Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10)

This editor is no longer being updated and does not support newer Borderlands patches. It is highly recommended that you use WillowTree# instead.

Newer build of my Borderlands save editor, fixes the problem with editing Roland (Soldier) saves, as well as several other minor changes and fixes.

Borderlands Save Editor


If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post.

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1,865 Responses to “Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10)”

  1. Dan Tudor says:

    hi my friend made a save folder for me
    when she made it she only made 2 weapon holding slots out of 4 ( thats what she prefers)
    is there a way to remove the locks and change it back to 4

    by the way i have tried doing the mission with zed and new heaven but i still could not get them unlocked

    please post a response if you know or email me at


  2. gunzz says:

    every time ik try to open my saving, i get a pop-up that says : unsupported borderlands save file version (33554432). why and how can i fix this?

  3. Larry says:


    1 question.
    Are you going to write one that will view items requiring over level 50 which cannot be seen by the current version of editor?

    Thanks again for such a great tool!


  4. brandon says:

    wheres the download link

  5. Mishigi says:

    Hey,love the save editor,i ran into one problem though. As you likely know the General Knoxx’s secret armory addon lets you become up to lvl 61 rather than 50. Although this only lets you go to 50,so since I’m above lvl 50,it puts me at lvl 1,and if i try to put it back up,i get to 50 and it stops. So i cant save my game without me having to level up all over again. If you could fix this that would be great.

    Other than this,i haven’t found any problems with this.
    Great job.

  6. mac user says:

    do you think you could make one for the mac

  7. Blake says:

    I’m using a USB to transfer info. Is there a way this can work?

  8. brew says:

    im sure theres been a couple posts already but newer guns from the dlc General Knoxx’s secret armory are not showing up in the list even if they have the same names as previous guns mainly orange rare guns
    as soon as you could release a revision 11 that would be tubular

  9. brew says:

    im sure theres been a couple posts already but newer guns from the dlc General Knoxx’s secret armory are not showing up in the list even if they have the same names as previous guns mainly orange rare guns as soon as you could release a revision 11 that would be tubular

  10. anon says:

    If you use a hex edidtor (such as xvi32) and change the byte just after “gd_mordecai.Character.CharacterClass_Mordecai” (its near the very begining of the file) to FF then when you startup the game the menu shows level 255 and when you load the game it caps your level at 70. So… the current level cap appears to be 70.

  11. anon says:


  12. kaiserx says:

    it always says “The application failed to initalize properly’ when i try to open it.

  13. anthony says:

    i know this is a stupid question how do you use this mod?

  14. anthony says:

    how do you use this? do you have to have the game for the pc? or dose it work for xbox to?

  15. Kethoth says:

    does not support dlc increase of max level to 61

  16. Phillip says:

    when i try to download it it says applucation not found how can i fix this?

  17. Anon says:

    It does actually support the level increase, but you have to be tricky about it. Go to the borderland wiki and find the level/XP charts. After that, just punch in the experience needed for level 50+ directly. Then, presto. On your next load in you’ll level up instantly and be given the necessary skill points.

  18. vinnie says:


  19. gingertonic says:


    what did you do? merely typing in all caps saying WTF isn’t going to help us to help you.

  20. Conor says:

    What do i open it with

  21. tanner says:

    hey um each time i try to load it says “Borderlands save editor has encountered a problem sorry for the inconvenience

    • Kamikazi says:

      load the game, or load the save, or load the game after loading the save? each one is significantly different, with a different answer, all tracing back to ultimately backing up your save when you FAIL! At least you get an error message. My crashes don’t respond so politely, but were all fixable.

  22. ChaoticGangrel says:

    If you have used this program to fix your level to the level cap , maybe there is a lvl cap itself to beable to modified your own save game file using this program , and Secondly Vinnie if your talking about steam don’t worry about it, but if your talking about gamespy i think when you have to register to play 2 things to try , try going back to that site and make a new account , if you can’t use same email as you did before make a new email account .. its always good to have a few laying around just in case

    • Kamikazi says:

      Multiplayer with gamespy uses your local save file. Steam uses your local save file. If your going to play with fire, please wear oven mittens.

  23. dippidip says:

    What can i say,U better use Willow Tree Beta10r13 and Xbox360 hash block calculator:-) This is what i use and works perfectly!!!

  24. Wolfbanes says:

    This save editor is outdated, and doesn’t seem like it will be updated any time soon, and for that reason I suggest you start using Willowtree, also, with the new 2.0 version it’s much simpler.

  25. Deon says:

    Hey, I tried to use this and I did, So I copied it to my psp and transfered it back to my PS3. But when I load up the file it says that its corrupted. Am I doing something wrong?

  26. Janic says:

    Where to download

  27. Michael says:

    hey i can’t get the thing to work for the life of me. every time i try it and make a new one it just starts me right off the bus without anything. i tried multiple ways to get what i wanted but nothings worked so far. any help?

  28. Philip says:

    Sigh. I used this program, trying to have fun with a secondary character, and then it chose to overwrite my original hard-earned Siren. So it basically fucked up my entire saves, and has left me with nothing but a level 1 character named Brick. I am unable to restore my previous character, and am disappointed that it doesn’t create backups of your saves already.

    Guess I’ll go spent 38 hours on a new character, to reach my previous point.

    • Slashkiller says:

      you just messed up. you apparantly overwrote another save file or something. Same thing happened to me. i now know what i did wrong. if you save the file… make sure it’s the same file you overwrite.

    • Kamikazi says:

      backup your saves before you pee on them.

  29. wshannon86 says:

    I need some help i think my game is corrupt.
    after using this i opened my game and my character started spinning very fast and wouldnt stop. i tried to delete that saved game but it happens everytime i try to start a new character

    • Kamikazi says:

      your laser mouse is not compatible with the game anymore, it is probably pointing at 0x0, the top left of the screen.
      fix your game settings, mouse settings, and update your video drivers.

  30. SEalkyuubinaruto says:

    pls make max level 61 for the dcl

  31. anon says:

    LOL. SUckaaa… SOrry, haha. You should’ve backed up your saved files…

  32. […] あらゆるキャラクターセーブデータに含まれるステータスを変更することが可能な他、チートなキャラ新規作成も出来る万能エディターのようですが、公式なツールではない有志作成によるツールの為、ゲーム機器がハングアップ(フリーズ)してしまう等のバグもあるようです。。またこのチートツールは著しくゲーム自体の魅力を損なう恐れがありますのでノーマルでプレイし終えてやることなくなった人や、改変データでオンラインプレイを絶対しない自信のある方のみお試し下さい。 「Borderlands Save Editor」ダウンロード先: Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10) […]

  33. morgan says:

    where the hell is the download button

  34. Anonymous says:

    Every time i open the save editor it says “Error Save Editor has encountered a problem”
    What can i do??

  35. Some dude says:

    This looked like a good program, but the first time I used it it didn’t let me open my save.

    Please help if you can.

    Thank you

  36. Dagon-Bloodline says:

    Guys i try to open Gibbed.Borderlands.SaveEdit.exe and it says : This apliccation failed to properly (0xc0000135) Whats the problem?

    • Kamikazi says:

      0xc0000135 is programmer language for stfu. please lead by example.
      Download the newest .NET
      Lazy programmers using lazy tools to ramp up clock and mem costs.

  37. Dagon-Bloodline says:

    “Failed To Initialize Properly”

  38. salpu says:

    I edited Roland and it always spawns me in arid badlands and I need to do the first quest all over again every time I load the game. Any solutions??? oh and I have to discover all the New U stations again


    • Kamikazi says:

      if you even fire one bullet at this point the game will save with this new data.
      the game now does not like being touched in its personal place, and reverts to a previous time in childhood, since it feels insecure now.
      Shame on you! Always make a backup!

  39. death says:

    Do you have save files/codes for pearlecent weapons, by any chance?

  40. Someone says:

    Hi, how can i know items’ codes to write?

  41. Bioctoplasterio says:

    I’ve never used this editor, but based on the comments I’m seeing for v10, I’d suggest googling for a Borderlands save editor called Willowtree. Its been mentioned in the comments above at least once. It supports the level cap increase to 61 if you have The Secret Army of General Knoxx dlc, allows editing of all aspects of a character (skills, proficiencies, level, backpack slots, etc… everything except colors). I’ve used it several times and it works really well.

  42. Eddie says:

    Hey Dude, Epic Device n All, One Thing I Would Like See Though, Would be A Way To Change The Stats Of Weapons In Your Inventory, Or A Simpler Way Of Creating Weapons Into Your Inventory.

  43. will says:

    when i download it it keeps poping up as a picture file i have a vista how do i get it to download correctly

  44. Ryan says:

    ok i downloaded it.. saved it but when i open the folder and try to run the applications it just sais theres an error like do i have to save it to a different fold or somthing i just dont know what to do and turoriols dont tell what a save file is or anything

  45. billy says:

    hi i have a ps3 and i have been reading the comments and was thinking can you download willotree to a usb then take it out put into the ps3 then can you download that into the ps3? anyways thx

  46. Icarus says:

    Why doesn’t my weapon work, I just can’t see it, it’s not even in the inventory.
    What am I doing wrong????


    • Kamikazi says:

      Tech is specific to a certain gun manufacturer.
      Hyperion may be specific to a certain gun manufacturer
      The title Tech does not match the mag TitleM_Hyperion1_Executioner
      Chameleon doesn’t work in multiplayer and thus probably has bugs in sp. The bug is it is not visible in mp.
      But your gun is being ignored from the save file, instead of stating save is corrupted.
      You have added too many mismatching components, and 1 is now too many.
      You have installed knoxx, thus save files are real touchy.

  47. Lep says:

    Have you considered releasing the source code? I’d love to take a look at it if the code becomes available.

    Thanks for the great program.

  48. Ageyth says:

    awesome editor! thanks!

    p.s. ignore all these people complaining, they don’t know how to appreciate anything

  49. Greenwado says:

    Hey I cant Access the Weapons I make in the editor…

  50. person says:

    i just dowloaded this seace editor and started with the stats and stuff. (awsome. But when i got to weapons and started typing it wouldnt show up. then after i click on a couple more box es it said data grid veiw error default dialauge (what the hell does that mean) and i can’t do anything else plz help