Steam Achievement Manager 6.2


  • Fixes issue with games that have secure achievements unlocked.

You can download the new version of Steam Achievement Manager on its page.

Comment in this post if you’re having issues with the new version.

There has not and will not ever be a virus or trojan in SAM downloads provided through my site, if some random obscure virus scanner picks something up, it’s a false positive.


48 Responses to “Steam Achievement Manager 6.2”

  1. Hello.jpeg says:

    Oops sorry for commenting in the wrong section. Does this mean that I will NEVER be able to cheat the Spiral Sallet?

  2. Johnathan Freeman says:

    So is there even the slightest chance of a VAC ban for this?

  3. zero says:

    error msg pops up when I tried to edit Left 4 Dead 2 stats

  4. ololol says:

    you will not get VAC banned for this, just dont use this program like a retard.

  5. Bukz says:

    For those of you who are curious about whether or not using Steam Achievement Manager will result in a VAC ban/deletion of your steam account/etc. you may be interested in reading my recent Steam support ticket:

    Unfortunately, the support tech did not specify if only my particular usage of Steam Achievement Manager would not result in a VAC ban or not/or deletion of your steam account. However, if you use Steam Achievement Manager strictly for resetting achievements you have already unlocked, and follow the directions (don’t use Steam Achievement Manager while having a VAC protected game running) – you are not at risk for a VAC (according to this support tech).

    Sorry if this is a bit offtopic of whatever. Just trying to do my part. Also, meant to mention that when I tried resetting achievements for Left 4 Dead with Steam Achievement Manager – they would always go back to being unlocked after a few moments. Does this mean that Left 4 Dead has Steam Achievement Manager resistant “server side achievements”?

    Thanks ahead of time and hope this info eases the minds of some potential Steam Achievement Manager users. Nice software btw. 🙂

  6. Bukz says:

    Sorry, just realized that my link won’t be available to everyone? Here is a transcript of the support ticket via pastebin:

  7. Fragile says:

    Recently, i used SAM to unlock some TF2 achievements i wanted to re-do. But i forgot to close the program while i start the game and played agaisnt bots. Will i get vac ban?
    Thank you,
    Have a nice day.

  8. jujuba says:

    Hello, Its safe to edit the stats in Killing Floor, L4D1 & 2 and TF2? can I get VAC Ban?


  9. Lights says:

    First, a big thank you for your amazing software!
    I’ve red on the SAM download page that i can add a game to a list thanks to its ID. But i cant find the games id? How can i ? Or do you have it?
    Thank you.

  10. Lights says:

    Thank your for your answer ! But can i add games i dont have ? I try to put the id of Poker Night At the inventory, 31280, but nothing seems to happen.

  11. Tites says:

    l4d2 stats still have some problems, error message “An item with the same key has already been added”

    • zarathustra says:

      We told Rick that months before your post. Did you even read the threads above your post to see if anyone had already notified him?

      FYI: he’s looking into it…

  12. anonymous says:

    I’d like to know if survival stats reset would be possible in the future for Left 4 Dead 2, since it’s already available for Left 4 Dead.

  13. Planet Earth says:

    I’m using Steam Achievement Manager (latest version) now for nearly a year. I haven’t been banned yet.
    I DON’T relock achievements to unlock them again!
    I only unlock achievements, which is IMPORTANT because the VAC System doesn’t like that achievements that are already been unlocked, are locked again.

    I saw the post by Bukz relating to
    The final post says the answer to ALL questions beeing posted here.

    And I quote

    “Hello Bukz,

    All updates and features are eventually posted in our news feed here:

    Your account would not be VAC banned for using the Steam Achievement Manager.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know – we will be happy to assist you.”

    • Jacko says:

      Hello, Bukz only asked


      “if I were to use this “Steam Achievement Manager” software to reset my achievements in Left 4 Dead (NOT unlock ones I have not earned legitimately) – would I be risking any kind of punishment? (ban, losing my account, etc.?)”

      He doesn’t ask about Unlocking achievements that are locked, so my only question is
      Is unlocking Achievements for TF2 bannable?


  14. Fucker. says:

    what the…..the only download link I can find is 6.3..

  15. Tanaire says:

    31280 Poker Night at The Inventory (DO NOT own this game) wont let you get the achivements for TF2 items.

  16. kissmyasyawanka says:

    is there anyway you can update it and put brink on it?

  17. GamerX says:

    Hey uh, does this work for the Steam Achievements (the Pillars of Community medal/whatever it is lol) I cba creating a video and posting it so yeah..

  18. Anon says:

    So there is no way to bypass the whole “achievement locked” thing? And how can achievements be locked?

  19. Fenway17 says:

    I want Poker Night at the Inventory but i do not own it, any way you could bypass it in the next updates maybe?

  20. DoctoryGame says:

    I agree with Fenway17 I want poker night at the inventory but it says i dont own it please bypass that in the next update.

  21. ZeRobot says:

    I really do appreciate your program.It helped me get all tf2 achievement hats.however its been bugging me whether I could get a vac ban.Also I do not think the stats when edited for killing floor change,try to fix that.
    Thanks for making this program surveyless too

  22. huntsman says:

    Can you add a function that lets us edit in any steam game, becasue I tried getting the poker night at the inventory achievment for the TF2 Lugermorph, however it said error: I do not own that game.

  23. Potato says:

    Agreed. Please allow us to bypass the “Do not own that game” thing…

  24. Vulp says:

    Please help me.
    I havnt got some of the achivment items cause of this do you know why??

  25. CookieMonster says:

    So….. I tried to add games to SAM but is says I need an ID for the game ( the game is poker night at the inventory) your help is much appreciated

    Love u man for making my life a hell lot easier

  26. Jocek051 says:

    kellene sok fegyver (I’m Hungary)

  27. ValC says:

    As of earlier today, SAM will not allow me to change ANY stats at all, even after I check the button saying I accept that if I screw up it’s on me. Every time I press commit it tells me 0 changes have been made.
    I have tried using different computers with no luck.
    Any advice?