Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer

Here is a basic trainer for GTA IV, features:

  • Invincibility
  • Fast Reload
  • Never Get Tired

This trainer will work with and without my XLive wrapper.

Note: this trainer is for GTA IV only, the trainer does not attempt to validate that you are running at all, using it with other versions may lead to unexpected behavior.

Basic Trainer for GTA IV

Running the trainer will immediately activate all mentioned features. If you do not become invincible, simply run the trainer again and it should take.

This trainer will refuse to activate if it detects you are playing in multiplayer.

This trainer is based on the superman example script provided in Alice, created by Alexander Blade, in standalone form.

As usual, please report any problems, etc in comments to this post.

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163 Responses to “Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer”

  1. Hiro says:

    LOL – I think the trainer just RICK ROLL’D me!!!

  2. F.S.M. says:

    So Rick, tell us: What are your specs? Cracked or legal? Vista or XP?

    For me the usual error on XP SP3

  3. BuG says:

    Just use Alice and the superman script Rick linked above. It works perfectly on my cracked version while the trainer does not.
    BTW – gtaiv.exe is original retail in all that cracks, only the launcher was changed.

  4. v says:

    i already said that this country “ban” this game (gta4) no sell no buy and “no import”.
    this game is in the black list it cannot import, if i do it i may go in jail.
    and as i see cracked or no-cracked are same.. “could not access”
    (not play in multiplayer)

  5. One51 says:

    For those who get “Could not find GTA” message, i use razor crack for launchgtaiv.exe only and it works. Thx for this trainer Rick.

  6. bLank says:

    I believe Rick is using legal version of GTA IV.

    So I guess, only everybody with legal GTA IV are able to run the trainer.

  7. Rick says:

    I’m using Vista, and yes, with a legal version of GTA IV. I’m sure the errors people are receiving are likely to be access denied in OpenProcess. I’ll make a new version of the trainer with slightly better error messages.

  8. v says:

    thank you, Rick

  9. One51 says:

    Actually, i’m legal version and xlive wrapper. it didn’t work. I replaced launchgtaiv.exe with the one from razor crack, it work.

  10. bLank says:

    One51, I am using rzr crack and it didn’t work.

    Access denied in OpenProcess? Any way to allow it?

  11. One51 says:

    blank, i don’t know about that. Beside that, i just discover that you must run the trainer every time you load a savegame.

  12. GN GSXR says:


  13. Bob says:

    Doesn’t work.

    “Cannot find GTA(#1)” Both with or without your xlive wrapper.

    XP SP3 Patched to as administrator

    Steam version. Running the trainer from anywhere

  14. washow says:

    Cannot find GTA(#4) error here. Installed the patcha nd the wrapper. Vixta x64 and cracked(fedor) version of the game

  15. Multiplex says:

    Tried the trainer first with fedor crack, did not work (cannot find GTAIV). Then used razor1911 crack, trainer responded with: Invincibility.
    But still it did not work. I then restarted the trainer and it worked fine. Invincibility from bullets, jumping from buildings and grenades.
    Thanks for this trainer, Rick! Oh yeah, XLivewrapper works fine too. Finally I can load save games from other players as well.

  16. F.S.M. says:

    So the trainer works with the razor-crack?

  17. bLank says:

    Multiplex, which version of GTA IV are you running?

  18. Toez says:

    Hey Rick,

    I was not trying to play the game on multiplayer, I was just outside of the first house at the start of the game, about 10 missions into the game. Only thing I think that could be causing that is if I can’t run it while connected to the internet at all…because I can assure you, that I wasn’t even looking at the multiplayer or anything, and haven’t the whole time I’ve had this game.

  19. Athena says:

    I don’t open trainer , I use XP SP3 and Razor1911

  20. Multiplex says:

    I’m using the patched version, GTA IV, razorcracked, on Vista64.

  21. HoJJaT says:

    Could not Access GTA IV(#1)

    why? what do i do?

  22. Medievil says:

    Hey guys can u help me plz plz plz plz ? ? ? ? ? /? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? lol 😀 so ! i need help on this piss of shisszle I cant Save my game! it says Make an account or smthing gimme sum help plox . danke

  23. Rob says:

    Excellent stuff Rick. Any plans to extend the functionality to a fixed wanted level, infinite ammo, etc? Or for that matter enable/disable controls? I’d love it if you could, or a HOWTO for doing this ourselves. IMO the free roam in singleplayer would be much improved by being less punitive, which this’d help with.

    Cheers, Rob.

  24. ginux says:

    I’m using vista x86, gta iv, fedor cracked and i get Could not Access GTA IV(#4)
    i tried to run it as administrator, with and without xlive wrapper

  25. One51 says:

    I’m using vista x86, gtaiv retail version, xlive wrapper and razor crack. The trainer works, but i have to restart the trainer every time i load a savegame. Is this happen to anyone else?

  26. bLank says:

    Do you leave your original GTA IV.exe or do you replace it with razor crack?

  27. Multiplex says:

    yes, I have to restart the trainer every time as well. Sometimes it stops working for no reason at all.
    Bit of a bummer. Memory hacking myself seems to work better, don’t know why.
    No, leave the patched GTA IV.exe alone, just replace the LaunchGTAIV.exe (after backupping) and the 1911.dll.

  28. psy12 says:

    Seems like it only work on Vista.
    I’m with XP SP3, tried both original and Razor1911 doesn’t work. same Can’t access memory error

  29. longboardskier says:

    Have XP 32bit, SP3, patched game. Not using a crack (100% legal version). Have tried alt-tabbing out while in-game and get the Could not access GTA IV (#1) error. Tried disabling DEP.

  30. Paddy says:

    @ mmaama: I didn’t have to do anything special to get this working, I just followed the instructions 😀 If it matters I’m using Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64, with the untouched retail game (no cracks or xlive wrappers). Well, I say “untouched”, obviously it’s been patched up to the latest version.

    I’ve noticed a couple of things whilst running this trainer. Firstly, when the trainer is on, you can’t fall off your motorbike no matter what happens to you (I’m not complaining, it makes things interesting!). Secondly, the trainer occasionally stops working during the game (not sure if it’s a bug or something I’m doing wrong).

    I’ve also noticed that explosion physics don’t affect you (that is, you aren’t blown off your feet when a bomb goes off near you). I’m assuming this is part of how the invincibility works.

    This trainer has given new life to this game for me, I’m playing Nico pinball quite a lot (throwing myself from a moving helicopter and ricochetting off of as many buildings as possible before eating the pavement). Hours of fun!! 😉

    Cheers Rick.

    Merry Christmas.

  31. Andrew says:

    Got it working, had to crack th game with razor crack. I BOUGHT the game but it wouldnt work without the crack. Only invulnerability worked, no reload didnt. I run windows vista 32bit.

    Trainer finally randomly killed me as I was throwing grenades out of a tugboat mid river. I survived falling out of helis, blowing up next to cars, and many other things

  32. shag says:

    i don’t know why but it always stops working when im on a mission and even if i try restarting it, still nothing

  33. Nicolas says:

    Is there any way to unlock all the clothes on multiplayer for LAN play and video making, using a Offline account?

  34. GrafvonSchnaps says:

    the trainer works fine…

    the only problem is that it stop working after every cutscene… so i have to restart it after every cutscene in missions etc… thats realy annoying ^^

    but thanks ricks for doing a nice easy working trainer (=

  35. longboardskier says:

    Is there anyone with XP that has it working?

  36. d512 says:

    thanks rick for that!!!! it works fine! – i use vista and the razor crack… i only have to start the trainer two times…but wayne?

  37. HoJJaT says:

    plz help me

    Could not Access GTA IV(#1)

    what do i do?

    i use Fedor Crack & patch & Windows XP SP 3

  38. Paddy says:

    That’s a good point, Andrew; what does the “fast reload” cheat do? I don’t see any difference and I’m now wondering if I need to crack my game in order for it to take effect.

    Cheers dudes 😀

  39. HoJJaT says:

    plz help me

    Could not Access GTA IV(#1)

    what do i do?

    i use Fedor Crack & patch & Windows XP SP 3

  40. mda656 says:

    im using xp sp3 also and it didnt work…
    maybe its only working for vista???
    i;ve tried both fedor and razor crack…

  41. Apelsin4ik says:

    Use this scrpt:
    1.God Mod (100% Invincibility)
    2.Unlimited Ammo (With reload)

  42. David says:

    Well, Great trainer !! But actually, I managed to die 😛

  43. qwert says:

    I am getting the error that it is detecting multiplayer. I can assure you that I am not in multiplayer. Am I using razor1911 crack, with your xlive wrapper. Am I using the wrong version of something?

  44. gta guy says:

    Hi Rick.

    Could you make some mod or fix to get the 25ms ping limit off multiplayer?


  45. qwert says:

    The trainer still thinks I am in multiplayer when I am not. So I hacked around the multiplayer checks. I get the “You are now invincible, never get tired, and have fast reload.” message, but it still doesn’t train the game properly. I guess I am on a wrong version or something.

  46. One51 says:

    hojjat, try use razor crack. Replace launchgtaiv.exe and 1911.dll, don’t replace gtaiv.exe.

  47. F.S.M. says:

    XP Sp3, legal game but Razor-Crack: Does not work (can’t acces…)

  48. One51 says:

    I’m using legal version too. But the trainer only work with razor crack (and xlive wrapper maybe…)

  49. psy12 says:

    Tested on both XP SP3 and Vista

    XP SP3:
    Both Original and Razor crack doesn’t work with the trainer. Give can’t access GTA error

    Vista 32Bit:
    Used Razor crack, trainer worked ok, though you have to restart it every now and then.
    Haven’t tried with the original exe. Don’t wanna deactivate – reactivate my game just for testing. DRM sucks even more for legit owners…

  50. bLank says:

    Maybe that explains it.

    This trainer only works for Vista users. Too bad for people who use XP like me.

    Unless someone finally managed to get this trainer working on XP. I’ll stick with Alice for now.

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