Borderlands 2 repository has migrated

The Borderlands 2 repository has been migrated to GitHub (and removed from SVN).

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15 Responses to “Borderlands 2 repository has migrated”

  1. saif siddigi says:

    i need help pls

  2. Raprt says:

    There is no .exe in it ! how are we supposed to launch it ?

  3. Shaw says:

    Yeah I’m well confused mate, I went on the GitHub link you put up but when I opened it up in my zip and extracted it there’s no file and two others Raprt and Saif are also confused just need some clarification on what to do mate, cheers.

    • Einskaldir says:

      When you click on the link you’ll see commits, branch, release, contributor, zlib above everything. Click on release and download the release you need like for save edit you’d click and according to rick you don’t want the one that says That download has the exe in it.

  4. christopher says:

    where is the fucking download button?

  5. trong says:

    when I try to open my savefile it ends up saying “failed to load save: invalid SHA1 hash”