Saints Row 2: Modding

I’ve set up a wiki for Saints Row 2 modding related information.

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  1. Omer says:


    Im trying to language patch for Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy. I could not reach the language file. Can you help me?

  2. Shaundi says:

    Hello, sorry for my english, i want to edit .le_string files for change some texts… but i dont know what i need to use for this… notepad open a unreadable text… can you help me please?

  3. Maws says:

    Hey. I am trying to edit SR2-PC Textures (skinning). I have successfully extracted the .PNG files from “pegs.vpp_pc” and “textures.vpp_pc” using Gibbed.SaintsRow2.ConvertPeg.exe, but I am unsure how to rebuild the “pegs.vpp_pc” and “textures.vpp_pc” files with the new .PNG files that I edited. Any suggestions ??

  4. hi guys i was watching a few videos on youtube and they have some houses that arnt for sale how do i get them, are they mods? (i havnt completed the game but i’ve done all the main missions, are they from side missions?

  5. thomas says:

    i was wondering if any one knew were to buy exotic cloth like ninja outfits. can u help me?

    • says:

      if u want a ninja outfit u have to go to the mall that u killed the samedi boss in go to the store let’s prtend and its under outfits. hope i helped u!

  6. Mr. Chow says:

    Hey ppl i need all mods for saints row 2 that u can possibly give me

    also if u have black ops or mw2 or any cod game mod email me that to thank you