    Thanks very much for telling me, I’ll do when I got time.
    Regards, Flo

    (Sry for bad english, but I’m german)

  34. rexxar says:

    Thank you so much for this.
    you are a fucking legend.

    my H.A.W.X game glitched at the mission where you must stall the plane and recover from it. and it glitched which didnt allow me to progress through the game.

    thank you heeps and keep making/doing what ever you do with this nerdy computer shit.

    sinceerly, rexxar.

  35. antwerp85 says:

    To Amsterdam 84: can you upload your save game files somewhere or send them to my email?

  36. Oz says:

    i would like just a plane unlock profile w/o the mish unlock. as i can never rem whitch ones i have done 😛

  37. wher says:

    Created by gibbed AKA Rick (http://blog.gib.me/)

    * update #1 – fixed campaign so it doesn’t start on the epilogue


    Unlocks all planes & missions while leaving all stats, XP, & rank as
    if you just created the profile.

    It also unlocks more than 15 (!) DLC and VIP planes that are entirely
    inaccessible on the PC version normally.


    1. Create a new profile named wher (or whatever you want).

    2. Exit HAWX.

    3. Extract the ‘wher’ to your HAWX profiles directory,

    XP: My Documents\Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X\Profiles\
    Vista: Your User\Saved Games\Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X\Profiles\

    Overwrite the David file if it already exists.

    4. If you created a profile that was not named David, rename
    the David file to the real profile name.

    5. Enjoy!

  38. s ace says:

    thx a lot…..

  39. cipher says:

    could you do a favor for me? just made this save in another version. which doesnt unlock “normal plane” that can be unlock by rank. just add the DLC plane just fine[console boy can buy it with money or point, not fair]. because im feel guilty when have su37,47 at LV33. and im deadly serious about “hate to” cheat orther player.

    im not force you man. do or do not, just contact my mail to anwser. i dont mind

    thx a lot and sorry for may bad eng.

  40. Kasummi says:

    I saw your decoder for the Aion’s XML files. Nice code! But do you have any idea how the HTML files can be decoded?

  41. JHMN says:

    it seems something is wrong – after the first mission the game gave mu 10 ranks and jumped to the epilogue.

  42. plutonic says:

    If you have trouble with plaes which are still locked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZB5EruUeho&feature=related
    The video shows a way to get level 40 (this will unlock all other planes)

  43. prosto-yurik says:

    Hi Rick! My apologies for a question on old theme
    Could you help with your SVN tool?
    How I can add all needed file names in the list of unpacked files ?

  44. Nightcrawler says:

    I have a profile level 40, all planes, missions e missiles complete 😀

  45. Cleiton Souza says:

    Running ok. Thanks!!!

  46. Akis Theo says:

    ok you are my life saviour man…
    I can’t say anything…I don’t have the words…
    Well thanks a lot!!!!!!!

  47. Hamurabi* says:

    Tnx bro…. nice job…. i dont need to play again whole campaign to pick some sexu planes :))))

  48. Klows says:

    profile level is 1
    how can make 40 level?

  49. haydar says:

    thank you very much for this profile and for it’s instruction