Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 237)

Get the new version.

  • Updates to game info (โ€œPre-sequel”) for the new Borderlands 2 content.
  • Corrected issues where some items didn’t display their correct name (such as “Hoplite”).


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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511 Responses to “Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 237)”

  1. MutantN64 says:

    I play on Xbox and haven’t used the editor in a while. I haven’t been using it since the update that took Black Rarity gear away and the ability to make your own guns away. Has this new version countered that update? If not, do you think there will be a version that counters the update at all?

    I know I can just delete the update and play offline but I like playing online and with friends. Especially with cool weapons and gear you wouldn’t be able to obtain legitimately.

  2. Zer0 says:

    Unable to open files in save editor after decrypting with bruteforce. When trying to open, I get

    “Failed to load save: reencode mismatch.”.

    I have been searching on the internet for 4 hours now and I see this error more often than stories of success or any other failure issue. It is commented on in almost EVERY YouTube tutorial and in almost every forum I have located. Even though this is widely known to be such a massively re-occurring issue, not a single person has ever answered in response to someone commenting about it. So my question, do we still not have any insight into this? Is there a particular reason why reports of this issue are repeatedly dodged?

    • Rick says:

      Please post a sample of your save file (decrypted if not PC) that has a reencode mismatch.

    • jose tavarez says:

      i tried to decompress it to see if it would finally work but it says i need a password im confused now

      • axel says:


        I have the same problem, using the latest version of gibbed, and i am opeeing the file with shoosing the correct file type, but have the same error.

        • Bob says:

          You must make sure the save file type is correct, for ps3 is must be ps3.sav, 360 is 360.sav, there is an option to choose which file type it is right next to the save location on the load screen

  3. masterfly says:

    bonjour je voulais savoir pourquoi j’arrive pas a modifier les jetons de brutasse avec le programme

  4. unamed94 says:

    Is there any way to increase backpack

  5. obsidian_rose says:

    Hello Hello everyone. I am new member of this site but I been using Gibbed for my xbox for a few months. When I downloaded a version by spitfire1337, which was a modded gibbed, it worked perfectly. Never had troubles but then about a week ago I had to reboot my computer. When I tried to use the editor I kept getting errors such as SHA1 error or the one saying only CON is supported please use modio. So I downloaded revision 237 hoping this would make things better but I still get the errors. I extract both the save game and the content using horizon and when that didn’t work I extracted with modio (and yes I open it as an xbox save not a pc). When I did it with modio it allowed me to edit but when I tried to put the edited version on it gave me another error saying invalid or unsupported and even when I managed to by pass that and install the new save on my xbox it said the data was corrupted and loaded me at an earlier save or it just didn’t give me anything i edited. Even when I create a new save from scratch in gibbed and try to drag it to my horizon it says that the file I am trying to put it on is not supported. I have tried for days looking up everything I could to try and solve this problem but honestly I give up and am wondering if there is any solution at all to this problem. Details are I am using windows vista, yes I am using it for BL2 and I am using revision 237. I am extracting the content and opening it up as a XBOX file which allows me to do the editing but when I try to put it back on the usb with horizon it tells me the file is not in xbox format and when I replace the content in modio and then try to play the game it says the data is corrupt. I just don’t understand what is going on. When I used the one modded by spitfire it worked until i had to reboot now I get the same errors when using the spitfire one as i do with revision 237. Please if you can offer any solution please let me know., Do I have to download something new? Because I have downloaded this revision and reinstalled it at least twice and still it isn’t working for me

  6. Maccaroni says:

    After I use it once after I close that It wont ever re-open and I have to Redownload it, Please Help!!!

  7. Robbie says:

    Dude for what ever reason i try to open the save editor and for (again) ever reason it wont work i put it in a new folder and i extracted the files and have every thing downloaded and up to date it wont work help please

  8. Robbie says:

    but be for i rest my PC it was working fine then now it stopped dead in its tracks and didnt work please help me

  9. Andrew says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to run this on mac without running it in parallel. Or if there was a way you could run it through a web sight upload and download the save files.


  10. someone says:

    Every time i add a weapon it corrupts my save what should i do????

  11. When ever i open the editor it opens normally.But when i press Open to open a save file nothing happens…Please help me i can’t seem to fix this….I’ve tried running it as an admin and changed compatibility but nothing seems to work for me.

  12. gravelord12 says:

    it wont transfer anything i create other than my level and money i cant put guns or shields or class mods or skills

    • Henry says:

      How did you get your xbox 360 game file to open within the application?

      • Satvir says:

        Horizon and Xbox save editor.

        • josh says:

          it’s giving an error because xbox changed the game files up. you can extract any method you want, you will still receive errors. try creating a file from scratch and then try resign and rehashing, modio/horizon/usb Xtaf won’t recognize it as an Xbox file. my guess is they changed just about everything save-game wise on boarderlands 2.

          • gravelord12 says:

            you see i use a flash drive i use horizon i cant seem to get any of the guns and i play off line and i have everything saved on a flash drive so there’s no updates or anything so i don’t know whats wrong

          • gravelord12 says:

            never mind as long as its level 72 it loads but i dont know why

  13. Henry says:

    I was able to download and run your application just fine. However, I was not able to get a my original saved game file which I copied from my xbox 360 to open in the application. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the help!

  14. David A. Lessnau says:

    Just a heads-up. Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 237) doesn’t work under Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9879). It SEEMS to. But, after saving the file and firing up Borderlands 2 on my PC, the changes made don’t show up in the game. If I save my B2SE changes to a different file name, that “character” shows up as a level 0 Corrupted file in game. Since W10TP comes with Net Framework 4, I’ll assume your editor doesn’t like that. Again, just a heads-up. It’ll be a while before W10 is released.

  15. doanh says:

    the download is keep making the file a abobe reader and says damaged file + its gmail attatchment
    so it wont work btw my olf gib save editor isnt working :/
    i tryed rebooting my cpu and force start but not working still

  16. badfrog says:

    I don’t get any errors using this, but any save game I create or modify shows as corrupt.
    having the same problem with the pre sequel editor
    I get no errors using the program, just corrupt save games (PC)

  17. lavjaman says:

    Hi there,

    If I try to open the inventory editor, the program crashes.

    Anybody know some solution?

    I use Win7 64bit, Borderlands 2 – GOTY

  18. Gshotgun says:

    I first downloaded the save edit for ps3 about a month ago and it was working fine up until last week. My lil bro wanted me to make his siren awesome so I did. I went to play it last Monday and my axton had absolutely none of the rares I had collected and my skill tress were completely empty and it said I had no points available. So I plugged in my USB to fix it but when I did it still pulled up his siren. I copied my Salvador and it showed up as the siren as well. For some reason all my characters (except for Gaige) have been turned into a siren but still have the original characters ability. I’m not sure what has happened.

  19. AswagDude says:

    Hey, i used this on another computer but now on this computer when i download, it will pull up the box where u open Gibbed come up for a second, and close. Help?

  20. razvan says:


    I have only one problem, when i move the save file back to Xbox, it shows me !Corupted! Lv.0 !Corupted!
    Is there are fix to this issue?

    • Lexus says:

      if u still have the save copy make sure ur gear or exp & lv cap are correct, and id ur xbox horizon program or (whatever u use) is save it correctly

  21. Lexus says:

    my anti-virus removes my Gibbed.Borderlands2.GameInfo.dll, why?

  22. pikachu1011 says:

    what websites do you got to have in order to get all this someone please put a link down for me

  23. lvlisterAce says:

    Okay you guys, I’m having a bit of a head scratch on this one. I’m using BF 4.7. It will decrypt my TPS save just fine, however it gives me the SHA1 Hash error without fail every. single. time. I have it set to ps3 save. the disc hash key is correct. everything. I tried it on my BL2 save and my BL2 save opened right up on the other gibbed. What could be going on?

  24. sean says:

    Hey, I only used this to up a few levels and to get a better weapon, now it seems i cant get new real xp from the game? Is there any way to fix this?

  25. aceforlife12 says:

    Invalid SHA1 hash
    What does this mean? I’m trying to open a save file but it wont work.

  26. Tiiqo says:

    Bruteforce problem: when I select my PS3 BL2 save in Bruteforce, it says it’s “undecryptable”. What do I do? (Btw it works for Pre Sequel saves)

  27. aaa says:

    Where is the download?????!?!?!?!?

  28. aethertech says:


    I’m using Steam version of the game; but the editor doesn’t seem to be saving any changes I make to the save files. Any ideas?

  29. Ryan says:

    When I click on Gibbed.Borderlands2.SaveEdit.exe nothing happens. I have installed and reinstalled .NET Framework 4.0 and have extracted all files. I also have WINRAR and downloaded the dependencies. Please help, much appreciated!

    • Satvir says:

      If you try to repair the the .NET Framework 4.0 and open the program as admin then it should work otherwise it will definitely be wrong with your PC.

  30. Shawn says:

    Hello, I’m playing on the 360 and been trying to get the editor to work on making and changing my guns and other stats with my character, but none of the changes show when I load up the save file. Not sure what else to try. Thanks for any help and advice anyone can give me.

  31. timothy says:

    I uploaded some of the files but I don’t know how to put a character that I already have I also cant acess the character that I made on Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 237) can someone help me?

  32. timothy says:

    oh your right k thanks

  33. andreiflok says:

    Hello,I’ve been using the revision 237 editor for editing save files on the PC only,for Borderlands 2 Steam version,and I noticed that most of the weapons that I use do not do the damage they are suppose to do on UVHM/TVHM…the editor works fine when it comes to character/currency changes,but when modifying weapon’s level,the change seems to be only visual,as the damage numbers in the inventory increase as suppose to in Ultimate Mode/True Mode,but the actual damage remains low,just as before increasing the level,for example a “Derp 12 Pounder” OP8 rocket launcher in UVHM,with inventory damage 1.4 million,only does 245k,as the version of it when found on my low level character…Any help?

  34. newguyhere says:

    hey guys, im new to this site and new to this software, and i have no idea how to use it, i saved and replaced my file, but it didn’t seem to work, can anyone please make a video or give a link on how to use this software?

    i already played the game through, lvl 80 commander, UVHM(i uses cheat engine to get to lvl 80, i wanted to go to lvl 72)
    any help?
    thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Don says:

    Hi, I have used this software and it works fine but how do I make sure that all my enemies and loot and weapon level etc. etc. syncs to my current character level

    I have modded my character to level 50 but I’m still facing level 30-40 enemies in the Hammerlock’s DLC.

    Do I have to mod other places as well or is there something that I’m missing out on?

    Please help, thanks.

    • Don says:

      Ok, found out the sync button on the backpack tab. But how about enemy levels?

      And also, will i be recognized as level 50 when I co-op with my friends and will enemy levels be sync-ed too when i play with them?

  36. BlueCollarCritic says:

    This may sound like a dumb question but if create new character with the save editor and I enable all fast travel areas for the character and I set the level for the character at 35 ( A level that ones character would be at to have naturally unlocked all the fast travel areas) and then I loaded that character in the game should I be able t fast travel to any fast travel area in the game? When I did just this I found that everything I had created for the character from their level to the amount of money they had an even the 2 weapons I created were all there in the game but when I loaded the character and hit continue it started at the very start of the game where Claptrap finds you in the snow. I have another character in a different save spot that I modified using yoru editor and the changes I made for them worked and all Fast Travel spots are available. I did however finish the game once already with this character where as the character I created from scratch with your editor is brand new.

  37. bsides says:

    I am having an issue with Failed to Load error LZO after just saving and trying to reload on my computer. I have tried a fresh copy of gibbed and it still works on my other computer. Is there a cache file or something that is causing this error? It only happens after I save with gibbed on my laptop.

  38. BustyLoli-Chan says:

    I’ve used Gibbed’s for a long time without error, but now for some reason every time I open and edit this PC save I get an error LZO decompression failure (InputOverrun).
    The game seems to be able to open and close this save no problem, but for some reason Gibbed’s just has a really hard time opening and re-saving it properly?

    Once again this is a PC save for the legit steam version of the game. I’ve supplied the file for testing purposes. It seems to be able to be loaded fine, but unable to be resaved, at least for me for some reason. Also, for what it’s worth this happened while I was trying to add a grogg nozzle with the code BL2(hwAAAADNsQmGJwAMEdHrMcOIhTGA8AHG/38LGBow/v8XIDSCQYDw) to my character. I don’t know if this is related to or specifically what broke it.

    • BustyLoli-Chan says:

      I’ve noticed that while the version on this page is revision 237 while the svn repository currently seems to hold up to revision 241… I’m going to try to download and compile this version and see if this fixes my issue. I will assume you and other people with the same problem reading this will care, and keep you posted with the result

      • bsides says:

        Where did you find revision 241? I couldn’t find it. And yes you are having probably the same issue I am having. I must be an external file that the program makes that is corrupted. If I could find out what file that is I would be able to delete it and then all would be well.

        • BustyLoli-Chan says:

          The SVN trunk is available here
          It says it’s revision 241, but I don’t know if this is actually a new version or just a revision and release number mismatch

          There’s also nothing saying whether this specific issue was addressed in this revision at all or not, but I figure anything is worth a try. I’ll also take a look at Gibbed’s and the files it grabs handles on with process explorer and see if it really is trying to access a possible externally corrupter file.

          • BustyLoli-Chan says:

            I guess it was slightly mentioned in the comments earlier that win 10 tech preview and this program don’t seem to mesh well. (Which I am using)

            As I was debugging the main error I encountered was line 503 of SaveFile.cs,
            with an access violation on uncompressedBytes from var outerData = new MemoryStream(uncompressedBytes)

            but looking at uncompressedBytes and how it’s defined I can’t actually tell what if anything is wrong at all.
            I am not very knowledgeable in how the lzo compression algorithm or this particular wrapper works and I’m not sure what’s going on with how this program is figuring out the endianness of this particular byte array

            More interestingly I can’t figure out why the byte array that was just put into memory is suddenly “protected” and unreadable

            On top of this a couple strange bugs keep occuring within the IDE itself where the program itself sometimes just refuses to debug at all due to errors in mscorelib.dll
            I can’t tell if this is the IDE the Save Editor or if win10 tech preview .net framework is just borked.
            To get around it for now, I’m going to use a Windows 7 virtual machine run off the Hyper V software that is already available on Win 10, but in the meantime I’ll continue my retarded monkey dance of hammering away at this code and trying to figure out what exactly is going wrong and why

          • bsides says:

            I am also using Windows 10 Tech preview. It seems that may be the issue. I was going to reinstall Windows 8 soon anyway since my video driver doesn’t want to be compatible. For now I will just use my old laptop. Let me know if you can get it fixed because I do like Windows 10.

  39. daniel says:

    i get an error saying “Failed to load save: reencode mismatch

  40. H0lyM4n says:

    When I try to launch the .exe for the save editor, it tries to load and then does nothing. It won’t even launch. If you can help that would be great.

  41. BQS PREDATOR says:

    mine downloaded as a VLC

  42. FluffyPoofPoof says:

    So, I am gonna sound dumb for this but….

    I have never modded game files before. I have already gotten all characters (except DLC’s Kreig and Gaige. Still working on those) lvl 71 and OP 8.

    However, my old PS3 is no longer in working condition (please don’t ask)

    And, now, I have gotten the game back, but not my files.

    So, can anyone tell me how to use this properly?

    Basically, I am having trouble getting it to save and work on my system. I don’t know how to save it, and upload to my PS3.

    Also, is the weapons section able to mod weapons?

  43. Mikango says:

    Ok, so i have been getting some issues, every time I try to paste a manual code it says “no code in clipboard” even though i can copy and paste it any where else, please help me, other that that it is working fine

  44. ccccccccc says:


  45. joe says:

    I cant even pull the page up on my computer

  46. Nicholas says:

    Hi can you make the next update add ps vita save editing? I’d like to transfer my PC save to PS vita xD

  47. ryan says:

    how do I download?

  48. Rikipalooza says:

    Hi, when i try to open a save it says: invalid SHA1 hash
    How can i fix this ?