Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer

Here is a basic trainer for GTA IV, features:

  • Invincibility
  • Fast Reload
  • Never Get Tired

This trainer will work with and without my XLive wrapper.

Note: this trainer is for GTA IV only, the trainer does not attempt to validate that you are running at all, using it with other versions may lead to unexpected behavior.

Basic Trainer for GTA IV

Running the trainer will immediately activate all mentioned features. If you do not become invincible, simply run the trainer again and it should take.

This trainer will refuse to activate if it detects you are playing in multiplayer.

This trainer is based on the superman example script provided in Alice, created by Alexander Blade, in standalone form.

As usual, please report any problems, etc in comments to this post.

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163 Responses to “Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: A Basic Trainer”

  1. Martin says:

    Hi! 🙂
    Thanks for it.
    But.. where I must copy Trainer.exe? In X:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV it doesn’t work.. “Error: Could not find GTA IV”

  2. Rick says:

    It can be anywhere, are you running GTAIV as an admin or another user?

    • aker says:

      hey, rick, i downloaded your gta 4 game from piratebay and when i try to start it it says that the game cant start because xlive.dll is missing and i can see the x live wrapper on the folder and in there there is a read me file which tells me what to do but i dont understand soi entered your blog for help, aker

  3. Martin too LOL says:

    Hi Rick

    I get an Error too….I am using but when when I try running the Trainer I get “Could not Access GTA IV(#1)”

    why that 😡

  4. Rick says:

    Failed to open process, probably access denied, trainer needs to run as administrator or same user as the game.

  5. drop says:

    yes, im using as administrator and dont find GTA too 😀

  6. Jovaras says:

    I get the same “Could not Access GTA IV(#1)”, tho I’m running administrator. WinXP SP3.

  7. Martin says:

    Ah, my mistake 😉
    I run GTA IV as quest. For admin isall right 🙂

  8. drop says:

    ah I know the problem you need run the game and run the trainer in-game =)

  9. NetJaro says:

    Hmm.. I’m running as administrator and i have “Could not Access GTA IV(#1)”.

  10. Paddy says:

    If a “never wanted by the cops” cheat could be developed I’d be a happy man, but god mode will certainly suffice for now! 😉


  11. Andrew says:

    I get “Could not Access GTA IV (#4) Running Vista, and I have given the trainer admin access. Any idea?

  12. drop says:

    open the trainer in-game!

  13. Paddy says:

    Holy shit, this trainer protects you from fire, bullets, bombs, falling, car exploding (even with you in the car), and apparently GOD HIMSELF! I don’t think [anything] can harm you with this trainer running.

    Amazing work mate, thank you!!

  14. Rick says:

    You can still be arrested, does that count?

  15. Jovaras says:

    I do open the trainer while alt-tabbed out of game, “Could not Access GTA IV(#1)”.

  16. Ahura says:

    Same as most people here…running as Administrator and got the error “Could not Access GTA IV(#1)”. =/

  17. Andrew says:

    anyone actually made it work? if so what o/s are you using? and where did you install the game / where is the trainer?

  18. mmaama says:

    Paddy how the hell did you got it working…. seems that all except you get that “Could not Access GTA IV(#1)”

  19. dwux says:

    damn it wont work 🙁

  20. mmaama says:

    well, not working for me, but a mate said only “Never Get Tired” worked for him.

  21. Mykei says:

    Could not Access GTA IV(#1)

    Running as admin, opening from in-game, yada yada yada.

  22. poon tang says:

    i put trainer.exe in the game folder

    i am patched to 1.0.1 version.

    winxp sp3.

    same error as everyone else above. “no access”

    i run the game in windowed mode, and alt-tab out

  23. v says:

    could not access gta 4

    can you make step by step how to make it work

    windows xp sp3 run gtaiv.exe as admin and run trainer as admin

  24. InvertedHavok says:

    Getting the same, “Could not Access GTA IV(#4)”

  25. sirConnel says:

    thank your rick it works fine
    your are best 🙂

  26. lanseeker says:

    hey rick!
    i hope that you can help us to play GTA4 over Hamachi (vpn) and LAN.
    our problem is that we get kicked when we have pings above 20ms!
    perhaps you have a good solution for that?
    please send me an email.

  27. fleadog99 says:

    This seems not to work on my Purchased copy. It says that it is working says you will now be invincible blah blah, but when I tab back into the game nothing seemed to change. Does anyone else have this working on Vista 32 purchased copy, with disc in drive?

  28. elevator13 says:

    “Could not access GTA IV (#1).”

    Same problem as everyone else, running on XP Media Center SP3.

  29. Geralt says:

    You all need to make sure that you are in the game, running around the streets or something, and then Alt+Tab out of the game and open up the trainer!

    Thanks for this, Rick!

  30. bLank says:

    Could not access GTA IV #1.

    What could go wrong? =/

  31. Geralt says:

    Hmm.. Some other people seem to be getting the same problem.

    What operating system are you using, and are you using a non-cracked version of the game? It may no work properly if you have the game cracked.

  32. v says:

    i can’t play non-cracked version because my country ban this game no sell no buy no import
    cannot import from amazon or anywhere, then i have to play cracked version (by razor) with illegal disc.

  33. Toez says:

    I run it and it says “Never gonna get it, never gonna get it…beyotch!” What the hell is this shit?!?!

  34. Geralt says:

    I’m sure you could import it!

    That’s probably the reason it isn’t working for a lot of people, because of cracked exe’s; thats my guess anyway.

  35. Geralt says:

    Toez, what are you talking about? Lmao… are you serious?

  36. Toez says:

    Yes, I am serious….This is just stupid!

  37. Geralt says:

    It works for me.. =/

  38. Toez says:

    Well I’d really like to know why it’s doing this. I’ve downloaded the one from this blog twice, and other copies i’ve found on other sites….but they all do the same thing….GRRR

  39. Geralt says:

    Are you using a non-cracked version of the game? It may no work properly if you have the game cracked.

  40. Toez says:

    No my game is cracked, but other people here have been saying they get other error messages when they try to run it…not this ridiculous one. Note that when I am not running GTA I get the message saying GTA is not running, so it is recognising that its running.

  41. Geralt says:

    My guess is it’s something to do with the cracked exe.

  42. Toez says:

    Well not like I can play without a cracked exe. Meh, I give up….I’m growing bored of GTA anyway.

  43. Gandalf says:

    not working for me … Could not access gtaiv (#1)

    using original GTAIV.exe (non cracked exe) v retail version (non steam). GTAIV.exe process already running otherwise it’ll display Could not find GTA message (a different message of course). Running WindowsXP SP3

  44. Rick says:

    Toez: Naughty naughty, that is the error you get if you try to use it in a multiplayer game :).

    • mortedraco says:

      im getting the same thing but im not playing online i dont think (sorry im kinda new to this game) or at least im not trying to play online

  45. Geralt says:

    Ha.. Never thought of that Rick.. Nice one. 😉

  46. Jovaras says:

    No it has nothing to do with cracked exe, I have legal version and it doesnt work.

  47. Geralt says:

    Hmm.. Well, Rick is the only one who can help you with that…

  48. snoepie says:

    Hey rick, great work you did on GTAIV man, you have an e-mail adress or chat browser, would like to have a chat with you man, great work, keep it up.

  49. last_apoc says:

    “This trainer will refuse to activate if it detects you are playing in multiplayer.”

    I’m really happy you did this, nice to see someone cares about people having fun in SP but still playing right in MP.

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