Prototype 2 Debug Menu ‘V1’

Mod that enables the debug menu.

The menu is nearly fully scripted via the game’s Lua system. You can see all options under scripts\debug_buttons.lua and scripts\debug_toggles.lua, if you know what you are doing, you could add more options.

This is a ‘v1’ since I plan to add more options in the future (and add more spawn types for the ones I’m missing now).

The following options were custom-implemented by myself (rather than options that were there already):

  • Reload Debug Scripts
  • Spawn
  • Spawn Type
  • Spawn Count
  • Time Dilation

I also ended up fixing a few options that were broken.


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116 Responses to “Prototype 2 Debug Menu ‘V1’”

  1. HARDIK says:

    i can call all 1000 blckwatch soldiers without crash but they r enimies

  2. HARDIK says:

    infected3_slammer and infected3_hammerer are juggernauts but what about alpha juggernaut what’s their name i can’t found them plz rick say me if they r available

  3. kasperix says:

    rick sorry for bothering , but can you start making a new version of the debug menu but please make 3 or 4 new spawn because the old spawner is getting boring. I know that its hard to extract the p3d files can you add some options i tried. i spawned a goliath at the intro its name is behemoth but it dosent spawn on free roam.i know because all the characters ar in free roam like : brawlers,soldiers,blackwatch…… .Look you can spawn soldiers and blackwatch too because its a free roam script.But can you make version 2 fast ,because all people ar waiting the v2 and iam waiting please send me an email about your updates a you can ask me questions becouase i know a lot about it. I just dont now the codes for free roam juggernauts,evolved and goliaths . Please send me an email about yor v2 project.see you

  4. Yakmansik says:

    i really want a version 2 with more enemys to spawn like big mutants goliath or supersoldier 🙂 🙂

  5. Kevin says:

    Greetings Rick,

    I know it’s been a year but is this project abandoned?

  6. dri says:

    DUDE this is awesomeee but please rick add an option for evolved or juggernauthgs or supersoldiers and if someone can please helpp

  7. DESp says:

    thanks! but.. i cant running game.
    my opinion,no match the me 🙁

  8. michael says:

    add god mode

  9. Ali_Engineer says:

    how are you?
    please insert the debug menu v2 with goliath or supersoldier and juggernauts,evolved please insert it soon thank you very much

  10. gongassaints says:

    how to install on ps3

  11. John says:

    Is this project abandoned Rick? Please respond, we fans need some kind of closure! Dx

  12. SoulXCrusher says:

    Hey everyone i know this is an old toppic but is there still work being done on this project pls reply i would love to have a v2 or just a way to spawn everything in the game, i do wonder why can we not spawn tank or apaches they are in free roam right?

  13. aziz says:

    Why there is no update to this mod ?

  14. DoctorBones says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could add Evolved units to this mod?

    • ThisIsHowYouDoIt says:

      If u want to spawn evolved units u need to add it in the spawner. To add it in, open the debug gibber spawned lua file with notepad in the scripts folder in the prototype 2 directory then there will be a list of units in quotation marks, after the comma at the end of the list press space then add “evolved_basic_generic” then add a comma at the end of this then save notepad. It should come up in the debug menu to make it spawn press the option “go to mission” in the debug menu and find the story mission story_h1 and press on that after u have you need to complete the mission by pressing “complete mission” on the debug menu and now you can spawn evolved units in free roam (only in the red zone) and also after this mission You can spawn super soldiers.

  15. Aziz says:

    Now it’s been 6 years now did you guys give up ?? Well maybe we have to wait for prototype 3 then xD

  16. lol says:

    pls how to modify

  17. Aksh says:

    Didnt worked for me

  18. Azhar says:

    Hi how can i spawn basic infected ? thanks.

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