Dark Souls No-Logo Hack (FORPATCH109_2013_05_05)

This forces the game to skip the splash screen logos. Compatible with GFWL.

Extract the DLL to your game directory (where DATA.exe resides). That’s it.


It’s only compatible with the current version of the game (and some earlier versions), if there is a patch, it will need to be updated (and should safely warn you of this).

Do not replace any system files with d3dx9_43.dll from this archive. This will break things horribly.

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22 Responses to “Dark Souls No-Logo Hack (FORPATCH109_2013_05_05)”

  1. ghost says:

    Nice and smooth!

  2. Markus says:

    Thank you!! This works perfect on Windows 8 x64 for me, the skipIntro option included with DSFix would only work if I also unlocked the FPS which I didn’t want to do.

  3. Ceyzuz says:

    Thanks, works fine, since DSfix didnt skip it. <3

  4. Diablo says:

    Thanks! Finally found something that worked…I don’t know why this was so hard to find/accomplish…

  5. chustafari says:

    Is there any program or some thing to use this? I just can download a thing called: d3dx9_43.dll.

  6. Markismus says:

    works great!

  7. Asura says:

    Why bother releasing things no one really wants that badly instead of what people actually WANT, such as the debug files.

  8. Syed says:

    Thanks for this fix. You did a wonderful job. Really appreciate it.

    The DSfix’s skip-intro option will not work for me no matter what settings I try. This fix finally solved the problem. By the way, I found out about this fix through google search when somebody posted a link on steam forums saying that this fix works, and thus landing me here to download this. Here is the link to steam forum that led me here http://steamcommunity.com/app/211420/discussions/0/864971765378742021/#p2.

  9. Sam says:


    May i ask you publishing the source code please?
    I’d really LOVE to learn from this. I tried to hack it myself but failed.

    Thank you.

  10. Robin says:

    ´Thank you very much <3 it works perfectly! Well done

  11. dgdgd says:

    works like a charm, thanks a lot

  12. Bolz says:

    Hey Rick, nice work with Borderlands and Dark Souls! I want to ask you: can you update this fix? Because with the new steamworks update of the game, it’s incompatible (makes the game crashing on opening with an error) 🙁 and DSfix doesn’t work well i don’t know why!

    • Rick says:

      I will be working on an update for this sometime this week when I have free time outside of work.

      • Bolz says:

        Thank you!!!

      • Clay says:

        Thanks. I’ll look forward to it. Your work so far has saved me much loading grief.

      • Seb says:

        Thank you, please do.
        DSfix doesnt fix it for me after the steam update and killing those crystal lizards without this is insanely tedious.
        Counting on you man!

        • boh... says:

          I must say, DSfix’s option works for me only when returning to the main menu when playing. it doesn’t work when opening the game (the screen is black but you have to wait the same time). so, you may want to try to use DSfix for now (use version 2.3).

  13. boh... says:

    whoa man thanks so much! I look forward for the updated version, I hate those impossibly long logos…
    it’s a shame that dsfix’s thing for this stopped working.

  14. boh... says:

    a suggestion: why don’t you put this dll on Nexus Mods as a mod? it would get much more visibility and help many more people!

  15. Treio says:

    Thank you so much! The current version of this fix floating around didn’t work for me, but this did like a charm. Thanks so much!!