Steam Achievement Manager games update

The following games have been added to the list of games that have achievements:

  • Fieldrunners 2

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2 Responses to “Steam Achievement Manager games update”

  1. robert says:

    everytime i use gibbeds editor on my ps3 i can meke new file but they wont show when i go to trancfer them and when ever i go to load one of my players it says SHA1 hash what do i do?

  2. AV says:

    You are the greatest. I wish I had your skills and knowledge to be able to make programs like this. Everything works as promised. I have done at least 100 file modifications and all have been good. I’m not talking about a few modifications. My backpack has over 253 different guns etc.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you must have put into this program for BL2 as it allows people that aren’t game whizzes to still enjoy the game and not feel continuous frustration.

    Some people may not like it but they may no trealize that programmers can make a game impossible to beat. Your reflexes are not as fast as a computers no matter how good you are!

    With regards