Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10)

This editor is no longer being updated and does not support newer Borderlands patches. It is highly recommended that you use WillowTree# instead.

Newer build of my Borderlands save editor, fixes the problem with editing Roland (Soldier) saves, as well as several other minor changes and fixes.

Borderlands Save Editor


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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1,867 Responses to “Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10)”

  1. iden says:

    when i open my usb with my save file on it it says the folder is empty

  2. Dante says:

    Hi How Can I Get This Two Work The Money Works Fine And The Backpack Works Fine Two But When I Put The Guns In No Good Help 🙁

  3. Joe666 says:

    hey i lost my borderlands save file and i was level 35 in old haven ok now when i try to make a save file with this and everything works fine but when i put current station “old haven” and i save it and all
    i go to the game and it says fresh of the bus so i have to start all over again in lvl 35
    how can i make it to go to old haven?

  4. Justin!!! says:

    Do i just download the program to my computer and try to open the boredlands file with it?

  5. Bailey says:

    I Downloaded it made a save put it on USB plugged USB into my xbox and say corrupted file How do u get it to work

  6. Talbo says:

    When I open the USB with my saved file on it, the folder is empty. How do I get it to load my saved file?

  7. Daniel says:

    Hey, I was trying to mod a scorpio grade item with this, but I do not know if this modding device works for the xbox 360 or not. Whenever I tried to open it it failed (for lack of a better word)

  8. Hiryu says:

    That’s why you guys backup your saves before messing with anything. Also, to the xbox or ps3 guys, this is for the pc version. Consoles don’t get free mods.

  9. rebel_ink says:

    How do I get the edited save files to load. Every file I have edited starts as a brand new game, including intro video. None of the changes I make are saved. I am using windows 7, steam goty edition.

  10. ryan says:

    You need modio once you finish editing you open modded file then rehash resign and save to device

  11. Troy von Epic says:

    I’d say 8 out of 10 times I try to open a 360 save on WT (Win 7, most combinations of compatibility modes and admin privileges tried), it will freeze up, and not load. The Weapon Editor will load saves, but when I try to load via menu or drag-and-drop, WT locks up.

    Anyone else getting this? I’m trying to find out what’s doing this.

  12. DerBro says:

    I have Borderlands Version 1.4.1 and Save Editor Rev. 10.
    First I did not want to use this program on my character but then in lvl 55 I just want to boost my weapon´s lvl to make them stronger.
    But I can´t set my characters lvl value back to 55 again.

    I´ve maked a backup file of course.
    Is there an update for Rev. 10 or are you going to publish Rev. 11?


    • Ruhk says:


      Increase the XP. You will level up when you load up the save file. I discovered that when I dropped myself from 56 to 50.

  13. Shadow says:

    For some reason., Everything works great but i use the saved editor and my exp bar is permanently stuck it doesn’t increase. How can i fix this?

    • Arilyn says:

      Re-edit your save game, change the xp value from a few points, save again and test in the game to see if xp increase properly again.
      I got the same behaviour once and it is how I fixed it.

  14. Brian says:

    I made a level 14 hunter and put a custom sniper on him, and when I play on that character I get these weird random screen flashes and a beeping sound. Anyone have any ideas?

  15. ryan says:

    i just use xplorer 360 hxd and borderlands editor 1.4.1

  16. josh says:

    Will there be a Gibbed’s save editor for Borderlands on the PS3 platform

  17. Peter says:

    I’m new to this program! I’m already try it out but when i see the save in my game and start it. It just start at the begining of the game with my character at level 1. So can anyone explain to me how this program work thanks!!

  18. 78crazy says:

    I did a gun for level 2 and I put the damage 4215 and the ratio 20.7. It goes pretty fast at shooting. The shooting is like 10 bullets at one time. It really worked. I beat crawmerax in one shot. How amazing is that!!!??

  19. niko says:

    Tried the Revision 10, added some money and some xp to my soldier, after loading the game Ive discovered all the weapon proficiencies were back to zero. How do I fix it??????

  20. nathan says:

    every time i try to do some thing a realy long error message appers

  21. moon says:

    get application error:

    the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). click on ok to terminate the application.

    Used this once before on a different instillation of windows, is now not working on this new instillation, xp professional.

  22. Justin C. says:

    why won’t the save editor open my PS3 save file, it says unsupport Borderlands file (333244535) ?????

  23. tyler!!!! says:

    i cant get my character on my xbox…. what do i do???

  24. Jessijesson says:

    Wth… I need a lv 69 char but when i set 6milion exp it crashes… >.> This sucks how can i fix?

  25. I am Pissed says:


  26. leeloo says:

    Dude, this awesome great work! just wow

  27. an average modder says:

    i know that willowtree can be used to mod saves on ps3. i’ve been doing it for some time. will this work on ps3 aswell? and can this fix my level 4 million weapons, or do i need to go through a hex editor?

  28. Britun says:

    When I use the editor my character is starting getting off the bus like a newbie even though I select new haven, How do I fix this?

  29. caeb98 says:

    Will this work with the latest patch for borderlands? If so,where do I download.

  30. keanu says:

    how do u download

  31. Hamanas says:

    Alright so I modded a gun but it won’t appear ingame everytime i go ingame (and yes i did save when i modded the gun.) Once after i open and open my character the modded weapon i made just disappeared. Any help?
    Is it because the gun cannot be made?

  32. fjskdf says:

    it works fine you just need to use a fuckin’ pc

  33. HaloMan12345 says:

    how do i load weapons into the save from a txt file or from my clipboard please tell me because i just download the txt files so how do i load the weapon in there from the txt file or the code in my clipboard please respond?

  34. Somebody says:

    I accidentally deleted a save file earlier, so I’m using this program to remake that save and give myself back the weapons I liked most. My only question is I try to add weapons to the save file, but every time I try I either get an error or whatever I put in the box disappears and is replaced by what was in their before. How do I just make it so this doesn’t happen? I want my Eridian weapons back!

  35. HaloMan12345 says:

    how do i load weapons into the save from a txt file or from my clipboard please tell me because i just download the txt files so how do i load the weapon in there from the txt file or the code in my clipboard please respond? HELLLLLLLLLLLP!!!

  36. Somebody says:

    Are there any kind of instructions someone could possibly give me? I would greatly appreciate having some.

  37. Costic says:

    Hi, i was wanting to know i could be lv 70 and not have to do all the quests over. I cant get into t bone junction because i havent even beated playthrough 2.

  38. Bob Villa says:

    i’m running windows 7 x64, i have extracted the borderlands save data from my usb with USB Xtaf v44, however when i try to open it with your v10 editor it says that the .sav file is not a borderlands save. how do i fix this?

  39. mr corioliss says:

    it wont open on my computer, can someone please guide me through this asap

  40. Delvin Nguyen says:

    Well this save editor worked fine for me/ Awesome job btw..
    BUT when i change my level, my exp bar stays the same and i dont gain any exp. Is there a way to fix this? Im worried that i wont be able to level anymore. o.o

  41. Todd says:

    Lost my L 27 when i installed the DLC, this is the second time gearbox has wiped my character.

    This editor needs some kinda manual.

  42. Famicry says:

    How much can you find an answer to my question (How do I level weapon over 48 (5 cuality) in this version 10? =) Since WillowTree on SourceForge (WillowTree # -2.2.1) allows you to make weapons … at least 71 level, etc. Sorry for my english… I use a translator 🙂

  43. keric says:


  44. -.jas says:

    This doesn’t doesn’t let me atleast level 60.. I have to be level 60 to be able to use some weps in general knoxx…

  45. -.jas says:

    how come I can’t be 60? I need it to be able to use some specific weps..

  46. skull says:

    i cant figure out where to download winebottler

  47. >:(2U says:

    well looks like your program isnt truly updated, an in-game glitch happend where i got level 69! it was game of the fucking year edition so i could do that and when i went on ur program 2 edit my char and give more money it made me go to level 50! WHAT THE FUCK MAN? FIX IT NOW! YOU JUST BROKE MY CHARACTER!

  48. kado moeder says:

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My website is in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Cheers!

  49. Rockin says:

    Alright I don’t know what the hell is wrong with my laptop but everytime I try to use the editor and Willowtree, it always says the application failed to initialize, any idea on the reason why and how I can fix it?

  50. word74 says:

    why won’t the save editor open my PS3 save file, it says unsupported Borderlands file (333244535) ?????