Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (Revision 7)

Get the new version.

  • Initial release (hotfix).
  • As this is the first release, damage to your save files could occur. Don’t use it if you don’t want to take that risk.
  • Fast Travel tab is (obviously) missing, due to changes in how that’s handled. It may return in the future.
  • I have no idea if console (PS3, 360) formats/compression was changed at all, so that may be broken.
  • Fixed some reencode issues, if you encounter more, please comment this post.
  • If you are getting a reencode issue with revision 7, try loading the save in-game, and going to Options, Gameplay and turning Vehicle Steering to traditional.
    Hopefully that resolves the issue. This problem will be fixed in the next release.


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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833 Responses to “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (Revision 7)”

  1. BarkBarkWoof says:

    I’m running R14 and I get some errors loading Jack. It probably needs an update:

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.AssetLibraryManagerHelpers.Lookup(AssetLibraryManager assetLibraryManager, PackedAssetReference packed, Platform platform, Int32 setId, AssetGroup group)
    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.Items.BaseItem.Unpack(PackedItem packed, Platform platform)
    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.Items.PackedDataHelper`2.Decode(Byte[] data, Platform platform)
    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.SaveEdit.BackpackViewModel.ImportData(WillowTwoPlayerSaveGame saveGame, Platform platform)

  2. Akira20m says:

    I get something completely different.

    An exception was thrown (press Ctrl+C to copy):

    System.NotImplementedException: don’t know how to read stat type String

    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.PlayerStats.ReadData(Stream input, DataType type, Endian endian)

    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.PlayerStats.Deserialize(Stream input, Endian endian)

    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.PlayerStats.Deserialize(Byte[] data, Endian endian)

    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.SaveFile.Deserialize(Stream input, Platform platform, DeserializeSettings settings)

    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.SaveEdit.ShellViewModel.c__DisplayClass29.b__1e()

    at Caliburn.Micro.Contrib.Results.DelegateResult.Execute(ActionExecutionContext context)

  3. Mike says:

    Rick when is the “Doppelganger” update for Gibbed coming?
    Ps: keep up the Awesome work

  4. dylan says:

    my gibbed wont open i have tried everything but it just wont open

  5. Nanners says:

    Okay so i made a custom lvl 50 nisha and just started playing through the story in THVM, but because its TVHM they dont give the weapon slots so im currently playing it with just two. Is there anyway i can edit more in or anything of that sort without having to play the entire story on normal difficulty? Thanks a lot!

    • eSCA says:

      I have the same Problem but with Jack…. i wait for a new Version and ich can switch the Class with this great Mod.

      But maybe someone can explain how we get more Slots….

      I know i have to edit the Missions but its very complicate :/

  6. mark says:

    Rick, thanks for a great editor, I have used this since BL2 & love it. I’m having one slight problem with the BL:TPS editor – I’m still using revision 7 and can’t find the link to dl the latest version, the one that includes the Jack Doppelganger dlc, which I think is revision 18. Can you help please?

    • Jackie says:

      I also have the same problem, and so do a lot of people on the forums. I’m sure Rick will find a way to fix this.

    • spek says:

      This isn’t a “problem”. The DLC was just released yesterday and the editor hasn’t been updated yet. Give the guy a freakin’ break, jeebus.

  7. Potato says:

    So I made a Shooting Star Roid shield for my athena cause I have already done the mission to get it legit, and when I logged into my athena character and looked in my backpack it looked perfectly fine with around 100k rain dmg but as soon as I equipped it, it lost almost all of its dmg. Is there a way to fix this?

  8. Chris says:

    ps3 user here with windows 7 home premium 64bit. everytime i try and load my save data i keep getting a “failed to load save data; invalid sh1 hash.” and ideas????

    • Chris says:

      whats weird is i tried to open my save data in gibbed without decrypting it and i still get the same invalid sh1 hash error

  9. newraze says:

    When will the doppelganger gibbed update be coming?

  10. Hunter says:

    When I decrypt my save on ps3 through bruteforce and try to open it, it gives me SHA1(or whatever) error. I believe this error message only comes out when the save that is being opened is not decrypted. Do you or anyone know solution to this?

    • Dan says:

      I am having the same issue. I am using Bruteforce to decrypt the file and then trying to load in to the editor. Same as I did with BL2. I get the “invalid SHA1 Hash” error. Funny thing though. If I decrypt a BL2 character it brings it in fine with the exception of wiping out the Backpack. Money is converted and stats / levels are all there. So makes me even more curious as to why I get the SHA1 error with a Pre Sequel and a BL2 loads fine. My method is the same. I have the most recent versions of both.

      • Shazoo says:

        This persons advice worked for me (except I used version 4.6 something or other, cause you can’t find anything older than that).

        this can be found here on page 6 if you want to be sure

        Sandy says:
        October 25, 2014 at 9:09 am
        TIPS for PS3 user :
        if u get warning invalid SHA1 hash when open decrypt save data, i have the trick to make it work and here my trick to fix it
        1. use the old bruteforce save data (3.6.8)
        2. press Ctrl + G to open games.conf
        3. copy and paste this
        ; “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel”
        ; disc_hash_key=
        4. save it
        5. refresh list
        6. decrypt save data
        7. open gibbed as “PS3 Save”

        Voala, thats work
        hope it can help you guys, cause thats trick work for me 🙂

        sorry for my bad english

      • Chris says:

        i tried what you shared and everytime i try to past it in my games.config folder i keep getting a access denied

        • Shazoo says:

          Did you skip the brute force update at start up?
          Not sure if that would make a difference or not not, but if you did do the update try re-installing the old BF again & just close the update download & go straight in, but again not sure if that’ll actually help. You might just have to look for a different older version of download from a different site, other than that I don’t know what to tell you, I’m still learning this stuff myself.

          • Dan says:

            Restored my Brute Force 4.4.6 and edited the file with notepad and it worked. Thanks Shazoo.
            Chris….are you using Windows 8 and is the file on the Desktop? Even if you have Admin rights to your PC it will give you this error. It’s a Microsoft F*-up. The files you want to edit or even your game saves I recommend placing in a folder on the C: drive or your memory stick. as with everything Backup backup backup.

            I think it’s odd an older version worked better.

  11. Epicloki says:

    I tried to change my file so that i could access the fast travel in eleseer because after quitting after dying against the Sentinel it sent me back to vorago having to fight my way through again upon login. When i started the game again it sent me back to Helios and restarted the game. Is this supposed to happen, will it update once i reach the area?


  12. Zoomas says:

    When will Handsome Jack???? Skin? Head? ClassMod.?!

  13. sh!ft says:

    For all those who are too impatient to wait on Rick’s releases… I have compiled and uploaded the latest build to my server. It fully supports Quince (aka the Doppelganger codename).

    All credits go to Rick… I’m only releasing clean distributions of his subversion. My modified version stays private.


    • sh!ft says:

      I suppose I should clarify, it supports, as much as revision 7 supports the base game, Quince… Many features such as waypoints disabled in the default builds for massive issues I won’t get into.

      • Siv says:

        I Downloaded your version and it’s working for Jack(Doppelganger) nice…

      • anonymous says:

        Can’t create Doppelganger’s classmods with this. Tried making one myself, all dropdown menus are empty. Tried editing a existing one, loaded savegame, ended up having n classmod.

        • sh!ft says:

          I bet that’s why Rick has not released a Doppel supported official version yet.

          I’m looking into in order to pull the JSON from the game/try to find out if it was just missing from the subversion, if that’s all it is, I’ll update this comment with a new link/build containing that JSON data. I hope that’s all it is.

          • sh!ft says:

            AHA! Ends up you’re just a moron! Click the arrow on the right of “New Item” and click “Handsome Jack Pack” and it creates just fine. Thanks for the non-issue. IT is IMPORTANT you do it this way as the item is DLC bound/has a few bits necessarily linked to it.

          • dumname2 says:

            Doesnt work for me, shows “Failed to load save cannot load XBOX 360 CON files, extract save using modio or equivalent,” even though im using modio lol

    • newraze says:

      I get a 403 forbidden error when I click on that link.

    • Lol says:

      Your coding is shit. I’d be surprised if you could program a Hello World in Java. ugh

  14. godsyz says:

    rick,,steam is catching up,,hackers are like yesterdays news..thanks for the prog gibbed…the net has expaneded and shrunk us all ..everyone is intune..but that means connected..goverments will control the net in time,,so many soft cock many over sensitive people..too many over the top people…too many people that ,honestly shouldn’t be born(over population)…ahh stay safe bro,,mother earth will spit out the parasite that is man ,oneday,,we(man kind)..we never harmonize(ignorance,norrow mindiness,selfishness)..anyway..thanks for gibbed…btw..i m just one of over 6 billion..not drug fucked,,but drunk a bit atm,,but im always aware..true heart is where your soul lies….

  15. Paulo says:

    When you load the save in the editor immediately requests the removal of items from the store (safe).
    Add editing quests. Some points baddass made once for passage.

  16. Ron says:

    I cannot get this file Borderlands-pre-sequel-editor-revision-7/ (saveedit_r7) to open any more.. Worked for weeks but now won’t open at all.. Tried redownloading again for this PC still same response file won’t open.

    Thanks Ron

  17. Navi says:

    Huh, I’m surprised Rick hasn’t updated for the Jack DLC. It’s a good thing I have no interest to play as Jack.

  18. cernalwaffles says:

    I just finished doing the customizing my save and tryed to open game and it instantly crashed please help!!!!

  19. Bob says:

    When are you gonna update with the handsome jack dlc?

  20. John duff says:

    help please i load my save in gibbed and he say me: INVALID SHA1 hash but ?????

  21. Axl Dredd says:

    Hello. When have you a new version for Jack Character ? Is a new Hunter to Borderlands Pre Sequel. And i play whit the PS3 and Gibbed save editor worck perfectly to change my save.

  22. Masafaka says:

    and if somebody make things like Moonstones or Turtle Up! or something insert this number “2147483647” to Quantity and you can use it ingame without this number u can make it in gibbed but it dont be in game .here you get codes for gibbed

  23. John Duff says:

    Merci je joue sur ps3
    mais ça je.sais pc/ps3/xbox quand charge la sauvegarde sur gibier je met bien ps3 mais à chaque fois le même message d’erreur ” invalide SHA1 hash”

  24. John Duff says:

    J’ai réessaye sur gibb border2 pas de problème seulement sur le programme gibb presequel révision 18

  25. John Duff says:

    Et j’ai décrypter avant sur brutforce bien sûr 😛

  26. niman54 says:

    BLOZ(CgAAAAAkWQABFDBwATCPxxdGCUYCBgVGBoYGxv//BwYYxg==) help with title and prefixes thank you

  27. BitDefender seems to think this editor is malware. It keeps quarantining the EXE.

  28. Kevin Lee says:

    I’m having the same issue with BitDefender as Robotech_Master. Malwarebytes free trial indicates that the file is clean but BitDefender (both free and paid versions) detects a generic trogan.

  29. dlElitelb says:

    An exception was thrown (press Ctrl+C to copy):

    ProtoBuf.ProtoException: Unexpected boolean value

    at ProtoBuf.ProtoReader.ReadBoolean()

    at proto_26(Object , ProtoReader )

    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.CompiledSerializer.ProtoBuf.Serializers.IProtoSerializer.Read(Object value, ProtoReader source)

    at ProtoBuf.Meta.RuntimeTypeModel.Deserialize(Int32 key, Object value, ProtoReader source)

    at ProtoBuf.ProtoReader.ReadTypedObject(Object value, Int32 key, ProtoReader reader, Type type)

    at proto_2(Object , ProtoReader )

    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.CompiledSerializer.ProtoBuf.Serializers.IProtoSerializer.Read(Object value, ProtoReader source)

    at ProtoBuf.Meta.RuntimeTypeModel.Deserialize(Int32 key, Object value, ProtoReader source)

    at ProtoBuf.Meta.TypeModel.DeserializeCore(ProtoReader reader, Type type, Object value, Boolean noAutoCreate)

    at ProtoBuf.Meta.TypeModel.Deserialize(Stream source, Object value, Type type, SerializationContext context)

    at ProtoBuf.Serializer.Deserialize[T](Stream source)

    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.FileFormats.SaveFile.Deserialize(Stream input, Platform platform, DeserializeSettings settings)

    at Gibbed.BorderlandsOz.SaveEdit.ShellViewModel.c__DisplayClass29.b__1e()

    at Caliburn.Micro.Contrib.Results.DelegateResult.Execute(ActionExecutionContext context)

    • dlElitelb says:

      p.s on r7 still.everything was working before the doppelganger pack update,which i dont have so im thinking maybe somehow the compatibility pack is throwing it off?…but keep up the awesome work love your editors.