FixZip: Modifying Dead Island pak files without hacking the engine DLL

Download FixZip (revision 3).

X:\dead island\DI>"Y:\Gibbed.DeadIsland.FixZip.exe" -v -o DataEn.pak.orig DataEn.pak
target hash is 9BAF71AA
actual hash is 13E3327B
base hash is BBE82F6D
generated 57154 bytes of magic
success! final hash of 9BAF71AA
size: 749047 -> 1966102
X:\dead island\DI>

If it crashes / doesn’t work, let me know!

Gibbed.DeadIsland.FixZip.exe [-v] [-o] [output zip]

-v for verbose
-o for overwrite (if you don’t specify this, FixZip will crash if you specified an output file name and it already exists)

If you don’t specify an output zip file name, it will default to the modified zip file name.

This will create a new version of modified zip that the game will accept as the original pak file.

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18 Responses to “FixZip: Modifying Dead Island pak files without hacking the engine DLL”

  1. secdude says:

    and this is why crc32 sucks and md5 etc is much safer, good job rick.

  2. Dj Bnw says:

    How can I use it when the Gibbed.DeadIsland.FixZip.exe opens and closes in less than a second? lol
    I dont get it how its supposed to modify my .pak files
    Am i supposed to put it in the Dead Island folder?

    • Dj Bnw says:

      Ok i sort of figured out what to do , now i can atleast run Dead Island , but when i click continue to load my game , it crashes after a few secs at the loading page

      • UX206 says:

        Having the exact same problem, even if i do not modify the Data0.pak, simply extract, and repack using this fix the game still crashes, this can’t be user error from editing parameters incorrectly if nothing was changed to begin with, and im not sure if using winRAR is the problem.

        • JiNN says:

          I dont know even how you can use it xD I cant even make this f***ing think work. THe readme is only made of few words, few shortcuts and we all should “Guess” how to freaking use it -.-
          Are we supposed to rename the god damn file? Overwrite it with modified data zip? Pack all together? Move into one folder?
          It would be rather 1-2 minutes of simple writing down a nice clean instruction for others, but i think its rather a pain in the ass -.-

          • AEterna says:

            (Sorry for my English)
            I know it’s been a while but recently Dead Island Definitive Edition came out and this tool can be useful again 🙂 Oh gosh! People you just don’t know how to use command line programs.
            You can use this program as follows:
            Let’s say you modified Data0.pak contents and repacked it in Now:
            – Put your original Data0.pak into a new folder and rename the file to, say: Data0_original.pak
            – Put your modded (yes .zip, don’t change its extension to .pak) and FixZip files into the same folder as above.
            – Create text file there (e.g. with Notepad) with the following contents:

            @echo off
            Gibbed.DeadIsland.FixZip.exe -v -o “Data0_original.pak” “” “Data0.pak”

            4. Save your new text file as, say: FixData0.pak.bat (yes, .bat not .txt)
            5. Now you should have the following files in your folder:

            Data0_vanilla.pak <- the original pak file
   <- modded pak file
            FixData0.pak.bat <- your newly created .bat file

            6. Run your FixData0.pak.bat file. You should see cmd window and FixZip working results in it.
            7. Voila! You got fixed Data0.pak file which is the one you have to put back in your Dead Island game folder and overwrite the original file in order to see your modifications in game.

            I hope I helped. BTW thanks for the tool, Rick.

  3. vohn says:

    yes! it worked

  4. vohn says:

    is there one of these for ded island 1.3.0 cuz its not werking for that version

  5. SanchoMLD says:

    How to unpack .rpack? (

  6. SanchoMLD says:


    How to use it? any readme?

  7. ABC says:

    What I need to edit and run ?

    • ABC says:

      D:\VictorVal\Dead Island V.3 Repack\DI>”D:\VictorVal\Dead Island V.3 Repack\DI\G
      ibbed.DeadIsland.FixZip.exe” -v -o Data0.pak Data0MOD.pak
      target hash is FE71E651
      actual hash is 1A105EAF
      base hash is D187E06B
      generated 61023 bytes of magic
      success! final hash of FE71E651
      size: 7484249 -> 15859734

      nothing change ?

  8. Xanders says:

    I Need a Gibbed`s Save Editor for derad island riptide for ps3.

    It`s Possible

  9. Xanders says:

    I Need a Gibbed`s Save Editor for dead island riptide for ps3.

    It`s Possible

  10. pffff says:

    create a video plz;]

  11. Sduibek says:

    This worked perfectly, thank you so much! Awesome.

  12. Helo i’m using windows 10 and this program crashed every time when i opening cmd command prompt

  13. Helo i’m using windows 10 and this program crashed every time when i opening cmd command prompt