Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer

Here is a basic trainer for GTA IV, features:

  • Invincibility
  • Fast Reload
  • Never Get Tired

This trainer will work with and without my XLive wrapper.

Note: this trainer is for GTA IV only, the trainer does not attempt to validate that you are running at all, using it with other versions may lead to unexpected behavior.

Basic Trainer for GTA IV

Running the trainer will immediately activate all mentioned features. If you do not become invincible, simply run the trainer again and it should take.

This trainer will refuse to activate if it detects you are playing in multiplayer.

This trainer is based on the superman example script provided in Alice, created by Alexander Blade, in standalone form.

As usual, please report any problems, etc in comments to this post.

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163 Responses to “Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer”

  1. zack says:

    Maybe this article will help with the OpenProcess problems between XP and Vista? http://nsylvain.blogspot.com/2008/01/winverwin32winnt-mayhem.html

  2. Rick says:

    zack, that is a very interesting link and I hadn’t seen that problem before, thanks!

  3. User says:

    So what do I do about the “Never gonna get it” Problem?
    I’m running this on a Vista with a cracked version though is says somewhere that cracked or legit that it doesn’t matter.
    Is there anything I need to disable? I’m pretty sure I’m not playing multiplayer.

  4. F.S.M. says:

    Pleaaaase do it for XP =(

  5. Tutenchamun says:


    no problem with the trainer so far.
    I’ve got Vista SP1 and GTA IV patched.
    When I activate the trainer, it works probably, but at some point, I haven’t figured out exactly at which point, It doesn’t work anymore, and I can’t reactivate it. Sucks dude.
    But I don’t get this errors most people are talking ’bout.

  6. Pablo says:

    I search valid crack for patch 1, is possible or not? Thnak you guys 😉

  7. Code says:

    Problem with Alice (trainer didn’t work). I’m using XP and havn’t patched (don’t know where to get crack for patched one). The game crashes after I press start and wait until it has loaded. I tried removing my savegames too, but that didn’t change anything.

  8. E71 says:

    Vista 64 SP1, Legit copy (non-steam) with Fed0r launcher to circumvent Rockstar’s Nazi-ware.

    Not working for me with cannot access GTA IV error.

    Resorted to using Alice scripts although it would have been great if we could have had the fast reload (Rick, maybe you can release the script for that?) 😉

  9. .A>D. says:

    when i run trainer in game me says |Never gonna get it, never gonna get it…beyotch!| what i must to do ?? plz help

  10. Andrew D says:

    .A>D. Don’t try and run the trainer in multiplayer.

  11. Trackah123 says:

    For me the trainer worked in Vista (having the original bought game).. At least the invincibility thing worked.. unfortunately GTA4 does not run stable here on Vista while XP does.

    in XP it does not work.. same message “Cannot open GTAIV #1” something like that..

  12. S.T. says:

    Running windows Vista x86. I bought the game but I used the Razor crack so I don’t have to leave the DVD in the computer. It works great for me, except I keep having to restart after missions and in new missions. Just had to patch the game to It also worked before I used the Razor crack. Thanks Rick.

  13. .A>D. says:

    i have non cracked

  14. GTAIVNooB says:

    If your using a cracked version of GTAIV you can patch it and it will run without additional cracks.

    This hack didnt work for me, it says cant find GTA IV<<< My exe is GTAIV (NO GAP) Is that just text or is that the actual exe search term on the error window???

    Is there some way to unprotect the memory as it crashes when i try debugging with cheat engine.

    If anyone is able to debug with no issues check out the following address’s

    00FB4D00 <<<<< Health is 200 FLOAT, but this is possibly a decoy address….
    007B4FAA <<<<< D8 2D 00 4D F6 00 FSUBR DWORD PTR [00FB4D00] <<< this access’s the address for Health.

    A little below that address is a FSTP <<< Store real…. Hmmmmmmm

    Windows XP
    Service pack 3


  15. Max says:

    Nice one – Worked like a charm


  16. ali says:

    well the msg comes your now invincible etc but i loose health and my ammo does take time to reload but i dont
    get tired which is a good thing – any new updates coming along? nice work btw!

  17. linkinstreet says:

    Hmm, I tried it, and it says it will give me “unlimited life yada yada” but back in the game I still got killed. Must be somethign wrong I did. The game is patched to and is original BTW

  18. linkinstreet says:

    ok, I noticed that it would only work up to the point the game loads a cutscene or autosave. After that it will reset to normal and I have run it again 🙁

  19. faamecanic says:

    I have a legit installed copy patched to latest, running game and running around street, Did the DEP thing (selected the trainer to run with no dEP), ALT-TAB out and get the Could not Access GTA IV(#1) error

    running XP Home SP3

  20. kakauko says:

    in xp it doesn’t work on vista its work 🙂

  21. GameKiller says:

    Hi there,

    the trainer does not work. First, I opened GTA IV and then the trainer. The info appeared. But I can still be killed. I got Windows Vista x64 and patched GTA IV on newest version (legal version).

  22. GTA4 says:

    The trainer works but you will have to re-run the trainer after each cut-scene


  23. Framished says:

    Works great for me. Thanks Rick!

    Steam version
    Vista x64 Ultimate

  24. Aids says:

    The trainer will reset everytime you lose control of the character.
    e.g. Logging onto the internet, Cut scenes…etc.

    One thing which i didn’t think works is the fast reload. Doesn’t seem any faster to me.

    I’m on Vista x64. Legit.

  25. Manji says:

    *thumbs up, rick*
    patched legal non-steam copy, vista 64, trainer.exe wherever you want, run game 1st, run trainer as admin > works fine 🙂
    but: how can i return to normal before saving?

  26. sander says:

    as i open the trainer there come ” you are now invincible never get tired and fast reload but i am not invincible!…

  27. sander says:

    i want a new trainer for patch 2#

  28. Tk says:

    Thnx…. lot best man…

  29. lala says:

    i need gta iv trainer

  30. wtfwtf says:

    This is shit.
    “Never gonna get it never gonna get it.. beyotch!” is all it says.
    fuk u

  31. evile420 says:

    doesnt work, non cracked version… same problem as 99% of the ppl here

  32. candyman3 says:

    my guess is….this “trainer” sucks

  33. Austin says:

    I tried to add your 100% Save File, but I do not believe I did it right. I added the save file and .dll and used the wrapper progam and deleted them when I was finished, and I loaded up IV. The ‘Story Complete’ save was there, but when I tried to load, it should it could not be found on my hard drive. Could you post a complete step-by step process or video on how to do this? I would be much obliged!

  34. Phil says:

    I’m running vista 64 sp1 and have a legit copy. I ran the trainer and it gave me the multiplayer error even though I’m not running this in multiplayer and have found nothing anywhere in terms of turning multiplayer on or off. If I could toggle it off then maybe I could atleast retry the trainer. Not sure why I’m getting this issue, but oh well.

  35. edo says:

    what i must do that trainer works

  36. edo says:

    i got xp sp3

  37. Wintereise says:

    This thing says never gonna get it….never gonna get it beyotch!
    What the goddamned fuck?

  38. Jason says:

    the fuck dude im on my game and i start the trainer and heres my message

    Never gonna get it, never gonna get it…beyotch
    i dont know who you are but ur a fucker to taunt someone like this

  39. Ghost says:


    This is other question. I downloaded the save game file and I followed the instructions but now when i want to play GTA 4 it says don’t send. Why is that???

  40. Rick says:

    Hi guys this trainer is sucks
    i wount work

  41. david says:

    hey i just downloaded GTA and i donwloaded a save file from a certain mission im using the razor 1991 crack
    by the way im runnnig windows 7 RTM
    so i but your xlive.dll file in my gta directory and run gta then i get the usual black msdos screen coz of the razor crack
    then the screen goes gray and the game crashes..
    what should i do?

  42. anonymous coward says:

    david: buy the game

  43. aker says:

    hey, rick, i downloaded your gta 4 game from piratebay and when i try to start it it says that the game cant start because xlive.dll is missing and i can see the x live wrapper on the folder and in there there is a read me file which tells me what to do but i dont understand soi entered your blog for help, aker!

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  45. Alex says:

    Rick, please … how do I change the language?…( russian –> English )…how?..

  46. Alex says:

    HELP ME !! how do I change launguage in the game?…..cant speak russian … :s

  47. Evan says:

    why if i open the trainer it says nevergonnagetiit

  48. joe says:

    you put this up over a year ago so you’re probably not interested in working on it any more, plus there’s spam in the comments here so you probably don’t still read them but i’ll try anyway

    i’ve been playing for 30+ hours and my autosave game file became corrupted on its own (i was just playing normally). i read that your wrapper will get the game to load it without checking the hash so i tried it but now when i start the game (Rockstar Games Social Club dialog, i hit the PLAY button), the GTA4 process starts running at 100% on one core but no windows appear and nothing visibly happens to the PC.

    any idea how i can get this working? thanks 🙁

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