Saints Row 2: Unstable tool binaries from SVN revision 10

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  1. vertusd says:

    thx for the tools ,

    are you plan to write a tool which can convert pngs back to peg file? and the mesh convertor ?

    sry for my english

  2. Rick says:

    Yes, havn’t worked on the mesh format at all yet though.

  3. Keep up the good work brotha we @ the Grove support this tool & your work 120%. We have big plans ofr SR2 and this is where it all starts. 🙂

  4. MDxm says:

    Thank you for this, good stuff, now all needed is a way to convert PNG back into PEG and I can start replace some of those more boring Logos and tattoos! ;D

  5. lezek says:

    Hi could you try hacking a game called The Hunter

  6. Luke says:

    where do I stick these files?

  7. Luke says:

    also, the build.package file keeps crashing, I’m on vista if thats important.

  8. ShadyGame says:

    Damn…good tools…how do i open .xsb files?

  9. DD says:

    Great work man, I don’t know a lot about coding and modding but I was wondering, if you could make a mod so that there are no vehicles on the road, or at least tell me where to look in the game files to edit them out.

    See I have a top notch video card, but a crappy processor so the game looks and plays great on my system, until vehicles show up then it lags down to about 10-15 fps. I can live without vehicles in this game and I really wanna get rid of the lag caused by them, so if you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I’d like to contribute a little. I found a way to get rid of the censor when you remove your clothing. Look for the file located in the main game folder called “shaders_pc” , open it with notepad, find the line “data\shaders\standard\sr2-pixelate_c.fxo_pc” and delete it and save. No more censor!

  10. altwolf says:

    Just putting my vote in for a PNG to PEG converter. I want to make up my own textures for the game, just for my own personal amusement.

  11. asdflkjasdlkfjasfd says:

    any chance you will make a tool to convert the audio to a listen-able format?

  12. onetidd says:

    Hey man,

    I want your help for change the languages settings in my game. Because after the update my game is only in english. I would like to know if there are files to edit for resolve it!


  13. bb33nnyy says:

    all the tools keeps on crashing. everytime i try to open them it says “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.” i tried to make the extraction.bat to extract the vpp_pc files, but that message still shoes up. im a noob, is there a way to fix this?

  14. Rick says:

    Try installing the .NET runtime for 3.5.

  15. Jenx says:

    Howdy Rick…

    Great set of tools you have here however i can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong with the Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe converter.

    I was able to get some small info by trying different things on the command line, and got Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe PathToPegFiles to show up, i’ve written a batch script with the following code but does not work;

    Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Saints Row 2\modding\extracted\textures”

    and also

    Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe “modding\extracted\textures”

    they both return the error
    Unhandled Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
    at Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.Program.Main(String[] args)

    i’ve also tried
    Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Saints Row 2\modding\extracted\textures\acousticguitar.g_peg_pc” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Saints Row 2\modding\extracted\textures\acousticguitar.png”

    Which returns the error;
    Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe [directory with peg files]
    Press any key to continue . . .

    And also i’ve tried;
    Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\Saints Row 2\modding\extracted\pegs”

    Which makes the exe crash on loading with the error details;
    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: gibbed.saintsrow2.convertpeg.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 498d6905
    Problem Signature 04: Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 498d6905
    Problem Signature 07: 7
    Problem Signature 08: 26
    Problem Signature 09: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 3081

    First up i tried running the exe by double clicking because i’m used to your little Gibbed UI, which also does nothing (cmd window pops up and disappears)

    Specs are:
    i7 920 | 6GBRAM | GTX260OC | Vista Ultimate SP2 64bit

    I’m pretty sure i’ve got .NET 3.5, i’ve also got MSDXSDK (August 08) and the Visual Studio 08 suite installed (which requires .NET 3.5 from memory)

    Any help is appreciated,


  16. Jenx says:

    Ok i’ve written some more info on this page
    Still no success though…

    Has anyone been able to get this working? If so how and what operating system are you using?

    And looking at the Program’s code on the SVN it seems to me your trying to read from the *.peg_pc files?
    Which doesn’t make sense to me because i thought the *.g_peg_pc files were the raw textures, and the *.peg_pc files were their config files?


  17. Jenx says:

    OK now i’m getting somewhere, sorry for the triple post but can’t edit previous one’s here, anyways i’ve put the program (and dll’s) in the same folder as i mentioned above, with both the *.peg_pc files and *.g_peg_pc files and finally was able to convert some into PNG’s however,
    Got these errors immediately;
    C:\test\textures\always_loaded.g_peg_pc does not exist.
    C:\test\textures\always_loaded_char.g_peg_pc does not exist.
    C:\test\textures\always_loaded_effects.g_peg_pc does not exist.
    C:\test\textures\always_loaded_normal_maps.g_peg_pc does not exist.
    C:\test\textures\always_loaded_veh.g_peg_pc does not exist.

    Then the app crashed at about “cmhai_hathair11”
    Unhandled Exception: System.Exception: unhandled format 410
    at Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.Program.Convert(String pegName)
    at Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.Program.Main(String[] args)

    Also the PNG’s that are generating are very strangely named, for example;
    “cmhai_hathair11 cmhai_wponytail03_dos.png”
    “cmhai_hathair11 cmhai_wponytail03_n.png”

    I’m guessing that’s because you said about the *.peg_pc files containing links to more than 1 texture, but the double space and the “dos” part confuse me…


  18. Jenx says:

    Ok another update after ALOT of trial and error(s);

    I have now finally discovered what files are causing 2 types of errors, one being the above mentioned “unhandled format 410” and also a new one “File does not match the header size”
    These files are (For the “unhandled format 410”);

    And for the “File does not match the header size”;

    Seems like the rest are all done but i must warn people, this folder gets very very laggy (viewing, copying, moving etc) and also has a huge amount of files

    Total PNG Files after conversion: ~35,080 | Size: ~1.27GB
    Total G_PEG_PC files: ~5,243 | Size: ~1.17GB
    Total PEG_PC files: ~6,731 | Size: ~8.02MB
    Sub Total: ~47049 | Size: ~2.44GB

    Seriously even on this beastly computer i’m lagging alot with that many files in the one folder.
    Takes around 3-4 minutes for Windows to register that i’ve pressed Cut and about the same to actually move them.
    I have never ever seen this many textures in a game before, and i’ve worked with UT3, ALL Source engine games, FarCry2, Crysis etc and they all average around 2000-5000 textures per game. This beats them by at least 8 times which is an incredible amount of textures.

    I’ll update the wiki page with more info and a small tutorial.

    Thanks again for the tool and have a good day 🙂


  19. Rick says:

    That’s because of how SR2 does textures, rather than a single texture they generally will be more broken up. That’s why there are multiple texture data in a single peg.

  20. Petersky says:

    Hi Rick

    I read some of you code and see something
    1 peg_pc file have 3(or more) type such as DXT R5G6B5 A8R8G8B8
    Your Converter program that convert one of those type to PNG(Bitmap)

    So, Problem here.
    When we need to convert PNG(Bitmap) back to peg_pc
    We didn’t really know what exact peg_pc type should be (…DXT or R5G6B5 or A8R8G8B8)

    Am I right ?

    • InnocentSam says:

      Rick! We need to convert pngs back to peg_pc files so we can make texture mods! Please!

  21. Arez says:

    How I can extract these files and to make them into a 3d’s max format, please tell me.

  22. InnocentSam says:

    @Arez: You can’t, and no one’s making a tool for it because we’re all waiting for SR3.

    @Rick: Yo, man, you making tools for SR3 PC when it’s out?

  23. Rick says:

    @InnocentSam: Naturally. 🙂

    I imagine it’ll be the same engine as Saints Row 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla so it’ll just be a matter of updating my existing Volition tools.

  24. InnocentSam says:

    That’s good then. Good to hear from you, btw 😉

  25. hotblooded4eva says:

    how do u do da stripper pole dance

  26. razzman says:

    hi how to remove mods from save game cant load them

  27. SwooshyCueb says:

    Any chance we can see a vpp_pc unpacker for Saint’s Row The Third?

  28. timmy says:

    hey, rick could u help me pack and unpack saints row1?

    • FOX says:

      Hi rick could you help me pack saints row 1 when i pack it seems to make the file smaller then the orig.