Left4Dead is out

And I’ve updated the Steam Achievement Manager games list to remove the demo & add the full game.


16 Responses to “Left4Dead is out”

  1. chun says:

    why the Supported Games list still Demo


  2. Rick says:

    Because I hadn’t updated that list :).

  3. > says:

    Is the Extractor broken for the full version? I can’t extract anything with GCF or your application.

  4. Rick says:

    No, it isn’t. I need more information before I can help you.

  5. > says:

    I’m not finding any .vpks. I run the program, nothing comes up in the UI, I have it in my left 4 dead/left 4 dead folder. I can see the .vpks with my GFCscape (though it says the files do not contain any data)

    I must just be using it wrong but mainly i can’t find anything to extract.

  6. Andrew D says:

    A tiny little bug I’ve found, either something to do with Steam or the Achievment manager, but, after using the Manager once on L4D, now, achievment icons do not appear, and some achievments, when locked and then unlocked again, become glitched and are impossible to achieve normally.

  7. Andrew D says:

    Yeah, for some odd reason, I get achievment pictures of Stewie and shit.

    Is this something of your doing? :p

  8. Rick says:

    No, it’s a bug in Steam. Friends lists, achievements, etc, all share an id space for icons, so it’s possible for achievements to get the wrong id for an icon and end up with an icon that came from a friend on your friends list.

  9. Andrew D says:

    So, basically, I need to wait for Valve to indentify it as an issue and release an update for Steam?

    Hopefully they’ll have a fix soon, as it’s pretty annoying.

  10. Jeff says:

    Is it possible to set Stats too?

    As for example, when you get all DOD:S Achievements, while you have only 30 Kills, people can see that you cheated the Achievements.

    Would be a nice feature to add, if possible.

  11. synthiac says:

    Hey Rick, can you dump me a list of achievement IDs to my e-mail? It’s for “research” purposes.

  12. Rick says:

    No need, run L4D, open console, type sv_cheats 1, type achievement_status.

  13. Demon1589g says:

    Good Job !!!

  14. Anon says:

    Nice Virus in version 6.1