Mass Effect 2 Console

Note: This information is for advanced users only.

In build 1.2.604.0, you can patch the bytes in MassEffect2.exe at file offset 0xE21734 from 70 B4 56 to C0 0C 54 to enable the console. Note that there will be no output from your commands, but they will work (if properly entered).

For example, from the main menu, try the command open BioP_Nor.

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22 Responses to “Mass Effect 2 Console”

  1. djz says:

    Hey Rick can you create a save editor for Dragon Age Origins? It would be nice for Xbox support too. I have a modded version of your Mass Effect 2 editor that can be used to mod on 360. I love BioWare so much right now. ­čÖé

  2. Joe Bartelmo says:

    Hey Rick, just came across your site and saw you had a ME2 editor. I’m working on a ME3 editor, as well as a Skyrim editor (sort of juggling between the two, ME3 is way easier IMO). Send me an e-mail and i’ll give you my Aim so i can have some programming buddy to talk to (C#).

  3. Vind says:

    Sup i tried it the console itself works but when i try to load random map it goes black seems only the normandy works anyclue?

  4. Kate says:

    Hello Rick! Can you made an Audio Extractor for Mass Effect 3?

  5. ScorpyX says:

    i agree with Kate (“Can you made an Audio Extractor for Mass Effect 3”)
    its good suggestion – music in game is very good
    and this music is not on soundtrack disk.. as always..

  6. Johnny says:

    Hey Rick, will you be able in future to do the same for Masse Effect 3?

  7. Marcellus says:

    Hey Rick, Is there a way to use your Save editor to change who you are in a relationship with in Mass Effect 2?

  8. James says:

    hey rick ive seen gibbed works on ps3 me3 somehow (havent looked into it that much). does that mean the me2 editor can work on ps3 also?

  9. kjasdefrg says:

    hola que tal me voy para madrid

  10. Ragnar says:

    nice! this hex-edit was the only thing that enabled the console on my game version.
    I used PCCPatcher before, but no console, enabled it in coalesced.ini, still no console, finally hex edited the gamefile – works!
    Also, for Germans, and other foreign language users – Tilde key doesnt work on most non-english keyboards (or windows language configs anyway), so I finally settled with J and V key for the console (since those chars aren’t used in any commands that I need). Use coalesced editor to change the console keys (both console and the input line work).

  11. Buck says:

    I apologize, but I am not sure what I am looking for on this page. I was directed here while searching for a way to alter my paragon/renegade points. I don’t see any links to a download or anything… Assist?

  12. […] Manually patch MassEffect2.exe to enable engine-locked console (console use default settings). This method requires HEX editor and recommended for advanced users only. Instructions are┬áhere. […]

  13. JohnThomasSteiner says:

    The HxD line edit suggestion for activating the Tilde Key in Mass Effect 2’s exe file no longer works. As of being installed into Windows 10 [November, 2018], the original line of code described in E21730, 04 – 06 now reads as 60 – 95 – 56, and the recommended changes causes an Error 51 crash.

  14. Callum says:

    So this is no longer possible?