Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (Revision 18)

Get the new version.
Some antivirus software is currently flagging Revision 18 as a false positive. If you’re having issues, exclude the save editor in your antivirus software.

  • Fixed Vehicle Steering Mode causing reencode mismatch.
  • Fixed Relic to Oz Kit.
  • Reimplemented packed item handling to improve handling of DLC items.
  • Updates to game info (“Handsome Jack Pack”) for the new Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! content.


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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201 Responses to “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (Revision 18)”

  1. Jmababa says:

    gibbed unusable in new lvls and DLC and new items plz update

  2. barfcark says:

    I’m getting the same thing here Jmababa. Damn…

  3. Samuel187 says:

    Hello! Can you gibb the new weapons yet? Otherwise can you make them available, i need the Berrigan!! 🙂

  4. PhaedrusPollux says:

    Heya Rick mate, when do you think we could expect revision 19? cheers 😀

  5. GibAddict says:

    It’s almost christmas bro! Be our Santa and give us new revision! I’m desperate to try the T45-R and the Crybaby!!! 😀

  6. Eviljoker1092 says:

    Use the cheat engine and just get them to drop the gear 😀

  7. lvlisterAce says:

    I officially fell like an idiot. I just posted a question about Rev 18 in the BL2 gibbed section. Okay, lemme start over. I’m using BF 4.7 to decrypt my ps3 saves. It will decrypt my BL2 save and open it right up in rev 237. However, when I use it on my TPS save, no matter how many times I try, I get an SHA1 hash error. Without fail. I have disc hash key. It decrypts the save, but it just won’t open it. What am I possibly missing here?

  8. Alex says:

    When is the new update gonna come out?

  9. YOU KIDS SUCK! says:

    I GOT A GREAT IDEA. PLAY THE GOD DAMN GAME AND YOU’LL GET THE NEW GEAR YOU WORTHLESS LITTLE SHITS.. Rick these kids don’t give a crap about you. If they walked by you on the street they might even talk some shit about the way you look. Look at all the hateful arguing on YouTube for example. Those are the same little kids who are here begging for an update. If I were you I wouldn’t even bother.. They have no idea you are working on other projects that are much better and more important than updating software for little kiddies so they can pretend they are hacking borderlands.. ONE MORE TIME KIDDIES! PLAY THE GAME! SOMEONE ON HERE IS BEGGING FOR AN UPDATE SO HE CAN GET THE T4SR.. GIMMIE A BREAK ITS THE FIRST FREAKING AWARD IN THE HOLODOME. NO SKILLED MORONS..

    • Dennis says:


    • jerome says:

      I just need help with it cuz I like to make my own weapons

    • GibAddict says:

      Chill out man, I got the gun by playing regularly. It came with shock element [I already have my beloved Zarpedon’s Cyber Eagle for that], and with Jakobs parts [which sucks for a Hyperion gun], so all I want is to edit it. And to experiment the many variations of the Crybaby [I won’t do that boring Holodome 10+ times in hopes of getting all types]. Seriously, I’m not even a zealot christian to say this but… “don’t judge if you do not want to be judged”. You know nothing about me nor most people on the other side of the screen, so it would be wise to avoid such heated coments.

  10. Vampiro785 says:

    I am patiently waiting for the new release seeing as we have a mercenary coming up I’m sure Rick is waiting to see what kind of other goodies we are gonna get from the mini dlc event

    • Vampiro785 says:

      mercenary day, also we have a matchmaking group on facebook of guys that are 20’s + that are tired of the youngins that troll around these games click my name and visit if you like the idea ask to join.


  12. billz5015 says:

    Running r18 and Bruteforce 4.7 and cant get past the invalid sha1 error for TPS saves. Any ideas?

  13. Navi says:

    Well, I might not be able to make the new guns yet, but at least I was able to edit the stuff that matters: leveling up to 60 for UVHM, and refilling my moonstones for buying out the new SDUs.