H.A.W.X. Release

It’s now out, both retail & Steam. Data archive password is still the same one from the demo: rF4hfGe1PfrzGe3IbaRtWsIn.


5 Responses to “H.A.W.X. Release”

  1. H3rdell says:

    I need help to translate this game into my language (portuguese). When I compile your Hawx tools, it give me error, and compiled version don’t work (crashes). Please, help me, I really want to translate this game.

  2. alskdwq says:

    Thank you very much! Just one more question, how to use 3DS MAX to open it?

  3. sean says:

    i would like to have these planes on my game please thx

  4. sam says:

    can you give me the CD-key of H.A.W.x