Steam Achievement Manager 6.1


  • Fixed issues with crashes occurring when user had a language other than English set for Windows / Steam and certain games.
  • Achievement list will now show the locked version of a icons for locked achievements.
  • Now handles serverside (secure) achievements and prevents you from managing them. (Spiral Knights)
  • (Yes, this means you can’t cheat those hats, good god the amount of crap in my inbox from people whining about this.)

You can download the new version of Steam Achievement Manager on its page.

Comment in this post if you’re having issues with the new version.


37 Responses to “Steam Achievement Manager 6.1”

  1. SK says:

    Well i guess this is the death of SAM since future games will always be secure.

  2. Vadim says:

    it don’t want to use Spiral Knights

  3. dl says:

    Download page not working right now

  4. virus says:

    Heuristic virus (Suspicious.Cloud.5) detected!

  5. Hermine says:

    No they won’t. Spiral Knights is an MMO which is why it can secure its achievements.

  6. PvtVain says:

    Hey the download page isn’t working, any idea?

  7. Edge says:

    WTF?? Download page is closed, and SAM is not work!

  8. Lil Timi says:

    Hi, tried to use this to set some Killing Floor stats, but it just keeps telling me that it can’t change a server-side achievement – which I haven’t tried to change – thus preventing me from changing anything at all related to Killing Floor.
    Can’t tell if it’s a bug or just me.

    • Lil Timi says:

      Should probably add that I’ve used a previous version with KF in the past and didn’t have any problems.

    • Rick says:

      I need more details, I have no issues here. KF does have serverside-only achievements now though.

    • II3eas7 says:

      Having the same problem here.

      Upon selecting the game the error “Sorry, but this is a serverside achievement and cannot be managed with Steam Achievement Manager” will pop up immediately (before you’re able to change anything). If you click “Ok” or try to close the window it’ll just keep popping up indefinitely, forcing you to kill the process with Task Manager.

      • Rick says:

        Oh I see this issue now, it’ll pop up for however many achievements you have actually obtained. I’ll fix it for the next release.

  9. Great says:

    The one shitty game I want to skip over but need the hat to complete the soldier collection, and its also the one game that can’t be used with SAM.

    • Howdy says:

      Just play the game for like 30 mins and you’ll get the achievement, it’s not that hard. And you also get the two free Crystal Energy tanks with Steam, so you’re not likely to run out (unless you suck).

    • Cornelia says:

      This is way more helpful than anyhntig else I’ve looked at.

  10. jujuba says:

    download link still not working =(


  11. Shadow says:

    I used this, but never got the items ingame for TF2? Used it on Poker inventory.

  12. Bukz says:

    What are the possible causes for “Error while retrieving stats: 16”? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  13. andrew says:

    can i add games that i don’t own? if i can someone please tell me how thanks.

  14. TOm says:

    You can’t change killing floor stats. When attempting to send the data it says something like, Error with Kill 20 Christmas Clots – Aborting.

  15. hasser says:

    How exactly are they “server side locked”? Can’t SAM pretend to be the game and send them in like that? I don’t know much about how the secure achievements work on Steamworks, but shouldn’t it be possible?…

  16. Gena says:

    I have “Error while retrieving stats: 16″ with Team Fortress 2 🙁 Any solve?

  17. Torrent2000 says:


    I can not remove my achivements in:

    Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II

    Game ID: 17570


  18. Name says:

    would u please help me in setting up Grand Theft Auto IV – Episodes From Liberty City
    a msg appears when i try starting it

    EFLC.exe Ordinal Not Found
    the ordinal 5372 could not be located in the dynamic link library

  19. Dani says:

    Someone can help me with the Spiral Knights?

    Want to lock again one achievement and not working for this game.

    Wath can i do?

  20. kaki says:

    a szar és a fostos között az a különbség, hogy a szar az egy barna bűzlő kaka, a fostos pedig a kis macska ha feldobod elkapod és hasmenése lessz, akkor fostos lessz (fostos:betegség)

  21. Drocherobot says:

    We are trying to abuse steam through ur great program and can’t run more than 36 sam proccesses under the sandbox.
    Just getting spikes and some of the sam’s just crashing during the time.Need ur help if u can help.
    The reason is in your programm it’s not depends on our hardware.All was good and memory loaded by 15 percents at max,the same situation with cpu.
    Sorry for language issues.

  22. Dungeun says:

    Why it can’t unlock Spiral Knight?

  23. Donko says:

    Just tried it out and…

    Sorry, but this is a protected achievement and cannot be managed with Steam Achievement Manager

  24. HSSQ says:

    Sorry, but this is a protected achievement and cannot be managed with Steam Achievement Manager please repair it or help me somehow.

  25. MehBear says:

    “Sorry, but this is a protected achievement and cannot be managed with Steam Achievement Manager” is extremely annoying for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare…please fix this.