Mirror’s Edge Music

Mirror’s Edge PC port came out a few days ago, I got my copy today. I updated my Unreal3 package reading code that I wrote for Mass Effect to be compatible with Mirror’s Edge archives.

I wrote some code to dump information about all music tracks and made a tool with this information so anyone who has a copy of the PC port can extract the music with ease.

The music files are all in Ogg format.

Note that due to how Unreal packages are generated by the Unreal editor, there are probably lots of dupes of tracks.


As usual if you encounter any bugs or issues feel free to comment this post.

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51 Responses to “Mirror’s Edge Music”

  1. Ben says:

    Nice tool. Appreciate it. πŸ˜€

  2. Xeno says:

    Awesome, you pwn rawr now I’m off to be srscat

  3. Freyar says:

    You don’t happen to know how to stuff custom audio files into those unreal packs do you?

  4. Zoidberg says:

    Whats all this again? Woobooboobooboo!

  5. m4ss says:

    in what directory mirror’s put the music files ?

  6. Rick says:

    Uh, what? It extracts to whatever directory you specify.

  7. Rick says:

    Freyar: It’s generally not possible, due to the complicated nature of unreal package files.

  8. Hondara says:

    Nice Tool yeah, but for the wrong game πŸ˜‰
    I’d like to see this tool fΓΌr GTA4, is this notpossible rick?

    Or is there any other reason you create a soundextractingtool for games like mirror edge, but not for GTA4 with all the great radios?

  9. Help says:

    Rick, I’m sorry that I’m posting it here, but you wouldn’t notice it otherwise.
    It’s about “Steam Achievement Manager 4.0”.

    Can you check if it’s still working? For some reason, it doesn’t list all games and adding games manually doesn’t work.
    If it does work, please contact me through my email, I don’t have SA account and you seldom use your FP account.


  10. Pixelated says:

    Umm.. did you say that you wrote a similar tool for Mass Effect? I recently decided to dust off the old ME DVD and have been playing it again. I can’t help but feel though that ME could have been so much more of it weren’t locked down. So disappointing and so like EA. Bioware has always made their games modder friendly but here comes the first game under the EA miniker and it’s totally locked down like 99.999999% of EA games. Sad.

    So do you have this unpacking tool for Mass Effect PC? Do you know if there are file checks that run at startup to make sure the files haven’t been modified? Thanks.

  11. Rick says:

    It isn’t a case with EA intentionally locking down Mass Effect.

    Unreal Engine 3 games are simply unfriendly to mod themselves in general without having the Unreal Editor, due to the complexity of the file formats involved.

  12. Blizzard says:

    Is there any chance that you could post (or email) some info about your source code, or at least how packages are generated? I’m working on messing with custom levels, the Mirror’s Edge binary, and such. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have much success (I can currently create custom maps in .umap format, but the editor crashes on trying to reopen them…and actual maps from the levels don’t show skyboxes properly), but any information about the .me1 or .umap format that might be new for Mirror’s Edge would be greatly appreciated…or even information from how UT3 did it.

    For reference, I’m using resources from UT3 (editor bitmaps, primarily) to allow the Mirror’s Edge editor to run (with the mirrorsedge.exe command).


  13. David Krutsko says:

    Any way you can write a upk extractor for us? or at least open source the code so others can do it?

  14. Rick says:

    Are you seeking the code for use with Mirror’s Edge or Unreal games in general? Because the code that works for Mirror’s Edge would not work for Mass Effect, etc.

  15. Pixelated says:

    Sorry for the negative EA slant πŸ™‚ So modding Mass Effect would be possible if I installed UnrealEd? I guess I didn’t think it would be as simple as that since many people create mods using Unreal Ed and I have yet to see a single one for Mass Effect. Do you know off hand if there are file checks or encrypted files that would limit what you can create and or modify? Thanks for the reply Rick.

  16. Rick says:

    UnrealEd for Mass Effect? It could be possible, but I doubt it. Most Unreal Engine 3 games have editor support explicitly compiled out. Mirror’s Edge is the first case I’ve seen where editor support was left in, just the editor files were not provided.

  17. Pixelated says:

    Well I’m going to experiment a little and see what’s possible. Thanks for the answers.

  18. PΓ©ter says:

    Hello and thank you for this.
    However, is it possible to make the same thing for sounds and effects?

  19. bias says:

    hi rick,

    nice work, thanks a lot!

    anyway, could you expand this little tool for the DLC audio library?
    it is located at /Program Files/EA Games/Mirror’s Edge/TDDLC/DLC1/Audio/
    and there are 8 small upk files only…


  20. Claudiu says:

    Hey dude, nice stuff, thanks, is there a way to have a look at your source code (for learning purpose) or do you have any article where u say how you made this tool?


  21. Richard says:

    could you please make one for brothers in arms Hells highway?

  22. bias says:

    hi Rick,

    could you make a more free version of your tool where one can choose the upk file to extract?
    it really kicks ass anyway, but would be good to extract DLC audio and other blink video contents as well.

  23. Egon_Freeman says:

    bias: bink video can be extracted (or rather, converted) using Bink Video Tools, they’re free (google)

    I was wondering, since it appears in-game, would anyone know where the hell to find the music from the intro itself? I mean, I have like a dozen different remixes of Still Alive, and yet I can’t find the one playing in the background when Faith first starts her run.

    So I’ve figured, I had to mix that one myself, but:

    a) I don’t have a remix that starts (or even contains) the silence-then-upbeat-instrumental-version of Still Alive, and
    b) before the upbeat, there is this longer, very cool music piece (from Title to the crane) which I also lack

    and both of these tracks appear in-game,


    both of these files are missing from the extracted files.

    Any ideas? Perhaps we’re talking different formats, like MP3 or something else completely? I’m pretty sure they have to be two separate tracks (otherwise board-jump-crane-music timing hell ensue!), but it’d be nice to be able to extract these as well. They MUST be SOMEWHERE in there… right?

    I’ve also checked the OST – not there either.

    What am I missing?

  24. Egon_Freeman says:

    Okay, a little correction – apparently the original music I’m thinking about is “Shine” by Alcorus, and that DOES contain the upbeat part I’m looking for (get the original, not the remix), but not the right `version` (the piece used in the game fades out quicker and is shorter).

    The music I’m talking about is here:


    from 1:14 to about 2:12. (crappy quality though)

  25. bias says:

    egon: its music and effects are rendered along the video realtime. the animation part has parts included from the full version of Still Alive (Solar Fields remix) b.k.a the menu theme, the 3d intro has a violin orchestral part that can be found among the ogg loops and a part from the instrumental version of Still Alive (SP01A_Intro_upk_*.ogg).

    actually i am looking for some animated cutscene musics that are not among the loops.

  26. Stedmister says:

    you know where the audio ytacks for the cutscenes are, and btw it will only allow me to open the first upk file and not the othwea

  27. TeaNotes says:

    TOO COOL!! lookin for this for quite a while now, thanks a lot dude!


  29. Georges says:

    Thank you so much for this great tool! Exactly what I was looking for!

  30. Jtom says:

    SolarFields_Remix is gr8…

    love the app, thanks alot, the oggextract i was using was taking too long! Thanks to you and google, have a great one

  31. […] EDIT: I should mention that the music is nice, and if you have the game there’s a tool to extract it here. […]

  32. Logied says:

    Hello, mate!
    You are so pro in making unpackers, then would you make one for Dark Void music extraction. In fact i suspect the music to be inside of the FMod.tfc file, which is the only possible variant. So many people is praying on you from this moment!)

  33. bugmenot says:

    thank you for coding such a helpfull tool.

  34. Rocca says:

    Hey Rick, I’m surprised this is the only post on your blog that mentions Mass Effect, at least the only post that showed up in results. Man, I’ve been searching for more than an hour now for a solution to change a henchman in a Mass Effect savegame file. This is how I eventually found your ME2 save-game editor and eventually your blog. It may not be a very big issue, but I just want to have this playthrough of ME1 or its story to happen in a certain way, and because I only relied on Quick & Auto Save, I’m not stuck with Wrex before a mission where he will kill an NPC that I want to survive, and I can’t return to Normandy or do anything. So my only solution, besides playing through 3.5 hours from the very beginning (!!), is to find a way to edit the savegame of ME1 to change the henchmen, specifically replace Wrex with anyone else. Do you know any way this can be done?

  35. Brian says:

    Awesome app! Incredibly easy to use as well. Many thanks!

  36. KRAS says:

    Hey dude, how about a SOUND EFFECTS EXTRACTOR PLEASE

  37. nik says:

    Hey, stumbled upon your tool and immediately tried extracting the audio files from ME (which worked fine, so thanks for that). I was just wondering about the quality of the extracted content. I can hardly imagine the developers would use such highly compressed files. VLC tells me the ogg files of the unlocked content audio have a bitrate of 88 kbps which is, pardon my French, pretty shitty. You didn’t happen to decide to compress the files while extracting them for some reason, did you?

  38. knizz says:

    Is it possible to extract data from other Mirrors-Edge-UPKs too? Can you publish the source-code or at least the format specifications?

  39. LanceHavenbay says:

    Wow. You are amazing! Not I just need to find a way to get the effect sounds out of the game. Vocals etc.

  40. King Seamus says:

    Hey Rick!

    Thank you so much for this music extractor man! Brilliant!

    Any way I can configure this to extract all the sfx folders from Mirror’s Edge separately? I actually already did this a month back manually with Watto’s Game Extractor (which took a long-ass time, believe me), but I have to do it over again because of an error I made, and I’m hoping your extractor can quicken the process of sfx .ogg extraction in the same manner that your music extractor works.

  41. jacques says:

    nice works
    (contact me by mail , i need your help,not spam)

  42. kaiserg says:

    Hey man, very nice job on this, loving the cool layered tracks. However, it would be really helpful if we could extract -all- the .upk files in the audio folder instead of only the music .upk packages. I’ve been searching for quite a while on how to extract these files so I can use the SFX in video projects, and your program is the closest I found that could help me do so. If it would be at all possible to allow us to extract every .upk in the folder, it would be much appreciated. But kudos on the program nonetheless, at least we can get a good portion of the files right now. πŸ™‚

  43. ScorpyX says:

    I was just flipping through your blog
    and remembered this tool
    Thank you Rick – you doing good things
    its make me happy
    thanks again

  44. 19ninety says:

    Cheers for this tool, just completed the game and love the ambient music πŸ™‚

  45. Ravius says:

    Thanks a lot! I love the music in the game and was looking for a way to load it on my player. Again, thanks!

  46. FJ says:

    The song I was looking for was not in the file ambient, it should be inside other upk file, but with your applicantion I just can extract 1 file, is it other app that coudl help me to download more music from other files?

  47. instrument says:

    You are so awesome! I do not suppose I have read
    through anything like that before. So wonderful to find somebody
    with some unique thoughts on this issue. Really.. thank you for
    starting this up. This website is one thing that’s needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!