Steam Achievement Manager games update

The following games have been added to the list of games that have achievements:

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2 Responses to “Steam Achievement Manager games update”

  1. SrTommy says:

    Hi!! I wanna thank you for this amazing app. I use several times, but I couple of days ago it doesn’t work anymore. After I select any game from the list the app stays forever in the “retrieving stat information” and doesn’t load any achiv anymore for any game.

    Do I have to do something new? I redownload the 6.3 version again but I’m still have the problem. Thanks a lot!!

    • SrTommy says:

      Forget it, the program works just fine. I think there is some kind of bug with the game Angry Video Game Adventures because after I open that game SAM didn’t load any achievement for any game. It is the first time that happened something like that before.