Deus Ex: Human Revolution no-ads

This will disable the game from downloading ads for the billboards in-game loading screens.

  1. Download
  2. Extract DFEngine.dll to the game directory (eg: X:\Path\To\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex - human revolution), overwriting the original. Backup the original if you wish before extracting if you wish.
  3. Play game.

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14 Responses to “Deus Ex: Human Revolution no-ads”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, thank you very much for your release of a “skip ads” version of patch0.000 for Deux Ex 3.

    Can you please make the same for a modded patch0.000 created by french community to enable english audio with french subs ?
    Link to the modded patch0.000 :
    Or can you make a tutorial to explain how to please ?

    Anyway : thanks for you work.

  2. Zedo Mann says:

    I played through and the only thing I saw even close to a real ad was the Final Fantasy poster in Pritchard’s office.

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  4. Xandor says:

    Thank YOU! I cant believe they put ads on load screen! this worked like a charm.

  5. ReginaldP says:

    So nice of them to keep this piece of annoyance in it’s own DLL instead of hiding it.

  6. Mat says:

    Huge thank you.

  7. I have ALREADY paid money for this game, I DO NOT WANT ads in it.
    Thanks for this mod.

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  9. BTK says:

    Beware of steam file check, I’m not sure how they will like this, it may get you a ban if eidos/square are picky…

  10. Sebu says:

    This is all nice and stuff, but c’mon guys… outbound firewall? I can’t believe the amount of PC gamers that are oblivious of how important outbound protection actually is. If you’re not willing to use a 3rd party firewall, you can enable outbound protection in Windows Vista & 7 native firewall.

  11. Gvaz says:

    Can you reupload the pre-order dlc enabler?