Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10)

This editor is no longer being updated and does not support newer Borderlands patches. It is highly recommended that you use WillowTree# instead.

Newer build of my Borderlands save editor, fixes the problem with editing Roland (Soldier) saves, as well as several other minor changes and fixes.

Borderlands Save Editor


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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1,865 Responses to “Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10)”

  1. lazor says:

    I think you’re aware of this, but I have a suggestion for a future program.

    Right now in Borderlands there is a hardcoded limit of 5 lines in the weapons descriptions, the font size allows only for 4, but with a little tweak to localization files, you can reduce the font size to show the 5th one if it exists.

    But it’s quite clear weapons and mods exist with more stats than this.

    Would it be possible to make a stats viewer for items that reads the save file?

  2. lazor says:

    Or even better if you figure out a way around the limit in game ๐Ÿ˜€

    But here’s a link to the solution we’re using at the moment, and you can read the rest of the thread assuming you haven’t if you want.

  3. XWolf says:

    I’ve tried changing many things. A simple way to get a new weapon is just grab an old purple off a low boss and up it’s level range.
    0 = 1-10
    1 = 11-20
    2 = 21-30 …etc.
    Also, if you look at the values for the sights, grips and barrels (again, etc…) the higher you place the value at the end of the line the better you’ll get.
    If you simply looking for a really good weapon just up all those. Also keep in mind that that material you use will effect it.
    Different materials from different manufacturers seem to strongly effect the weapon stats. (As you can simply read from loading screen tips.)

    Can’t wait to see what else you’ll add to this Rick. So far it’s a great great tool, terrific time saver thanks a lot. Great work!

  4. knightpress says:

    While I’m sure many already know this, if you make sure you maintain the file path and [part]/acc/pre/title names correctly, you can readily mix-and-match parts from completely different weapons, for all sorts of combinations that wouldn’t normally be.

    Mileage will vary of course, and some bonuses translate far better than others, but all in all it’s been pretty good results…

    Someday I’ll have an SMG fire MIRV-corrosive-longbow grenades ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. omi says:

    Any idea when the PS3 editor will be available?

  6. Jack Burton says:

    Hey Rick,

    Thanks a lot for the editor. It works great. I started using it from rev. 9, and have had zero problems. To be honest, it’s really made the game a lot more fun. My first run through it was a real grind after a while trying to build up the skill tree. Now that I know what I am doing, this editor has really eliminated a lot of the grunt work.

    Also, and this is an aside- nice design. It’s very intuitive and extremely easy to use; unfortunately, “Borderlands” doesn’t allow for very simply enumeration of all the items in the game since it’s so randomized AFAIK…so good luck with that, but considering how nicely the core editor is laid out, I’m sure you’ll come up with a very elegant solution eventually.

    Thanks again!

  7. friemaster says:

    get 2 random occurances so far when adding gd_weap_rocket_launcher.Barrel.barrel_Helix sometimes the editor reverts it to gd_weap_rocket_launcher.Barrel.barrel1_Helix and i think doesnt change the leangth of that so it crash.

    second one is gd_weap_alien_rifle.Sight.sight6 my game was crashing i check manualy and it added gd_weap_sniper_rifle.Stock.stock2…..none which made the save crash because the editor didnt add the change the lenght of the code.

    i think the cause it the game not your editor

  8. Randomfella says:


    You can always equip the gun you want to get rid of, drop the gun you want to equip, and then HOLD E to swap it out. This will save you the hassle of selling a gun just to buy it back in order to equip it. Easy as pie.

  9. Chris says:

    So, I’m trying to get a corrupted save file back, and in doing so am trying to just re-create my character. I can manage most everything but creating a weapon from scratch.

    Right before my file got corrupted, I had a great little masher (revolver) and have no clue how I might create that in the editor. Any tips?

  10. friemaster says:

    opps gd_weap_sniper_rifle.Stock.stock2



    srry bout that..

  11. Jason says:

    Hey nice program really want to use it, but ever since i loaded it and edited my original savegame file, when i try to load the game back up i get the apparently notorious “filename not found” general protection fault, but only ingame when loading my character. Any idea how to fix?

  12. Havoc says:

    Alright im really confused on how to edit the weapons you have in your inventory. can anyone show me how to do it? everytime i edit something my sniper goes from doing 500+ dmg to doing like 50 dmg

  13. someone says:

    to fix your corrupted savegames YOU NEED TO BACK THEM UP!


  14. Seal says:

    I’m having an issue whenever I try to edit weapons. Sometimes the edits apply correctly when I input them but other times when I edit something simple like the magazine or the body, the edit doesn’t apply. I’ve checked multiple save files and remade backups over to make sure it wasn’t an error with the actual files. As well as I’ve double checked in a hex editor after apply a change in the save editor. It appears to happen at random as some times it works correctly and other times it just doesn’t. Also I seem to notice it has no regard for what it just decides to not edit correctly. It’s not a huge deal since if it’s just a simple number edit I can just go through the hex editor and manually fix it myself, but I thought I would at least bring this small error to your attention. Other than this one detail I can honestly say this is 1000 times smoother to use than most save editors out there. Thanks in advance for any future updates.

  15. MIke says:

    features we need:
    Edit: character type(soldier, brick, etc)
    Character Name
    Quests completed
    Character level
    What play though you are on
    Which claptraps you have rescued(also will affect inventory)
    The big one:
    Be able to make any gun in the game by selecting from a drop down list that will have “item type/weapon type, stock, barrel, manufacture, elemental damage, scope, recoil, etc” AND give us a little image showing what it will look like.(this should work for class mods, guns, shields, and grenades)

    Then i will be happy.

    (GET ON IT!)

  16. Rick says:

    Half of those are already in the editor.

  17. someone says:

    since there are 7 rarity or quality levels
    0=white, 6=orange and 7 should be pearl
    I wonder if i can make a pearl weapon in the editor… has anyone tried? or even succeeded?

  18. Zalgo says:

    Pearl weapons are an unintended bug, not an actual ingame rarity.

  19. Ellandar says:

    VERY basic question, Rick: Debug info displays stats for ExpLevel, TechLevel, and RarityLevel. Are these stored somewhere? or just determined by the parts used?

    P.S. I _love_ your work, and wish I had the skills to contribute anything to this project.

  20. Rick says:

    Determined by parts used.

  21. WillyB says:

    Excellent editor, I was wondering if you know the differences between 360 and PC saves I cannot get the 360 saves to open. I have been trying to narrow down the differences but cannot seem to figure it out. Are you planning on an editor for the console version also?

  22. Rick says:

    I don’t have any 360 saves to test with, but if I guess correctly, 360 saves are the same as PC ones, just stored in big endian (like PS3 saves).

  23. WillyB says:

    Do you have any information on how to convert to big endian? I am new to hex editing I am not familiar with that aspect is it something simple I can do in the hex editor?

  24. stfb1055 says:

    hmmm it will be awesome if u can mod the weapons u found and change the weapon required lvl that u have to use to any lvl u want like i got a awesome lvl 20+ stuffs i want change it to lvl 1 xD and it will be awesome if u can mod ur own damage and stuffs.

  25. someone says:

    @ Rick

    You can “copy” whole lines, but you cannot “paste” them into a new line.
    please somehow make that possible in revision 11.
    it’d help a lot testing new gun combos.

  26. someone says:

    …I just found the button to duplicate them. nevermind.
    I did not notice it all this time…Damn

    top left the little USB stick symbol.

  27. XanderChaos says:

    WillyB, I created a program similar to this that works on the 360. Editing 360 saves takes a bit more than PC saves since it’s inside of a container.

  28. PS3Gamer says:

    Oh man this looks awesome, are you going to be porting it to the PS3? There are no editors for the PS3 yet and I tried this program but it just gave an error on the save file. I opened a file created with this program and the PS3 file in hxd and they look very similar is there something I can change to get it to work?

  29. Zoey says:

    Amazing stuff, Should make a working real weapon editor so the parts can be chosen from a drop down list.

  30. Scar3cro says:

    I originally played a Roland up to level 15 and then I deleted him by accident and started a new character (Siren) And i realized I hated it so I used this to create a new level 15 roland and I played through the game real quick and now I’m on level ~15 quests only to find out that the quests wont level me up. I’m level 15 in game and every time I kill a monster or complete a quest the XP bar flashes but I just stay at 0 XP. Any tips?

  31. Petrovia says:

    Whoever Said “since there are 7 rarity or quality levels
    0=white, 6=orange and 7 should be pearl
    I wonder if i can make a pearl weapon in the editorโ€ฆ has anyone tried? or even succeeded?” was completely wrong the Quality is the Level of the Item, so if you put a 3 in the Quality Field your items will be in the lv 30-39 range, what exact level is probably determined by the Materials used or just simply what lv they were when found.

  32. keith says:

    WOW it really does work thanks a bunch!!!! very happy now can get back to playing thanks very much man ^^

  33. Justin C says:

    Excellent work on the program – saves me a lot of time. As far as the modding goes, there is a lot more that can still be done (such as all the different objects listed in the vehicles/weapons dir). Is there a source that I can contribute to? I would love to help out, I can see it seems it was written in VS 2k8 C#.

    Thank you for the work! Much appreciated and saves a lot of us time.


  34. lazor says:

    Anyone looking to create/mod weapons may find that an interesting read.

  35. Kamon says:

    I also edited my INI to make it so I start with 4 slots to hold guns to use, and when I got my upgrade it made me have a 5th, invisable slot. Is there anyway to change this? It’s annoying v.v

  36. TheDominator says:

    Hi, Great edit..

    But but but..

    When you edit the weapons u cant sell or replace the 2 last slots in weapons inventory.


  37. lazor says:

    Any chance you could fix the debug console so it doesn’t prefix everything you type with, “Say”

  38. Mike says:

    Wondering if anyone has discovered any good weapons, if so could you post the parts for the weapon that show up in the weapons tab of the save editor. Thanks!

  39. Kaz says:

    Yeah, it’d be great to find the complete list of item parts.

    Also, i’m having trouble setting the quality of any item above 3. I heard there are 5 grades, but anything that’s not a 1,2, or 3 for me just seems to be defaulting to a quality 1/0.

  40. JB says:

    Can anyone please paste the a weapon copy for the Eridian weapons? I’d like to try playing with them ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Scribs says:

    TYPE: gd_weap_alien_rifle.A_Sniper.a_weap.WeaponType_Eridan_Lightning
    GRADE: gd_itemgrades.Weapons_Eridan.ItemGrade_Eridan_Sniper_Railgun
    QUALITY: 5
    MANUFACTURER: gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.Eridian
    PREFIX: gd_weap_alien_rifle.Prefix.Prefix_Eridan
    TITLE: gd_weap_alien_rifle.Title.Title_Lightning
    BODY: gd_weap_alien_rifle.Body.body4
    GRIP: gd_weap_alien_rifle.Grip.grip1
    MAGAZINE: gd_weap_alien_rifle.mag.mag3
    BARREL: gd_weap_alien_rifle.Barrel.barrel1
    SIGHT: gd_weap_alien_rifle.Sight.sight5
    STOCK: gd_weap_alien_rifle.Stock.stock3
    ACTION: None
    ACCESSORY: gd_weap_alien_rifle.acc.acc1
    MATERIAL: gd_weap_shared_materialparts.ManufacturerMaterials.Material_Eridan_1
    CLIP: 0

    Happy Editing!

  42. ed says:

    Any way you can edit the level requirement, Scribs?

  43. Scribs says:

    Just change the quality. To make the changes stick I have to change the quality number THEN select another field(without changing anything in the selected field) then save the data. So don’t just change the quality number and save! Change highlight another spot, save, play!

  44. tristan says:

    you guys need to compile lists of all the types, then put them in drop down menus in the editor.

  45. Mr. Me says:

    Can anyone post weapon specs of rare snipers? or the good ones.

  46. Granon says:


    I was wondering if it would be a lot of effort to some form of copy / paste on the weapon and item tables? It would be nice to be able to copy weapons between characters without a aweful lot of clicking.

  47. zeypher says:

    would love if some one could put up the weapon copy for the hellfire smg i have been trying for ages to get one of those even a lvl 25 one will be fine

  48. someone says:

    I found out the Pearl shit

    use gd_weap_shared_materialparts.Prefix.Prefix_Atlas2_Pearl for the materials.
    With Sniper Rifles I got good results, but MGs were gimped.
    So its pretty much trial and error improving guns with the material.

    How to get the real glitchy pearl shit like Thanatos etc…no idea so far, gotta try that soon

  49. Smoosh says:

    Is it possible to make a Hellfire smg out of a Maliwan purple-name smg? If it is possible, how would I go about doing it? I have tried and tried with no luck.

  50. zeypher says:

    yup but if scribs or someone could give us the code for hellfire smgs it would be simple just need the weapon code from the hex editor. Please would love it if someone has it