Steam Achievement Manager games update

The following games have been added to the list of games that have achievements:

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2 Responses to “Steam Achievement Manager games update”

  1. Laura says:

    Please email me as soon as possible! I have a troublesome question! I’ve heard about SAM when I was trying to figure out how to bypass the Star Traders: Frontiers unlockable content conditions. In order to have certain ships and professions I have to gain achievements to unlock them, and some of those conditions are ridiculously too hard for me. I thought, if I was desperate enough one day, I would use SAM to have everything availiable when I play the game. I also wanted to use SAM for Iratus: Lord of the Dead for the same reason. To unlock undead minions.

    But then I suddenly have this troublesome thought in my head and it’s worrying me. I realise achievements and unlockable content are not the same thing, and that might be a problem! What if I use SAM to unlock the Necromancer’s Apprentice achievement from Iratus, and the lich is still not availiable? Do getting achievements even effect the game? Now I fear SAM will not work after all.

    I can’t find any info on SAM being able to unlock other content that comes with the unlocked achievement, so I’m in a dilemma. I need your honest answer, cuz I need help. Can you please respond back soon? Thank you!

    P.S. If it does work and both ST:F and I:LotD are not listed under SAM’s programming, can you add them in a future update? Thanks.

    • Rick says:

      This would depend on the game, if the game uses unlocked achievement information to also unlock in-game content.

      My bet would be on no, in that achievement state wouldn’t affect anything. Most likely you would need to edit profile/save data specific to the game to make those unlocks happen unnaturally.