Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (GitHub releases)

  • Releases have been moved to GitHub.

Download latest release from GitHub.

If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), please create a new GitHub issue. You can comment on this post as well, but GitHub issues will see more attention.

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42 Responses to “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (GitHub releases)”

  1. chad says:

    Getting Failed to load save: invalid SHA1 Hash

    I’ve tried everything I’ve found including making sure I select PS3 file, running as Admin, etc. Any help appreciated!

    • Sirrah says:

      Its not decrypted. Needs a key from game.conf so get the updated conf. Brute force attempts without it using a fall back key and appears to work but doesn’t. The right key starts with 0 not C.

    • Jacob says:

      Having samd issue invalid SHA1 hash. Rick please help ive been trying for weeks to figure this out.
      I have followed all steps amd guidence i can I really need some help figuring this out.
      Much appreciated if anyone can help email at

  2. Pissedoff says:

    How are we suppose to use the damn program when you can’t even download the bloody thing

  3. Cassidy says:

    there is no download link but it says Download latest release from GitHub then you press it and it wont let you save it or open and I really just want to know whats going on

  4. Tamara Griesel says:

    EXE file doesn’t seem to exist

  5. Devon says:

    I keep getting an issue with the program when trying to load my xbox 360 save file: Failed to load save: Invalid or unsupported version. I have the editor set to xbox 360 saves, extracted the save file via Modio 5, and I’ve used your software before with no issues (a few years ago though).

    I don’t have any of the DLC and the save file I’m trying to upload was originally dated from October 2014. I tried booting into the game and did a save/quit just to get an updated save, but am still having the same issue. I’m currently downloading the compatibility pack and am wondering if this is required? Should I try making a new character and editing that? Or is there a known issue I should know about?

    Thanks in advance, great editor btw; used it a lot a few years ago!

    • Devon says:

      Sorry Rick, I don’t need a reply; I’m an idiot :p I was changing my format to an xbox 360 save under the GENERAl tab but not when I was actually loading my save.

  6. Woup says:

    Hey i used your software on borderlands 2 and now i use it on borderlands pre sequel.

    I don’t rememeber how level up a caracter and not fuck is level progression (mean that if i up a caracter level 40, how can i do to play it and level up 41, for exemple ?

  7. Matt says:

    when I try to save my file it says I do not have permission. can you tell me why

  8. Revyek says:

    Thank you for this awesome tool!! I really appreciate it! I just got the presequel game and I am looking at the Github page, and I am unsure which download I am to use? Do I get the BorderlandsOz or the Saveedit?? I don’t know which to get. Thanks for the help!

    • iNfeRnO says:

      I am also confused about this.

      I understand that the ones with symbols have, well, symbols somewhere I guess. But what is the difference between and

  9. Godswrath88 says:

    I don’t see a .exe file or anything. I downloaded the master zip but can’t seem to find anything. Help?

  10. 51 says:

    your job seems to be great and powerfull tool. i’ve red about it in some steam guide and got interested in for some problem i have.
    i can’t get the ‘beam me up’ achievement (and for that i can’t get also a ‘cosmic completionist’ one), although i’m pretty sure i’ve been everywhere.
    is there a way to use your tool to check missing location? i tried to find this, but i’m have no idea about such a stuff. can you let me know how to check it (if it’s possible).
    thank you in advance and have a good day.

  11. Nesjok says:

    I also have this question that what is the difference between these two similar zip

  12. Haughm says:

    Hello guys. Anyone having trouble with the program not running? I launch it, it shows up in Task Manager for about 2 sec, then it just gradually stops using memory and whatnot and fades, no errors, no compatibility suggestions from Windows…
    I’m using Win10. Let me know if you need any relevant info.

    P.S.: tried all the versions available at Github.

  13. E.M says:

    Hay um.. can this be used on phone?? If not can you make on able to use on phone… Thanks

  14. amhenry says:

    For some reason I’m getting an issue where the file that I gib with this program becomes corrupted and is unable to be read the file after it is gibbed. Is there a way to fix this?

  15. Eren says:

    How can ı get golden key ı do everything but ı can get golden key how can ı

  16. asiid says:

    i got brute foce…an I’m on git…but how do I download gibbed save editor…im a newbee…please help sum one…

  17. easports says:

    exe file doesnt exist please help

    • Rick says:

      Download “” from the link provided.

      • Tony Boyd says:

        It does not work. I’m using Bruteforce version 4.2.9 and downloaded your pre-sequel update version. But to no avail, it gives me the “invalind SHA1 hash”. Have you figured ANY way to fix this issue?

  18. Tony Boyd says:

    It does not work. I’m using Bruteforce version 4.2.9 and downloaded your pre-sequel update version. But to no avail, it gives me the “invalind SHA1 hash”. Have you figured ANY way to fix this issue?

  19. The Butcher says:

    So is there a way to make this work on PS4? I have around 80 keys. I just need to boost my lvl a bit. Any help is appreciated.

  20. Edgar says:

    You should add the fast travel section like in the borderlands 2 verson.That would really help

  21. Lamas Cazartelli says:

    Im loading the Pre sequel save file .. y try to changue de skils points value .. but in the game de value is not change .


  22. John says:

    Will you make (a new one) for Borderlands GOTY Enhanced?

  23. Trevor Swartz says:

    Hey so ive enjoyed both the Borderlands 2 and Pre sequel editors but ive come across one little problem. in the pre sequel editor im unable to load anything over lvl 70. I have all the dlc and it wont let me use anything stronger than lvl 70 which is the level of everything in ult vault hunter mode. ive even tried inputing the overpower function but that wont save and/or load into the game. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  24. sosen says:

    Where do i put the save file?

  25. mike bowen says:

    Hey, My Borderlands 2 save editor works fine with Bruteforce save. But, I save the file with the Pre-sequel seems to keep giving this error message ‘invalid SHA1 Hash’. So what is a workaround for this? I have downloaded the latest version of the gib for Borderlands the pre-sequel but I am out of options… Would like some guidance. I can’t load the data at all when using my PS3 save…

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