Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (Revision 7)

Get the new version.

  • Initial release (hotfix).
  • As this is the first release, damage to your save files could occur. Don’t use it if you don’t want to take that risk.
  • Fast Travel tab is (obviously) missing, due to changes in how that’s handled. It may return in the future.
  • I have no idea if console (PS3, 360) formats/compression was changed at all, so that may be broken.
  • Fixed some reencode issues, if you encounter more, please comment this post.
  • If you are getting a reencode issue with revision 7, try loading the save in-game, and going to Options, Gameplay and turning Vehicle Steering to traditional.
    Hopefully that resolves the issue. This problem will be fixed in the next release.


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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833 Responses to “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Save Editor (Revision 7)”

  1. r3vo says:

    It works!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ i can now open the save which i couldn’t open with r6.

    • Zer0 says:

      Hey uh, I use it for PS3 but I can’t seem to get it working any help will be appreciated im using Bruteforce and revision 7 but like when i try to put it back on to the PS3 it just resets it back to the original like i did nothing to it

      • Reelo says:

        Make sure u are saving it back into that folder from which u loaded it, like i have my bruteforce scanning my usb and r7 scanning my usb. So i can go in select my save and then boom, done. I overwrite the save but always make a backup

        • Zer0 says:

          Okay this is what I do open bruteforce get the save decrpyt it open BLTPS Profile Edit open up that file. Then put money change level blah blah blah. Click save button put it back on the PS3 and nothing changed on the file. Please help or like put instructions.

          • Zer0 says:

            Update: I have done it!!! I have made a level 50 Nisha and about to put weapons and stuffs in her inventory!!! Thanks for the help Reelo it turns out i was saving it to the wrong save file.

  2. Milez_Chung says:

    Dude I can’t believe I just started to search for your editor and you literally just posted it up xD
    Big fan since you released the BL2 editor man, great work!

  3. Snow says:

    You’re are a God among mere mortals.

  4. Adroth says:

    thank you so much. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. RavenS says:

    Works as expected, thank you.

  6. JayC says:


  7. Snow says:

    Windows Smart Screen keeps preventing me from running the application. Even with run as admin.

  8. Aurora says:

    Working fine on PS3, thank you!

  9. Robouste says:

    Hi, thanks for the editor ๐Ÿ™‚ However, how do you add golden keys ?

  10. Modder says:

    Thank you for all your work, not just for borderlands, but all the games you work on. You are a modding God.

  11. Six says:

    Works like a charm. Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Pulse says:

    Omg ty so much, keep up the awesome work!!!! And does anyone have the code for the legendary shield the shooting star? It would be much appreciated thanks!

    • Navi says:

      You don’t need the code. Legendary guns and items have their own part names. You may have to take note of what tyype of shield it is though, if you want to find it in the drop-down box ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  13. LAGGI3 says:

    When i try to put it back into horizon it says ‘invalid signature type for loaded package. Halting Reading. Please make sure the file is a valid Xbox 360 XContent Package (‘LIVE’,’PIRS’,’CON’)’ What can i do to Fix this

  14. Party Boat says:

    Working great now, thanks!

  15. sebifun says:

    Thanks man works perfektly but one thig you cant get unlimited laser ammo yet

    • Burbon1962 says:

      I concur with sebifun. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work and effort! I too can’t seem to get unlimited laser ammo to work.

  16. Kain says:

    PS3 user here – when I open my save, decrypted in Bruteforce, I get the message “Failed to load save: LZO decompression failure (LookbehindOverrun)”. I guess this is probably the decompression issue you mentioned, but other users have mentioned that the tool works for PS3 saves, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what…

    • Rick says:

      Did you select PS3 when opening your save file?

      • Kain says:

        Oh, for frak’s sake, I’m such an idiot – I did the first time, but then the file wasn’t decrypted so it wouldn’t open, and I could swear I selected it the second time with the decrypted file, too, but obviously not… IT WORKS now, thanks a lot for the quick reply and for great tools such as this one!

  17. LAGGI3 says:

    Does it even work on xbox?

  18. Niall Edwards says:

    Just tried R7 on PC/Windows 7-64 Bit. I was particularly after the item levelling & it seems to work perfectly. I might try some item editing tomorrow.
    Excellent job. Well done & thank you.

  19. Frying Agaric says:

    Thanks Rick, i have upscaled my weapons and awarded myself money and moonstones, all good! No issues. No need to find some weapon codes!

  20. ฮฉ ฦคฮตgฮฑsยตs ฮฉ says:

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!!!!!!! Ricks, I LOVE YOU ( From France )

  21. Wolverine020 says:

    I did everything right up till I loaded it on gibbed and it said failed to save : invalid SHA1 hash
    rick please reply

  22. Wolverine020 says:

    failed to load save*

  23. astrot says:

    where can I get gear calculator for borderlands pre sequel??

  24. Mike van der Ven says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!
    Ps: Works for PS3

  25. AdreNalin says:

    Big Thanks. Great you found the time. Works like a charm. Now i can build weapons until midnight…

  26. Alex Osborne says:

    OMG thank you so much have been waiting for this! love you keep up the great work!

  27. Osga21 says:

    Thanks man, I’ve been playing the game for a few days now and I found out that the leveling system is kind of broken, since I’m always 2 levels behind what I should be.

  28. memes says:

    Rick you’re awesome! รง_รง I still have to try it on xbox though ๐Ÿ˜› There’s only one thing I still don’t understand o.O What are these “specialist skill points”? They were also present in B2 editor but I’ve never understood what they served (since, even by increasing the number, didn’t change anything in game…). Are useless? o.O

  29. Max says:

    The “Monster Trap” quest grenade causes an error message warning I think.

  30. Richw296 says:

    Thanks to Rick for such a quick release of the editor, your work is awesome, thank you so much for making the Borderlands games I love so much even better…! Your a legend mate…!

  31. Nisha994 says:

    You are so dam amazing! I hope you read this comment and understand how much I (and others I’m sure) appreciate you putting in all this effort to do this for us!

  32. Artemicion says:

    Confirmed working on 360. Thanks, Rick.

  33. DimeloNY says:

    Decrypted my files and am getting the SHA1 error message, could it be ’cause I’m on Windows 8

  34. crusty says:

    i try to bruteforce the save but it say missising secure id missing. i tried to reinstall bruteforce but this says the same thing. any suggestions?

  35. Klint Izwudd says:

    Wow, that was fast.

  36. Dwarg says:

    Why did the faggots at mpgh remove your thread?

    • Rick says:

      I didn’t post anything on MPGH?

      • Dwarg says:

        Interesting, so your profile there isn’t Symbian, well anyway, some guy posted you thing there taking credit, but then it got removed because he included source url (this website) in the post (it’s against rules to include external source) so it got removed, but i did find your trainer thanks to mpgh post.

  37. ixeliteacexi says:

    Can this be used on Mac?

  38. Miztral says:

    Can I have you baby Rick?

    Thank you very much for your work, this is just…Thank you.

  39. Satvir says:

    I can confirm this work online for xbox 360 with no issue so far.

  40. irrelevant says:

    Works on PS3 ๐Ÿ™‚ (Some empty warning message on title screen but meh that)

  41. Satvir says:

    Rick there is 1 issue, if you have the pre-order dlc shock slaughter and you get the “Haymaker” shield it doesn’t show up on the editor it reads it’s an invalid item.

  42. Josh says:

    pls help me i decrypted my ps3 save bruteforce but its still coming up invalid sha1 hash ๐Ÿ™

  43. Satvir says:

    This means the DLC is not yet support, so a update will fix this.

  44. David says:

    Anyone know yet the settings for blackmarketupgrades/resource data to get infinite ammo?

    Also – big thanks Rick, you are amazing!

  45. Codarik says:

    Thank you! Now does anyone have a code list yet?

  46. Josh says:

    nm my last comment i fixed it had look sum things up and adjust game config in bruteforce lol

  47. KillerB33 says:

    Oh My ;;;] this is Actually here ;] Thank You!!!
    Thank you for your effort , still enjoying BL2’s SE

  48. Codarik says:

    Would you please explain what you did Josh? I’m having the same problem.

  49. ClapTrap says:


  50. bRAINdEE says:

    Works perfect. Many thanks.